Any Surprises?

Will USC receive a commitment from someone expected to go elsewhere, like safety Karlos Williams, who is expected to sign with Florida State but has the Trojans in his final three?
Or is the bigger worry holding on to De’Anthony Thomas, who visited Oregon over the weekend.

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  • Bobo

    Throwing the question back to you – presumably, you have inside sources and talk to key recruits. what are you hearing?

  • calkidd32

    Wolf, what r your sources saying? the message boards are blowing up about Deanthony Thomas rocking Ducks gear the airport and bringing another SC recruit with him up north. This would be a huge loss for SC…more so from the standpoint of losing someone literally in their backyard. Losing OOS players isn’t that big a deal because there’s no real connection there. Plus, 1 day before signing day? ouch.

  • FiestaHobbit

    Losing Thomas would hurt USC, especially if it was to Oregon. Hopefully they can add a surprise or two on signing day like Aundrey Walker, Delvon Simmons, or Troy Niklas.

  • BBPeps13

    The rumors i heard are that Thomas committed to Oregon and was trying to convince Farmer to switch too. According to Rivals, the Farmer camp squashed the second rumor and stated Farmer is all in on SC. I haven’t heard anything concrete on Thomas making the switch to Oregon, but I haven’t read anything of him denying it either. Last thing I read is that he may not sign on NSD since he didn’t have time to take trips during the season and wants to have time to do that.

  • buslu

    Isn’t it ironic that I read the comments to get the news=(

  • in sheep’s clothing

    losing mamba would be fairly devastating to the class considering he’s maybe the best player in the country and from la – not to mention going to a non-la school in the conference.

  • DFWTrojan

    Not really a devastating loss at all, as Mamba simply isn’t at a position of need. He wants to be a RB and tiny RBs are not a great fit with the USC offense. Let’s not be melodramatic here. Our goals are the line of scrimmage and LB in this class.

  • dtksr1

    I agree with DFWTrojan. Thomas is a top talent on the high school level. He himself probably realizes his build will prevent him from being a 20 carry RB on the college level. Honestly, if he chose Oregon, it would probably fit him better in being a RB as their plays are created to get fast-quick runners into the open. The Trojan offense though will get him trained in an NFL pro-set. Oregon will not. Thomas’ best opportunity to make the pro-level is not going to be as a RB. Maybe he thinks he can convince scouts otherwise. That would be pretty amazing unless he gained major weight which would then slow him down. He needs to realize if he already hasn’t, to consider maybe a slot reciever that gets the ball or a defensive DB position. I hope the Trojan coaching staff is being frank & honest with him. Maybe that is what this Oregon vist is all about.

  • USC Anteater

    Yes, as soon as I read about the rumors I wondered if he was unhappy with all the DT talk coming out of USC sources, and was sniffing around for a program that would let him stay on offense. Of course, if that were the case, there IS a program that just lost an undersized RB with its offense designed around that kind of explosive runner. Coincidentally, it’s also in Oregon…

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    so predictable, you trOXans are. the Lil’ Mamba was BY FAR the recruit trOXan honks brayed about the most!! and now that he’s leaving Southern Cal at the altar, the character assassination begins!! he’s a wittle midget! no good for college ball!! you can rest assured the Lil’ Mamba’s peeps are checking wolf’s blog so his leaving is now a done deal!

    you go on to Oregon, Lil’ Mamba, you don’t want to get mixed up with these bunch of Southern Cal back-stabbers!!

    for crissakes, the admin and “fans” even turned on their noblest warrior, Stefon Johnson!! yeah, i know! that’s the kind of heartless jerks they are!!

  • Gnossos

    Son of BOS, I guess if my school’s recruiting class was rated 64th, I would be commenting on someone else’s school also.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Notice how Bucket has never once come on here to celebrate USC losing a recruit to the crosstown former-rivals. And who is this Stefon Johnson he speaks of? Could he be related to Stafon Johnson?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Jethro Bodine: you know very well every year NeuHassle makes off with prize Southern Cal recruits!! two years ago it was Morrell Presley and the super hyped Radall Carroll…remember how all the troxans kept bragging on how he was the world’s fastest man?? and of course last year Josh Shirley dissed the trOXans by leaving them at the alter for the Bruins!! (ok, so he turned out to be a dooosh).

    this year, another top hyped trOXan recruit is waiting to drop the bomb on trOXans….Jalen Grimble, come on down!!!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    And look at the impact those guys made in Westwood!