Mid-Year Rankings

Time to rank the mid-year enrollees based on our Euro scale. We give out 1-4 Euros with one Euro a MAC-caliber player and four Euros a future All-American.

Jeremy Galten OL
David Garness OL
Andre Heidari K 1/2
Dallas Kelley LB
Cody Kessler QB
Peter McBride LS
Isiah Wiley DB
Max Wittek QB

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  • NJ Trojan

    Wolf reminds me of a guy I know who grew up in Ohio and went to Ohio State but used to root for the Wolverines just because he likes to be “different.” He lives in Penn State country now and he began rooting for the Buckeyes again even though two of his sons went to Penn State.

  • DFWTrojan

    Wolf reminds me of a pimple that I had on my ass last week.

  • Trojan Conquest


  • miguelito

    nice to see the latest infusion of “talent”

    if wolf were a rapper his name would be Scoop Dogg

  • schammer47

    Scott Wolf,

    Unless you have observed these candidates on film for hours during competion, you have no damn idea what you are talking about. I follow your insidesocal.com/usc blog daily and learn a great deal from fellow Trojan bloggers and frequently LMAO when they place that shovel of rebuke up the Bruin ass. But damn, Scott, your editorial commentary is typically Chicken Shit of the highest order. DAMN !!