Early Decision

Defensive lineman Jalen Grimble, who committed to USC but then got dropped, will announce at 7 a.m. (PST) whether he attends UCLA or Miami.

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    Thank goodness this recruiting charade is coming to an end. I mean, what have the colleges turned into but a quasi NFL Farm League.

    And the kids are pretty hypocritcal and certainly egotistical about the entire process. The 4 and 5 star athletes are more concerned about what NFL exposure they will receive at a particular school than whether that school has a great poli-sci program.

    And egotistical– come on, 17-year olds having press conferences to announce their decision. Is this akin to the U.S. announcing it may enter the Egyptian fray to cool off hot heads?

    And poor schools like ucla, where academics are quite good, but what top-notch kid wants to go to a football program that apparently is going nowhere? No wonder the usual 5 or 6 bruin no-counts have such a chip (or is that a redwood tree) on their shoulders when they post on this SC-site. Quite frankly, if they all weren’t so nasty I would feel a bit sorry for them.

  • ThaiMex

    Take it easy there big fella…I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself stepping off that big soapbox.

    You need to “clear your calendar”, winky wink! (I’ll play along with The “Lawyer” John, “Engineer” Bill, or “Farmer” John thing, whatever you want to be called , just so we get you back on track) for the next 15 days or so. Yup,,,,it’s back to the “Facility” for you for 2-3 additional weeks of Therapy. O.K. to bring your Sock Monkey and your BatMan Pajamas…tell mommy to please pack extra underwear for you because I suspect the “Bed-wetting” issues have returned.
    I noticed you used the word NASTY in your above comments. Johnny?….have you been a nasty boy? Are you touching yourself down there again? Have you been playing w/Nubsie?
    Mercy Nurse, this is more serious than I expected!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    what choo talkin’ bout’ LJ?? (making Arnold Drummond confrontational face)

    can’t you put aside your personal vendetta?? this is schollie announcement day!! Southern Cal is about to suffer staggering blows in the recruiting wars!! they need you to focus on the football team, not cast false aspersions towards the Classy Cadre!! the Cadre members are widely known as the “Gentleman of the Internets” and have set a new standard in classy and witty commentary at this and other blogs. Cadre members go thru rigorous training and background checks, attend cotillion courses and do volunteer work (…ok, mostly with Preferred Plus gals).

    we need to work together at this critical time, counselor!! so start counseling!!!