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It’s really strange trying to pin people down at USC about just how many scholarships the Trojans believe they have for signing date with the NCAA sanctions. The sanctions say USC has 15. But USC currently has 17 commitments.
That means USC believes the sanctions are “stayed,” during an appeal and could sign 20 players, which is the number of scholarships it hopes the NCAA will give them if it grants the appeal.
But what if the NCAA rejects the appeal? Does that mean USC can sign 20 recruits in February and then must sign 15 the next three years after that?
It’s a big question that hopefully will get answered at this weekend’s NCAA hearing because no one gives a straight answer these days.

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  • SCman


  • 13maineiac

    Actually, I thought you had posted this information a long time ago. It was my recollection that when USC filed its appeal, you said that had stayed the recruiting and post season ban actions. However, USC announced that it would nevertheless impose the post-season ban on itself for this year and would also impose a reduction from 25 to 20 as to the number of 2011 recruits it would sign. (Because in its appeal USC asked that the 15 recruit limit be raised to 20)

  • DixieTrojan

    I hate the NCAA. But USC has really screwed themselves, too.

    Either the NCAA or USC owes the fans some refund money plus compound interest at 10%; especially for season ticket holders and those who attended or bought apparel from the 2004 Orange Bowl. How the NCAA and USC get to keep that money is beyond me. It’s a scam.

  • SCman

    Double farts.

  • TrojanPete

    How was USC supposed to know Reggie Bush’s parents had some agent pay for their plane tickets? As far as we know, that was the first and only violation pre-Orange Bowl. And if USC shouldn’t keep that money, then all the other PAC 10 schools should hand over the share they got as well.

  • DixieTrojan


    I’m a USC fan and I see your point. It took me some time to come to this conclusion, but I believe that USC is not innocent in this whole affair. If they didn’t know about Bush’s parents, then they would be fighting the NCAA decision with much a lot more vigor. In fact, Haden has even admitted openly that mistakes were made on USC’s part.

    Whatever the other schools do with the cash, I don’t care about. Most important: USC fans are entitled to a complete refund with compound interest. To not have a BCS championship and those Pac 10 titles was a waste of our money and precious time.

  • NOBS

    Fucla BB tickest for sale?? At Pauley for USC? Just shows how far the bRuins and dropped in athletics. What a lousy athletic program….thanks Senor Dan

  • SCman

    Double farts.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    SC should sign 25 and throw up a big middle finger to the NCAA and Charlize Bucklit. You see, their case and penalties are a false sham and no one is bigger than SC.

    Stay arrogant my friends…

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    yeah, you’ll be getting a refund, dummies. and a big apology, i’m sure.

    HAWR HAWR!!! (chortle)

    Mono, arrogant is one thing, just plain dumb is another. you must think the cast members of Jersey Shore are super arrogant!!!

  • bushwhite

    Scott your just not listening to the delusional people on They have it all figured out. Just go to their football forum.

    According to them, the #1 (on rated OG, the #1 rated OT, marqise Lee, and “another big surprise” are going to sign on national signing day, the NCAA is going to uphold the appeal, USC is going to go undefeated next year and all will be well.

    You see? easy :o)

  • bushwhite

    jeezis still on here??

    Hey Bucket and all other UCLA losers one here:


    do you speak English?

  • bazinga

    I don’t think it is this uncertain. Almost everyone acknowledges that the sanctions that are not self-imposed are stayed until the appeal is resolved. That means that if USC signs 15 players, and the appeal fails, there are two more years of classes limited to 15 players. If USC signs 20 players, and the appeal fails, then the 2011 class is unaffected by the sanctions, and USC can sign 5 early enrollees next season, but then faces three seasons of 15 player classes. If USC signs no more than 20 players and the appeal is successful, then there are two more years left in which USC is limited to 20 player classes.

  • NOBS

    Fucla BB tickest for sale?? At Pauley for USC? Just shows how far the bRuins and dropped in athletics. What a lousy athletic program….thanks Senor Dan