• marvgoux

    Is it true that SC has another highly rated silent commit for LB?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Read Turene’s profile, is he really worth wasting a scholie on even though SC needs LB’s?

  • SC for LIFE

    One reason Turene forgot to mention on why he de-comitted from SC… He wants to get paid!

    Hard to get paid while attending a school on probation.

  • NOBS

    Just like little tre, from ND, that will regret not becoming a Trojan. Let the little f’er go. Who cares?

  • Medneggler

    Not that big of a deal. Now, Black Mamba going to Oregon? Yikes, that IS a big deal.

  • NJ Trojan

    Unless they plan to move somebody on the current roster SC needs to add another 2 OLs to David Garness, Jeremy Galten, Cody Temple, Cyrus Hobbi & Marcus Martin to go 3-deep at OL & Im including a WO. Aundrey Walker from OH is a tOSU lean. Cyrus Kouandjio is still possible but not likely. Niklas is set to choose between SC & ND. Antonio Richardson from TN is set to choose from among five southern schools & SC. While Martins commitment is very soft theres a lot of speculation that SC could flip Torian White from UCLA.

    At DT SC needs 1 or 2 more depending on whether Jalen Grimble is still committed or not. It seems that hes gone so it looks like SC needs 2 more after Antwaun Woods. Delvin Simmons from PA is set to choose from OR, Pitt, TX Tech & SC & Christian Heyward is set to choose from OR, San Diego St & SC.

    Because of the relative #s at the various pos on the roster & whos already committed I think those are the most important recruits to watch.

    Others to watch include TE Junior Pomee who is most likely going to choose between SC & UT & his teammate S Ryan Henderson who is committed to UT but could flip if Pomee chooses SC. Buck Allen from FL is a 210 lb TB who is set to choose from among AL, Aub & SC. Lamar Dawson is a LB from KY who is set to choose among KY, OR, TN, UCF & SC. Of course LB Kent Turene could still choose SC. S Marqise Lee is set to choose among Cal, Mia, OR & SC.