On Butler

Wide receiver Brice Butler’s decision to transfer was probably prudent. We already mentioned on the blog that we expect George Farmer to start opposite Robert Woods next season. And Butler knows Kyle Prater will get a lot more chances than him next season because the coaches will be interested to see if he can actually live up to his hype. They already made a decision that Butler was not in their plans. So his decision makes sense.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    USC….. WR U!!! Barks is gonna be bananas next year! I’m so excited, I might punch a Bruin the mouf!!! First up, Sir Charles Bucksh*t

  • oregon111

    I can’t see the logic to leaving unless you leave really early – like after your 1st season.

    So what, now he is going to go play at a semi-pro level and try to make a Canadian team?

    Not a knock against him so much, lots of players from lots of teams do it, but isn’t it smarter to just get a degree for free from a good college and try to use your contacts from school and the team to try and get a good job when you get out?

    Also, I see that you guys signed a 322 lb DT who can run a 5.0 40 – yeah I’d like to see that!

    Maybe downhill with a 50 mph backwind and a parachute

    Oh and speaking of WRs, thanks for Jamere Holland – you guys really taught him well how drop balls, get bad grades, and get himself kicked off the team

  • BoscoH

    At least he didn’t try to steal somebody’s television. Fight On!

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    How do you graduate from the U of Oregon ? You have to say “carbon footprint” and roll a joint.

  • SCman

    It smells like farts in here. C’mon Wolfbag, get off your ass. It’s down to the wire in football recruiting and you need to supply the info!

  • Edward

    111…why isn’t Oregon, and it’s football team, proud of their school colors???

  • Rex Griswald

    Where is the writeup of USC’s win @ ASU???? Or even a mention

  • Gargamel is a hack

    Didn’t you see Smeagol-Wolf’s snarky post before the game, Rex? Too bad that the Trojans shot 48% against the zone last night so Scotty couldn’t follow up with a “I told ya so” post after the game. I’m surprised he hasn’t taken the opportunity to dwell on the fact ASU was pathetic at the line and cast the victory in terms of SC being lucky to win.

  • oregon111

    “Edward said:
    111…why isn’t Oregon, and it’s football team, proud of their school colors???”

    I’m starting to wonder that question myself.

    I thought some of that stuff was cool at first, but now they don’t even wear their own colors unless they pull the ‘throwback’ uniforms out of deep storage.

    gray/carbon/silver/white and yellow socks – whats up with that?

    I’m sure the next ‘new and totally original thing’ will be to go back to using their actual colors.

    The worst of the worst were those yellow/green ‘antifreeze’ helmets – they lost a big game or two with those (a few years ago) so they seem to be permanently put away.

    I wish they would retire those yellow socks. Ditto with those ‘wings’ on the shoulder pads.

    Here is a question for you all: Up here in Portland, you see people wearing Duck gear all the time. Yet when I take my winter surfing vacations down by Ventura, I never see anyone ever wearing any Trojan gear. Why is that?

    I ocassionally see some Trojan gear in Portland, and unfortunately – a whole lot of Laker gear. I suspect that the kind of people who wear Laker gear in Portland are the same kind of people who used to wear Bulls gear back in the 90s.