Recruiting Perspective

There is a lot of focus every year on how many five star or four star recruits are signed by teams. But look at the NFL’s defensive player of the year award. Troy Polamalu won the award and was hardly recruited. He was an “All Northwest” member for Superprep magazine, which means he was one of many recruits who hailed from the Northwest.
And the guy who finished second for the defensive player of the year award, Clay Matthews, was a walk-on.

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  • VB’s Office Plant

    Based on this information the bruins should be locks for the BCS Championship Game with all the unknown and walk-on caliber players they just signed!

  • lbc trojan

    First somewhat intelligent thing you’ve posted.

  • Trojan Conquest


  • Cheatthesystem

    And where did they develop their defensive skill set?

  • in sheep’s clothing

    happy they went to USC and were instructed by caesar, the defensive guru. personally, i thought the award should have gone to matthews. polamalu missed some time and won, partly, on reputation. as long as it’s in the family.

  • snarfy

    Sample size = 2. Nice work Dr. Wolf. You should get the Fields Medal.