Answer Sunday!

Some more answers from the Open Forum.

Q: Son of CharIie Bucket said:
wolfman, word on the street is that Todd McNair has “flipped” on Southern Cal in exchange for being cleared and he being able to get a coaching gig without the stain on his record. since Southern Cal has appealled, the case is still open and the sanctions are subject to being reduced OR INCREASED!!!

any sweeeeeet scooops on this time bomb??

A: Technically, the case could be reopened. But I doubt the NCAA wants to rehash it. However, if McNair clears himself, he also runs the risk of being known as someone who would spill the beans on a program, which makes some coaches reluctant to hire him.

Q: osezno said:
If it turns out the Trojans can only sign 15 players and that it’s effective this year, who is most likely to get their scholarship pulled and could/would they walk-on?

A: Since this question was asked, it is now obvious USC will sign up to 25 players and just swallow the penalties in 2012 for three years if the NCAA denies the appeal.

Q: YogiBear said:
Who replaces John Morton on the staff?

A: I was told this week that Lane Kiffin is going to take his time on the hire but that former wide receiver Keary Colbert remains the frontrunner.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Word on the street, that Charlize Bucksh*t remains the frontrunner to be hired for the opening of assistant Janitor at the Daily News! Sure hope they get this guy, he is gonna be grrrrrrrrrrrrreat!

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    NOBS needs an assistant?

  • Count_Blah

    McNair flipping on USC is 100% untrue and is totally fictitious. I guess Bucket’s AIDS is starting to cause him to become delirious.

    Sorry Bucket. Nice try.

  • TMart24

    Here’s a question: Did you know that DeAnthony Thomas visited another Pac 12 school this weekend? If so, what are your thoughts on him being flipped?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wow AIDS jokes. what, you ran out of cancer jokes? pure class, trOXans.

    have fun on wolf’s blog, boys, but my advice is, don’t mess with the Karma Chameleon.

  • sureshot

    The only streets that SOB (son of bucket) knows of are the ones on which he lived as his mother turned tricks. And any fictitious news of McNair turning states evidence weren’t found on that or any other street.

    Why don’t you go play in traffic, SOB.

  • uscmike

    What are the chances the NCAA surprises everyone and upholds the sanctions before national signing day? Does USC go from 25+ recruits to 15?

    I remember the NCAA waiting until USC was boarding the plane to play Va Tech in D.C. when it announced the Mike Williams would remain ineligible for retaining an agent. It is not beyond the NCAA to rule before the signing day just to mess with USC.

  • Medneggler

    DeAnthony Thomas to Oregon. Done deal.

  • BoscoH

    Fight On Keary Colbert! #Timeless

    (Also Fight On Son of Charlie Bucket… #Brainless)