More Linemen

The commitment of offensive guard Cyrus Hobbi is a good pickup but USC still needs more offensive linemen. The Trojans have just two commitments from offensive linemen — Hobbi and Crenshaw’s Marcus Martin.
That’s why the decisions of offensive tackle Antonio Richardson of Nashville and offensive guard Aundrey Walker of Cleveland will be important.
Even today, a member of the football program wondered how former recruiting coordinator Brennan Carroll did not sign more linemen in Pete Carroll’s final two seasons.

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  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Cuz Brennan Carroll is freaking Fredo

  • I partied with John DeLorean

    Thanks for clarifying that, Wolf. And to think that this whole time I actually thought Galten, Garness, and Temple were linemen. Good thing we’ve got you to botch the analysis. I’ve only been following this blog for three months, so please tell me it gets better than this.

  • Trojan Rewind

    looks like DeLorean is just another Internet geek with no life…good thing losers like you make this a popular blog

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Trojan Rewind.. you’re no less of an internet geek than he or I. Only difference is you’re a pathetic UCLA fan spending your time on USC’s blog.

  • schammer47


    DeLorean got it right. I would rather leave S. Wolf to his own devises but Wolf really sh*t in his pants on this one. No one could be this forgetful, this fk*g stupid. Wolf must be doing this Mr. Omission crap on purpose. Gotta be.

  • SC for LIFE

    Congrats to UCLA. 2-star RB Steve Manfro just committed. They just moved up from #68 to #64.

    Can we use some of SC’s endowment to give Slick Rick a raise?

  • KuntBreath

    Jesus Christ Wolf. How are you always so off with your recruiting information? Is this not what you get paid to do? Try spending less time perving out co-ed “special reporters” and more time doing your job.

    Last I recall, Jeremy Galten and David Garness are both OL and Cody Temple is likely headed there as well. But hey, it’s not like 5 is a very different number than 2.

    Oh, and while you’re at it, never appear on camera ever again. You sound and look like a creepy, effeminate douche. At least you can try to hide those characteristics in your writing.

    You suck Wolf.

  • Sam GiIbert

    Lay off Wolf boys, for once he’s right. We got this Master Thespian Hobbit and nothing else. And he already ripped the coaches a$$es in the press on his first day! Our team is paper-thin and now we got this Primma dona anchoring the offensive line. Or is that the chorus line?

    ONE! Singular sensation!
    Every little step he takes!
    ONE! thrilling combination!
    Every…move…that…he maaaakes!

    Sing Hobbit!!

  • Gargamel is a hack

    Keep carrying Scotty’s water, Trojan Reach Around. You’re nothing more than a pathetic shill for Smeagol-Wolf.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    oh, how the mighty have fallen!! Southern Cal going ape-poop over signing a Hobbit!!

    wolf is the only trOXan who can see things objectively!

    thanks for the sweeeeeeet scooopin’ wolfman!!

  • Sam Gilbert

    I see there’s a second Sam Gilbert on this board…

  • schammer47

    Sam, Nasty, Rewind,

    USC paper thin on the OL? BS!!! Tackles; Coleman Sen 335, Kalil Jr 295, Guertler Red Fr 265, Graf So 300, Garness Jr 3 Star 290. Total 5. Guards; Martinez So 290, Kim Red F 305, Holmes Jr 300, Hobbi 4 Star 285, Temple 3 Star 280, Galten 2 Star 295, Martin 3 Star 351. Total 7. Centers; DiPoalo Red F 295, Markowitz Jr 280. Total 2 (3 if Hobbi switches to C). Martinez, a 4 Star out of Utah, was recruited originally to play Center.

    Maybe thin at center. Maybe not. And Sam, how many times since Chow left and prior to MB7 have the Trojans been defeated by PAC-10 schools with 2 and 3 star offensive fk*g lineman? The Ducks, Beavers, UCLA, Stanford by name.

  • LATrojan08

    if ucla cant use their scholarships, usc would be glad to use them. thanks!

  • Trojan Conquest

    DeLorean………..the simple answer is…….no.

  • Nathan Exp

    Oh yeah, let’s be sure to blame Brendon the former coaches son for screwing up the recruiting so that the current coaching regime suffers. Bush league.

  • Edward

    Of five outstanding OL recruits of the ’08 class (who would be in their fourth year now), only Kalil and Holmes are left. Smith to the NFL, Matt Meyer to injury, and Daniel Campbell (#1 rated JC OL in the nation this past season) to transfer, are gone. Got Graf and Martinez in 2009, and because of sanctions, lost Henderson and Cullen in 2010. Got DiPoala in 2010. You B. Carroll bashers are fos. The TE’s were the most solid, and consistent position at USC under his leadership. For fans (and Wolf) to whine about the material the Trojans have to work with is sickening.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    11 O-linemen with surely one more to commit by Feb. 2nd. Oh Chucky Bucky the hits keep coming. A full second year to work with James Cregg? We just put pictures of Slicky Ricky and Brett “the savior” Hundley on the sled and crush it.

    I predict 1000 yard season for Marcy Marc to the “T”…

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Uh Natahn Exp, Fredo did F up the recruiting, he was HORRIBLE !! His old man is lazy, so he put his son Fredo in charge of the most important part of college football, the recruiting. Fredo has no clue on how to evaluate talent, neither did his old man, remember the video PC popped in a VCR at Best Buy, YOU GOT A SCHOLIE BOY ! The kid was a roid midget who sucked. Fredo recruited off of lists, like his dad. Oregon made PC, he’ll make Kiffin, Fredo was and always will be a FREDO !

  • NOBS

    Oh, little Nathan sticking up for big bro B. Boo Hoo. Your bro was more interested in producing ba$tard$ than doing his job. He won’t last at the U.

  • “Count” Smackula

    the Hobbit told Neuhassle he was PROMISED a starting spot by Kiff!! you best deliver, Kiff, the Hobbit is very particular about getting off on the RIGHT foot!!

    always comPETE went out with Caesar, i see!!!

  • NOBS

    With BC, it was “cumpete”…wah wah Nathan