Bad Timing

If the Tennessee Titans fired Jeff Fisher last year, he would have been offered the USC job by former athletic director Mike Garrett.

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  • TrojanPete

    And he would have turned it down for another NFL job.


    Everyone seemed to love the idea of Jeff Fisher as the coah of USC, but I don’t know if anybody ever really looked at his coaching resume. We all treat this guy like he is a god, but in 16 years, he only have 6 teams with winning records. He had trouble getting along with management, he had trouble getting along with players, but the media loved him. He is a guy where I wonder where all the hype came from.

  • gotroy22

    The upside is he’ll be available after next season.

  • SC for LIFE

    Bad timing for Jeff, great timing for the Trojan nation. Who the hell wants him as our coach? Anyone who thinks he would recruit and have a better surrounding coaching staff than Kiff is nuts.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    bruins mentioning him as potential DC for slick.

  • dtksr1

    Jeff Fisher is a very good football coach at the highest level. There would have been maybe less than a 50-50 chance he would have taken MGs offer. #1-Not every NFL coach takes a college job.#2-Jeff Fisher was a head coach for how many years? Would he not possibly wanted a year or two off to just kick back with those millions he made? Jeff Fisher is looking at a career of TV analyst right now!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Fish is overrated. Plus he made that terrible play in the secondary to give the losin Bruin’s a win.

    Oooh that sweet taste of victor ee those lil blue bears seldom know about…

  • Trojan Conquest

    He wouldn’t have been offered the job if he was fired on Jan 28th of last year. It would have been too late.