Open Forum

Time to ask questions again with signing date looming next week. One question per person please.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    With figuring the incoming recruits, give us your best prediction for the depth chart, two deep, for the offensive line. Thanks.

  • The Wizard of Troy

    Middle-aged Fight Club – Paul Gascoigne versus Ed Orgeron. Head-butting is allowed.

  • scottneedstolearnfootball


    How long will it be before Nuweasal claims that USC has an unfair competitive advantage having you as our beat writer?

    I’ve heard that Mr “Monopoly is over” is trying to lure you to the dark side with a year supply of soccer jerseys and photos of him dress up in Oregon Cheerleader costumes.

  • Globe

    I’d definitely go with Coach O. Gazza hasn’t been in fighting shape for years.

  • Ren Lopez

    In your opinion, what is the probably for Barkley to stay for his Senior season? Do you think that Luck’s decision to return this year will affect Barkley’s decision?

  • dtksr1

    Scott, maybe you have an answer for this…
    Texas is just creating havoc for other members of the Big 12. A & M wants out, Missouri wants out, Colorado & Nebraska got out and yet the Oklahoma schools chose to stick with Texas last summer. I believe this league is going to blow up before too long because of the greed & determination of one school. Do you think or have you heard the PAC-12 again offering the Oklahoma schools an invite? Please share whatever you know. Thank you


    I apologize if I did not catch your response to my same question last week…
    If you were USC’s AD, and could choose from any active or unemployed NCAA or NFL coaches…whom would you hire for your head football coach, offensive coordinator, and defensive coordinator?

  • steve49

    So what is the deal with Grimble, is he going to bail on his committment? I don’t understand why they even call it a commit when it doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  • Ryan


    If USC cant play in the Pac 12 Championship game next year because they choose to keep their 13th game against Hawaii. Will choosing to keep their commitment to play that game against Hawaii go down as one of the dumbest football decisions ever made at USC?

  • VB’s Office Plant

    After signing day can we get back to discussing wags, chavs and the meetup at Nadine’s in Sunset Beach?

    Thanks for the entertainment.

  • gotroy22

    Pat Haden recently stated that SC will accept the NCAA appeals committee decision and not file a lawsuit regardless of the outcome.
    Scott, knowing what you do about the program, do you think this is a wise decision by our new President Nikias and AD Haden?


    USC has had some big misses in the highly ranked (on Rivals) players they signed during the Pete Carrol era. Many of the 5* players didn’t pan out as expected.

    For you, which player was the biggest dissapointment ON THE FIELD given the hype they came in with?

    Which player do you feel the coaches were most dissapointed in?

    I’ll speak for all USC fans and say that Joe McKnight dissapointed us most given the hype, but I’m always wondering who the “inside” guys thought would be great

  • tom_floyd

    A basketball question… Zone defenses have given the Trojans fits during KO’s tenure. In your opinion, is this problem due to coaching, personnel, or a combination of both? Thanks.

  • cjs1993

    Brice Butler’s decision to leave is a win/win situation. He wasn’t going to be a featured part of the offense, so he gets a chance to go to a school where he will get meaningful playing time, and it gives Kiffin another scholarship to use on a position other than WR. Did anyone on the coaching staff help Butler come to the conclusion that transferring was in his best interest?

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    Does Man U go undefeated?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Was Pete Carroll to freaking lazy to hire a competent recruiting coordinator after Orgeron left? He just handed a HUGELY IMPORTANT job to his useless son Fredo.


    Glad to hear your are thinking of writing a book about the PC era, I hope you write it. What would you call the book? How about this “Pete Carroll, How His Ego Destroyed A Football Dynasty”

  • NOBS

    LOVE your new handle, I’ve arrived! Not to mention I could care less what you think.

  • Bobo

    Scott, looking at our solid commitments (ie not including those who have publicly stated that they are looking around) who do you see going to another school on signing day and are there any big time recruits that may sign USC that aren’t being discussed in the media? To clarify, Grimble or Turene wouldnt fit in the first part of the question and someone like Lee, White or Hobbi wouldnt fit in the second part. Looking for outlier names that you can show us that you are working your inside sources. If you don’t know of any that’s fine too.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Scott, do you think Bruin envy brings our blog up, or does their childish banter really show the difference between the true champions of this city and the second class fans?


    Any surprise commits?

  • The Promenade

    The name of the blog is “Inside USC.” So how come no regular updates on Lily Collins?

  • oregon111

    Do you think USC will win the pac12 in this decade (2011 – 2020)?

    A better question might be how many times will a pac12 south team win it in the same time period?

  • NJ Trojan

    I read that Jalen was approached to play OL & so he opened up his recruitment with Mia & UCLA. Did the coaches also approach Xavier to play OL? Did he balk at that & is he considering a transfer, maybe to Mia or UCLA?

  • Scott-
    I was hoping you could inject some perspective on the recruits and their rankings, stars, etc., but it seems you’re caught up in the hype. The fact is that rankings, particulary involving lineman, are useless. The big uglies, for the most part, excel in high school because their bigger than everybody else, period. Go back and look at the 2006, 20007 and 2008 rankings for Offensive tackles and Offensive guards, look at the top 20 each year. Who are these guys? There are countless more 3 star players dominating and being drafted high than 5 star guys. Your thoughts?

  • uscmike

    Jeff Fisher is no longer the Titans’ coach. What impact do you think this will have on the pending lawsuit filed by the Titans against USC for hiring Kennedy Pola? Do you think Fisher’s testimony will be more favorable to USC now that he is not employed by the Titans? Was the Titans’ counsel smart enough to get an affidavit from Fisher when this issue occurred to lock him into his testimony? Has his deposition been taken yet by USC? Any thoughts on the lawsuit and Fisher’s departure is greatly appreciated.

    As always, thanks for the forum, Scott.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    What in the world makes you think Jeff Fisher would be a good fit for the current state of USC football? What would make him a good recruiter in college? Having NFL experience? What has he won all those season in the NFL?
    Ps. Have you congratulated (big balls) Pete on defeating the NFL champs in the playoffs?


    Scott, what are some of the ways an offensive co-ordinator can mitigate the effects of having a weak offensive line? Thank you.

  • Edward

    Does USC have to contribute any $$$ to help renovate their “Vacation Home” in Pasadena???


    Who do you see as our 4 starting defensive backs, the nickel back, and others who should see quality playing time as of now? Thanx, Scott.

  • Pop Goes The Weasel

    Scott, why did we drop Grimble, and what happened to Turene? Thanx.

  • TrojaninDC

    If Ronald Johnson were the Los Angeles County District Attorney, would he have dropped the charges against Mitch Mustain?

  • Karrillo

    1st Round Entertainment – do they have ties to Everson Griffen and can’t the school keep them off campus?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Were there any signs/rumors before his arrest that Mitch Mustain was mixed up in anything illegal?