On Mustain

Police sources said that when quarterback Mitch Mustain was arrested on suspicion of selling prescription drugs, he actually advertised the drugs on craigslist.com. Mustain then went to the San Fernando Valley, where he met an undercover police officer.
Sources said the drug involved was Adderall, which is taken to increase alertness and concentration.

19 thoughts on “On Mustain

  1. The Stupidity coming out Brain Surgeon U never surprises anyone…Advertising to sell a controlled substance on Craig’s List? REALLY?
    Well…now that we’ve gotten these two out of the way(selling drugs on Craig’s list and getting TASED by the Cop’s)…What’s the over’s and under’s (in days) before the next TrOXan does something really stupid?
    The Curse of The Gay Bronze horse (francis?) is upon you.
    Phyte on TrOXan!

  2. ok, lets break this day down:

    -Mitch Mustain a great kid who was obviously corrupted by his exposure to Southern Cal, busted for pushing drugs!

    -Crotch grabbing Everson Griffin busted for grabbing a cops junk! :0

    -announcement that Kiff will be sanctioned by NCAA for UT violations!

    -UCLA a$$-whips Southern Cal at Pauley, effectively ending SOuthern Cal’s Tourney chances while effectively cementing their own trip to the Dance!!

    -Lil’ Mamba “Seantrells” Southern Cal, while Torian White “Josh Shirleys” Southern Cal!! also Grumble “Pressley’s” Southern Cal!!

    oh, and tonight is Preferred Plus NIght at Cadre HQ!!! oh, the ChukerBucker is gonna sleeeeeep like a baby tonight, baby!!! somebody punch me, i mean pinch me!!!

  3. Bahahahaha THAIMAX “francis” kicks joe bRuin’s ass every year!! AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  4. what a total dumb ass

    I just got hired for a job and they are checking my background for the last 7 years – and they will give no tolerance for deferred or expunged convictions.

    If you are a professional athlete, you can kill dogs, slap bitches, shoot people, get DUIs, carry an illegal firearm, etc, etc, etc,

    You can even steal laptops and be a starting QB at another school

    But corporate America gives no second chances.
    He just threw away his life – and I feel very sad for him. Whats he going to do, go back to Arkansas and work at the mini-mart?

  5. Southern Cal? trOXans?? say something…anything! ThaiMex, they’re not moving…OH %#$!! i think we killed it!!!


  6. I admit, I was shocked when I read about this. But I suppose that’s pretty silly — we don’t really know much about these guys’ personal lives. We just assume they’re behaving themselves unless we hear otherwise. Innocent until proven shady, I guess.

  7. Felas, felas, felas, let’s take a look and put things into proper prospective. We all claim our schools – or in my case, my teams – “are better than yours” right?

    There are three major sports, Football; Basketball; and Baseball. Based on the CURRENT state, it goes something like this when making claims about our sports teams:
    Football – USC
    Basketball- UCLA record: 15-7 (7-3) USC 11-10 (3-7)
    Baseball – UCLA (ranked #1 in 2011 pre-season rankings)

    And let’s not forget National Championship by each school.
    UCLA 106 – USC 89

    Academic Excellence per http://www.worlduniversityrankings.com UCLA ranks about 80 spots higher than USC.
    Advantage – UCLA

    The only area in which UCLA can not, and will never be able to be in the same sentence as USC is with player or former player arrests. USC has had more player arrests in the past 8 years than UCLA has had since the school opened 91 years ago.
    Arrests, advantage – USC by an unreachable number.

    And anyone that claims the above is not a fact I challenge you to prove me wrong. Sorry, your insults will not prove I’m wrong, only facts – and the facts have been already stated.

  8. @Cheat On,

    Who’s blog are you on? And who’s blog are USC fans NOT on?

    Fight on!

  9. Damn what a f*#+ing embarressment!! Now we know why he didn’t transfer, even though he knew he wasn’t going to play. He wasn’t a loyal Trojan like I thought, he’s a drug dealer.

  10. Chuck, Chuck, Chuck,

    Your Bruins scrambled to remain relevant and that was about it. How elated would you be if the recruiting class was ranked in the top half of D-1?
    Its not like you won some type of champeenship.

    Save the group howls for then.

  11. @Jetho Tull, actually UCLA did finish in the top half, they finished #49. And believe it or not, I think most Bruin fans are very satisfied with our class. Rick was able to beef up the OLine with 5 HS recruits compared to only 3 for USC one being a Long Snapper. We got the #2 QB in the nation, we got a surprise signing in Brandan Falaiupupu who’s a monster on wheels, and McReynolds a 4-star DT from D.C. and a stud 4-star Receiver Devin Lucien from Crespi. We strengthened our areas of need, while USC just piled on more talent in the sports where they already had talent, BUT failed to get the help they needed at the OLine, LB, and DB positions. So yes, USC got TONS of talent, just NOT at the positions they needed.

  12. Marcus Martin, Cyrus Hobbi, and Aundrey Walker are all o-line. McBride I believe is the long snapper. You got the #2 QB in the nation and then the attractant for him was pushed out. You bring up some good points about some of the players Rick lured at the last minute to UCLA but judging from your buddy posters here, it looks like the highlight of NSD for UCLA was the arrest of former USC QB Mitch Mustain.

  13. Rob,

    So you are boasting that your recruiting class is rated #49? Given the current situations surrounding the two schools that must be a bitter pill to swallow. Going on the other school’s message board to attempt to gloat at a time like this boggles the mind.

  14. Haters continuing to hate.

    This is a USC sports blog, focused mostly on football. Leave it to the UCLA fans to bring up non-football matters, because when it comes to football, they’ve got nothing.

    Nothing those clowns say can rain on USC’s recruiting parade.

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