Walker Update

We hear offensive lineman Aundrey Walker of Cleveland is down to Ohio State and USC. The Buckeyes are the frontrunner obviously, but he appears to be closer to committing to the Trojans than any of the other uncommitted out-of-state linemen.

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Ohio kids to to OSU…end of story. Cadre sources tell us Walker just mentions Southern Cal to heighten the drama when he picks caps. the OSU faithful can’t stand Southern Cal, so when he picks the OSU hat, the fans will erupt!!!

    trOXans…played by a young pup!!

    say adios to the Lil’ Mamba as well, Nattering Nabobs!!!!

  • Trojan 70

    how is the incoming class working out for you bucket? Must be pretty embarassing to be so shitty. Lil Mamba ain’t going nowhere except to USC where he belongs. How is that kid from Sacramento that CRN just recruited. Hey, you beat out Sac State, you are on a roll. Come back here when you have something YOU can be proud of. See you way down the road…LMAO!

  • Gnossos

    WE’RE #66, WE’RE #66!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    And now a word from Charlie Bucket:

    Southern Cal Troxans trOJies Yoda nattering nabobs sweet scoopin wolfman cadre preferred plus champeenship queer obsession Count Smakula group howl AUUUUU WOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    That should cover everything

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Jethro has come to this blog to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And he’s all out of bubble gum.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Here ye Here ye! Read all about it! Read all about it! Man sentenced 25 year for running Thai lady boy sex ring! Say again, man sentenced 25 years for running Thai lady boy sex ring!


    Two of the abused lady boys were known as frequent posters on Scott Wolf’s “Inside USC Blog”. They were found wearing powder blue pajama’s and looking mighty sour. When asked for their names they gave the following:


    Charlize Bucksh*t

    Ohhh brother what well they think of next!!!

    Such a sad story, but guess what, the Trojans are on their way to the number 1 signing class in America. And the Black Mamba is coming to USC!!!!

    Lawdy Lawdy, someone pinch me cause I must be dreaming!!

  • BoscoH

    Yeah, Jim LeBron stayed in Cleveland too. If even Ohio’s biggest d-bag could find his way to the beach, this kid will too.

  • troganfan

    add everson griffen to the list of proud trogan alumni.

  • Hello everybody!! good to be back, even if it’s for a couple of days. So sorry to hear DeAndre Thomas has changed his mind and word has it he’s headed to Oregon.

    I know UCLA’s class is not looking great, but it’s okay we have until Wednesday, and we still have an outside chance to land a couple of big names and maybe move up to the top 50 in recruiting LOL.

    Despite having no coordinators for most of this recruiting campaign UCLA hasn’t done too bad. We did get the #2 rated QB in the nation, so things aren’t as bleak as some of you seem to think.

    Just hope USC doesn’t lose any more big names like George Farmer, and that big OLinman (Thomas teammate) I also heard he’s thinking going to Oregon to follow Thomas, and with this thin recruiting of OLinemen class, USC might be in big trouble, with really no depth at all.

    Good luck good neighbors, here wishing you the best.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    sugar sweeeeeet post, BruinRob!! you really demonstrate why we’re called the Classy Cadre!!

    we all know NeuHassle will pull some more last minute heroics as he always does!!

    i join BruinRob in hoping Southern Cal does not experience too many last minute defections as they have in the past. but unfortunately, it looks like the Lil’ Mamba and Grumble are goners.

  • troganfan

    Way to be on top of this Everson Griffen story Scotty.
    He grabbed the cop’s crotch? fight on trogans.

  • Rex Griswald

    Junior Pomee has committed to USC according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Hopefully that means his classmate, Henderson, is coming with him.


    Hater Rob….let us know when UCLA is relevant again in the next 10 years. Congrats on thinking UCLA is going to have a decent recruiting class. Neweasal’s last year. Enjoy!

  • @ELTROJ, “hater Rob”? I’m not hating at all, just wishing you luck, how’s that hating? it’s you guys hating on UCLA despite our class not looking good with the exception of Hundley.

    I hope your #6 class does not take a beating with decommits, Grimble and Thomas are gonners and they are hoth 5-star recruits. You must admit this, in the past USC would have about between four to six 5-Start by now and they are down to only one 5-star in Farmer…that’s not exactly setting the world on fire, by “USC” standards, wouldn’t you agree?

    When will UCLA be relevan again? soon I hope, we have the talent to be relevant this year, it all depends on how well our QBs play, and if Hundley is everything he’s cracked out to be then I would say UCLA will relevant again more sooner than later.

    Oregon is the new powerhouse in the West and you must come to terms with this. The sooner the Trojan fans come to grips with this, the sooner you will have normal lives again.

    Have a nice day ELTROJ.

  • Gnossos

    We’re #66!

  • @Gnossos, thank you for proving my point, they envy of the USC fans is unreal, but who could blame you? UCLA #1 in National Titles with 106 and ranked #16 in the world academically while USC ranks in the 100s. But hey, your recruiting class is better than UCLA’s so yeah, time for you to party like it’s 1999!! wooohooo!!!

  • Gnossos

    BR,Way to Delusion On!

  • @Gnossos, Delusion On!? has this replaced “fight on”? I’m glad you finally came to your senses.