SC did sensationally. Sure, the school lost a few recruits, which fueled the usual, and now boring, nastiness of a couple of bruin posters, but the Trojans filled a lot of needs along both lines and in the linebacking corps. And they got a couple of stud running backs, which is perhaps why they were not going to play the Vainglory Thomas in the offensive backfield.

    SC was rated about No. 4 in the nation. ucla was rated about No. 7– in the Pac-10. No wonder bruins continue to hate Trojans. I cannot blame them, but Trojans will somehow find the will to carry on without the bruins’ support.

    All in all it is a great day to be an SC fan. Long live USC and Trojan football. There is nothing quite like it.

  • NOBS

    LJ is 100% right on.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    well, the Lil’ Mamba may have Seantrelled the trOXans, but i am giving this kid a far better nick-name: Notorious Javorious Allen!!

    that’s undoubtedly the sugar sweeeeeetest tag since Joe the Toe Houston!!! oh, ChuckerBucker, you’ve done it AGAIN!!!

  • Rex Griswald

    Will USC fill its couple of open slots? According to my count they have a couple slots open.

  • incalos

    Nothing better than uSC or uSC Football? Well that is if you are not including academics, location of campus and football venue, and I hate to say it but ask the SEC if they feel usc has the best football in the country or the PAC 12 as they were 5th in conference. Yes true, the Bruins lagged this year, yet we see our deficiencies and recognize the need to improve. I prefer tailgating on the green grass in Arroyo Seco, heating up my bolillos y cocinando mi Asada y cracking my buuuudWISE-errrr. NOBS go find Go-Go and shine the bitches shoes.


    Well, Troxans, if you see your secret agent Norm Chow, you can tell him, Mission Accomplished. After several years of Coach Rick bringing in top-ranked recruting classes, Chow finally succeded in undermining this year’s Bruin recruting with his “me me me” refusal to just go away quietly, creating instabillity in the program. Once a Troxan, always a Troxan.

    However, the Bruins still got the goods! Clearly, Torian White opened the door to going to SUC, but what he saw through that door seared his very soul — a cracked out Mustain in handcuffs? Pinhead and the Cenobites? “No thanks,” he wisely said.

    Too bad about SUC losing the Black Mamba, but meanwhile UCLA got itself the “Black Swanba” — I’ll leave it to you to figure who I mean.

    And I see that now your secret agent Norm Chow is off to Utah to try to sabotage there program and prevent them from dominating SUC in the new Pac-12. SUC plays dirty, but I must admit it plays to win.

    Regardless, recent unrest in Egypt shows that the events foretold in the Book of Revlations are unfolding, so none of this year’s recruits will matter anyway, once the Time of Tribulation gets going.

  • schammer47

    LJ, couldn’t agree more! Picking up 5 Four Star and 2 Three Star recruits on the last day is awesome and bodes well for the USC Trojan’s future. And this Javorius Allen looks like a man-eater!!!

    I wish I lived close enough to buy 2011 season tickets to enjoy watching USC go undefeated at home, with MB7 at the helm putting 40+ ponts on the board by the end of the 3rd quarter. With one year under their belts, I believe our coaches and players will beat the Huskies and surprise the Hell out of the UODucks.

    Fight On, America’s Team !!!