Answer Monday!

A couple more answers as signing date is less than 48 hours away.

Q: MRSAM said:

Do you think USC will get any surprise commitments from recruits? Any hints you can give us, like in state recruit, or out of state recruit? Please bring back the chat.

A: I think the only surprises can really be out-of-state recruits because any time USC gets an in-state recruit, it is not a surprise. For example, if Servite lineman Troy Niklas commits, that is not a surprise. That means surprises will be offensive linemen like Antonio Richardson or Aundrey Walker or safety Karlos Williams. If USC lands one of those players, it will have a good day Wednesday.

Q: Champion said:

Did Lane Kiffin ask Markeith Ambles to return to the team or did Markeith Ambles asked to return? What caused Ambles to return and do you think he will change? Thank you.

A: Ambles asked to leave when he left and then he asked to return. He never was happy with his role this season or the fact he lost his redshirt year early and never really played. I don’t know if he can change. He will get a chance to prove it. But we’ll see in spring practice. He was highly rated out of high school but as I’ve said, Pete Carroll dropped him as a recruit. So it’s a wait-and-see situation.

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