It’s A Wacky Business

Former USC assistant Rocky Seto is apparently out as UCLA’s next defensive coordinator. Seto was offered and accepted the job last week. But before it became official, Seto allegedly posted a comment on Facebook that he accepted the job. Sources said that infuriated UCLA and also ignited a fan backlash.
Just like that, he lost the job he accepted.

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  • USC’89

    This is actually bad for USC football, since we all know, Seto sucks. Only thing he was good at was being one of PCs yes-men and playing soft D during those important pick-up bball games Pete loved so much.

    Now the Bruins may actually get themselves a good D coach.

  • TD

    When are the Bruins going to hire a defensive coordinator? Jeez, at this rate, they won’t have one by the time spring ball starts. I’d never thought their D could be worse than last year…but Slick Rick has made a believer out of me.

  • thekatman

    Hey Rick Neuheisal. If it’s 3 months into your search for a Defensive Coord, and you still haven’t hired someone, no one wants to coach for you.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Racial discrimination, pure and simple. And USC89 is 1000% correct, Seto was just one of PC’s brown nosers who didn’t know how to do shit.

  • dtksr1

    Seems pretty lame as to the reason Seto lost his job. But if he was offered and it was accepted officially, why should Westwood care if it lands on the internet?
    I am more interested in knowing why Seto was superior than say Randy Shannon? I will give my guesses and you can agree/dissagree.
    UCLA is being cheap and can’t get their alumni to help with the cost of bringing in a Shannon level coach. (I wouldn’t give either if the AD was Dan Guerrero) And, you didn’t hear any crying from the head coach in turning a better coach away due to his paranoia in looking over his shoulder. Things are just “tacky” in what is going on across town and I do challenge anyone about that label!

  • dtksr1

    Let me add one more thing… If a football program is hurting financially and cannot compete with other league programs in bringing in better coaches, then it is up to the “AD” to go out a find the money to financially support it. Show me any research that disagrees with “you need to spend money to make money”? Since a certain AD was hired across town to oversee the sports program (and yes that includes football too), what has he done? Anyone?

  • TD


    Guerrero expanded the NCAA tournament field to 68…that’s it. Haha.

  • One week ago Everson Griffin got arrested TWICE…than Mitch Mustain gets arrested on Tueday for sale of drugs…and NOW THIS!! former “rape” arrestee Mark Sanchez possibly in troube for “Statutory Rape” depending whether the incident occurred in New York or California. WTF is it with these trOJans?

  • Karrillo

    Relax Rob.

  • DixieTrojan

    This is an indicator that nobody wants the UCLA defensive coordinator position. Rick Neuheisel is a lock to get fired next year and the DC is guaranteed to be a one-and-done.

    Nobody wants to touch the UCLA program with a 10-foot pole. It’s career suicide.

  • @Karrillo, that advice should be given to the USC football players, don’t you think Chuckster?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Are those guys still playing at USC bRUIN KNOB? Didn’t think so. But it was a nice way of deflecting attention to the question at hand, who will Rosy Cheeks con into being his DC.

  • NOBS

    bRuinB00b, of all people, you should understand. It’s easier for Mark to get a 17 year old to take her panties off just like it is for YOU to get a 10 year old boy, like goo goo, to remove his underwear. Sorry, wrong example, goo goo doesen’t wear his tidy whitey. Ok, like Thai B.

  • @Goo Goo & KNOBBED, you hypocrites!!! slice it, sping, turn it, do whatever you want, facts are facts…and the facts are, that USC athletes keep making asses out of themselves by constantly violating rules and laws…and it proves my point, that moral values are non-existent at South Central, and USC does nothing for them in preparing them for the real world once they finish their playing days.

    Mark Sanchez WAS arrested for sexual assault/rape while at USC, and the USC boosters paid a nice sum of money to the victim to have the charges dropped, but the truth is you can take the player of of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto of of a player. And it “seems” that only trOJan players subject themselves to this type of stupidity!

    THREE former USC players in the headlines for ALL the wrong reason in the past 7 days, with FOUR occurrences!! Only at USC!! what a joke!!! and how embarrassing!!! I’ll take our record of 4-8 on a team of upstanding and law obiding citizes/student athletes over your 8-5 joke of a football program that has arrest after arrest after arrest…..and SOME of you fools will keep defending their actions. Pathetic!!!

    Cheat On!!
    Thug On!!
    Arrest On!!
    Suck On!!

  • NOBS

    B00b, boosters paid $$??? PROVE IT. Let’s see your proof. You have none. You can also have your 4-8 team with such great citizenship. Everyone plays, everyone gets a Letter, everyone has FUN. Wow…8 Clap. Everybody happy? ROFLMAO

  • Jethro Sabbath

    I’m no psychologist but it seems BruinRob is not happy with the way things are going at his school and he is unleashing his anger here.

  • Maze


    You should have stopped after “I’m no psychologist…” Can’t dispute the facts, can you?

    Cheat on, trOJan!

  • NOBS

    MoronMaze, PROVE IT. Let’s see your proof. Big mouth,lay it out. What do you have? You have none.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    @ Maze — what “facts”? Scott’s post is about Seto and UCLA, which has somehow led BruinRob to start posting conspiracy theories about USC buying its way out of justice.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Brother Jethro, take care not to get pranked. “NOBS” and “BruinRob” are clearly both just “characters” created by the same guy trying to make USC and UCLA look bad. He is staging these debates. Probably a Cal fan, I expect.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    The same person couldn’t possibly be responsible for different “characters” on here could he?
    Anyone doing that certainly would be guilty of a “queer obsession”.

  • Karrillo

    BruinRob is a real guy named Rob and a true Bruin fan. His name used to link to his topix profile. Whether he is NOBS as well is really only known to them (or him, whatever).

  • NOBS

    That Dbag is not ME. PERIOD. Karrillo, who are you? SW?

  • NOBS

    WEB, you too are a dbag. Get off our site.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    i find it queer how much speculation goes on concerning the identity of Cadre members. the fact is, there are no “multiple identities”…there are simply a lot of clever Bruins, sophisticates and truth-seekers who rally to the side of Good in the Face of unspeakable Evil.

    if it makes trOXans feel better to think it is one person posting madly under different ID’s, so be it. silly really. i remember at one point the ChuckerBucker was accused of being wolf (oh i wish!), Petros, some guy on Lev’s OCR blog, etc.

  • bibs

    UCLA does not accept funds from boosters to subsidize its coaches and players.$UC does this for both as well as attorney fees to protect the guilty.

  • NOBS

    B00b, B00bs, er bibs, & MoronMaze….boosters paid $$??? PROVE IT. Let’s see your proof. You have none.
    Tired of your $h!t. If you have proof, lay it out. Let’s go. Let’s see your proof.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Notice hoe BruinRob was starting to get pushed around and he calls out to Chuck for help. Can’t finish what he started.

  • @Jethro, how can you explain 4 rape arrests to USC players and charges dropped each and everytime? do you think you would be as fortunate? in two of the rape cases the idiots took a video with the girl completely passed out and their buddies were taking turns with the victim, and CHARGES WERE DROPPED, it doesn’t take a Rocket $cienti$t to figure out why the charge$ were dropped, freaking moron.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    How do you think the weather will be in Germany this weekend?
    I can also attempt to change the topic by answering a question with a question smart guy.

  • NOBS

    B00b, B00bs, er bibs, & MoronMaze….boosters paid $$??? PROVE IT. Let’s see your proof. You have none.
    Tired of your $h!t. If you have proof, lay it out. Let’s go. Let’s see your proof.

  • @Jethro, how can you explain 4 rape arrests to USC players and charges dropped each and everytime? do you think you would be as fortunate? in two of the rape cases the idiots took a video with the girl completely passed out and their buddies were taking turns with the victim, and CHARGES WERE DROPPED, it doesn’t take a Rocket $cienti$t to figure out why the charge$ were dropped, freaking moron.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Were you so proud of that gem that you had to repost it? You just don’t get it do you?
    I’m starting to think that BruinRob is a moron.

  • NOBS

    B00b, B00bs, er bibs, & MoronMaze….boosters paid $$??? PROVE IT. Let’s see your proof. You have none.
    Tired of your $h!t. If you have proof, lay it out. Let’s go. Let’s see your proof.

  • BAAM

    Scott Wolf, you call yourself a journalist? Did you even check his Facebook to see if he posted anything before you posted this on your blog? Way to do your job…@USC’89 – did know you knew Seto personally…

  • @Jethro, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m just doing what your boyfriend KNOBBED is doing, reposting.

    How can you explain 4 rape arrests to USC players and charges dropped each and everytime? do you think you would be as fortunate? in two of the rape cases the idiots took a video with the girl completely passed out and their buddies were taking turns with the victim, and CHARGES WERE DROPPED, it doesn’t take a Rocket $cienti$t to figure out why the charge$ were dropped, freaking moron.

    @KNOBBED, you’re gay.

  • NOBS

    I knew it. The Fucla trolls HAVE NO PROOF.

    B00b, B00bs, er bibs, & MoronMaze….boosters paid $$??? PROVE IT. Let’s see your proof. You have none.
    Tired of your $h!t. If you have proof, lay it out. Let’s go. Let’s see your proof.

  • Sam Gilbert

    I’ve never heard anything about USC football players taking a video of an unconscious woman. Can you provide a link? Maybe we can talk after I’m caught up.

  • @Samuel, I will do my best to find a link.

  • Darrell Russell.

    and Hershel Dennis is the other, could not find the link in which it mentions the video tape.

    And I forgot to mention, Frustee Rucker had been arrested twice for rape, before USC signed him up…he was arrested at Col. State and dismissed from the program and USC brought him aboard, knowing of his background.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    BruinRob: i applaud your exceptional scholarship!!

    the trOXans are so mired in denial and shame, they have lost any ability to see the truth about their disgraced program!!

    now that most of the Cadre has returned from Winter Recess, we can work again to educate and assist the trOXan!!

  • NOBS

    bRuinB00b, STILL NO PRO0F. Too bad. You keep bringing up allegations. Let’s see some proof.

    YOU HAVE NONE, just like your brain….NONE.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Let me know when you find the video tape article.

  • @Samuel, I posted the link on Darrell Russell video taping him and his bud having their way with the victim, that should be enough. And video tape of Hershel Dennis or not, it doesn’t take away the FACT that he was arrested for rape, and it doeesn’t take away the fact that USC created a haven for thugs (Darrell Russell – arrested twice for rape before coming to USC and having been kicked off the Col State team). The only “thug” that I have respect for is Eric Wright, he was so ashamed of his rape arrest (charges were dropped miracously) that he transferred to UNLV, even though Pete Carroll opposed his transfer, he is the only trOJan that ever left the program, and it was VOLUNTARILY.

    @Charlie’s son, in my best Elvis voice, “thank you, thank you very much”. ToXans have been brainwashed into believing their trOJan idols have done nothing wrong, and find an excuse for all their disgusting ways…their excuse is “everyone else does it” and very few honest trOJan fans will admit to “if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying”.

  • NOBS

    bRuinBoob-Neither convicted. Why don’t you move to Russia? You have no proof, not to mention you bring up 10+ year old stuff. No convictions Dbag. If you have some proof, REAL PROOF, bring it on. YOU DON’T!

    ROFLMAO You keep making a fool of yourself and your JC.

  • NOBS

    BTW bRuinB00b, not one of the links had ANY FACTS.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    I heard a bunch of Bruins electrocuted kittens.
    I’ll post a link when I find it.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Darrell Russell left USC for the NFL in 1996 and moved to Oakland. The accusations were made in 2002 in Nevada. In 2011 I embarrassed you by pointing out these facts.

  • @Samuel, nice try buddy you get an “E” for effort and a “D” for being in Denial…facts? here are some of the facts, and this is only up until 2008 and the list of “facts” has doubled since this was put out. Enjoy!!

    * Pete Carroll was hired as head football coach by USC in 2001.
    * On August 23, 2001, the NCAA placed USC’s athletic department on probation for two years and cut scholarships because tutors wrote papers for three athletes in the late 1990s. The events leading to the probation were before Carroll’s time, but I include this for completeness sake.
    * In 2002, the father of USC tailback Justin Fargas invited former USC Heisman Trophy winner, and alleged double-murderer, O. J. Simpson to a team practice (he was found not guilty in his criminal trial but was later found liable in a civil trial). After the practice, Carroll allowed Simpson to come onto the field and meet the players and pose for pictures. Carroll defends himself from criticism by claiming that Simpson wasn’t invited. In May 2008, Simpson’s ex manager alleged that Simpson admitted to killing Nicole Brown Simpson.
    * On July 19, 2003, USC Sophomore OT Winston Justice pleaded no contest to solicitation of a prostitute in Long Beach on June 24. Winston was put on 3 years probation and fined $300 for the offense.
    * On March 3, 2004, Winston Justice was arrested on suspicion of felony assault with a deadly weapon. On June 15, 2004, Justice pleaded no contest to exhibition of a replica firearm. Justice was sentenced to 60 days of electronic monitoring and three years’ probation. Justice was also suspended for two semesters by USC’s student affairs committee after his arrest.
    * In August 2004, USC starting tailback Hershel Dennis was at the center of a police investigation of an alleged sexual assault. According to sources, the incident took place at a party on August 16, and involved a female friend of Dennis. On August 17, Dennis was removed from practice and suspended by Carroll for “disciplinary reasons,” including breaking curfew. On December 13, 2004, the LAPD announced it would not press charges.
    * On January 14, 2005, Tim Floyd was hired as head basketball coach by USC.
    * In late March 2005, USC starting cornerback Eric Wright was arrested for investigation of sexual assault. Wright was booked on rape charges and bail was set at $100,000 according to the Sheriff’s Department. Wright was held out of spring practice, and, in April 2005, the district attorney declined to press charged because of insufficient evidence. Nevertheless, on June 2, 2005, Wright left USC amid possible disciplinary action. On August 25, Wright was suspended by three semesters by USC’s student affairs committee, based upon the district attorney’s office having found 136 pills of the drug Ecstasy in Wright’s room at an apartment he shared with another player.
    * In early April 2005, USC tight end Dominique Bird fractured his jaw during an alleged altercation with receiver Steve Smith. Bird, Smith and Carroll reportedly refused to comment on the incident, and no disciplinary action was taken.
    * In August 2005, USC defensive end Frostee Rucker allegedly got into a fight with his girlfriend at a party he was hosting in Los Angeles. In June 2006, Rucker was charged with two misdemeanor counts of spousal battery and two counts of vandalism and was scheduled to be arraigned on August 11, 2006. Despite the incident, Rucker did not face any discipline from USC, and didn’t miss a game. In May 2007, Rucker pleaded guilty to false imprisonment and vandalism charges stemming from the 2005 incident. As part of a plea agreement, the prosecutors dropped a charge of spousal battery and Rucker was sentenced to three years of probation. Prior to transferring to USC, in April of 2002, Rucker was charged in Colorado with sexual assault and indecent exposure. Rucker reportedly eventually accepted a one-year deferred sentence on a misdemeanor harassment charge.
    * On August 13, 2005, 10 veteran USC players were involved in a hazing incident where they shaved the head of freshman quarterback Mark Sanchez. Also, what started out as a water fight between USC players, escalated into an all-out brawl as it spiraled out of control. Reportedly, there was significant damage to the players dorms as players were thrown through walls.
    * On October 31, 2005, USC tailback LenDale White played a macabre prank by pretending to quit the team and throwing a dummy off a building on Child’s Way. Separately, Pete Carroll apologized to Washington State coach Bill Doba for USC players pushing and bumping Doba while trying to get to the locker room during halftime of their game.
    * On November 2, 2005, USC linebacker Rey Maualuga was arrested for investigation of misdemeanor battery after punching a man at an off-campus Halloween party (twice, without provocation). A witness at the scene reportedly quoted Maualuga as stating “I own the police.” Carroll took no disciplinary action, and Maualuga played the following weekend against Stanford. One USC pundit observed at the time that “discipline is Coach Carroll’s number one weakness.” On November 22, 2005, the city attorney’s office declined to file charges. Maualuga was defended at the court hearing by controversial and well-connected USC alumni attorney Carmen “Nooch” Trutanich, who has a long history with USC and previously represented both Wright and Dennis.
    * On December 21, 2005, USC starting quarterback Matt Leinart had his eligibility temporarily revoked after appearing in a promotional segment on ESPN earlier that month, a violation of an NCAA rule. Leinart was reinstated shortly thereafter. One observer claims the NCAA was just concerned about money.
    * On January 1, 2006, reporters from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and CBS Sportline reportedly told the USC football team about potential recruiting violations stemming from visits by USC recruits to Papadakis Taverna, a Greek restaurant owned by former USC linebacker John Papadakis. As of July 2007, the investigation by USC compliance officials continued.
    * On January 21, 2006, USC quarterback Matt Leinart was cited by the Pac-10 for working out with his own coach using school facilities. According to the NCAA, a student athlete cannot utilize the school’s facilities to work out with a coach, unless the coach is affiliated with the university.
    * On April 21, 2006, the family of USC running back Reggie Bush was implicated by numerous separate media reports as having lived in a house purchased by a San Diego-area man with ties to a sports agent and a tribal casino. Both the Pac-10 and the NCAA have launched an investigation into potential NCAA violations in connnection with this matter, which is pending. More recent reports in this fast evolving story are here, here, and here. Yahoo Sports, which is responsible for much of the investigative reporting on this issue, has set up a page dedicated to its eight-month probe here.
    * On April 26, 2006, USC quarterback Mark Sanchez was arrested for investigation of sexually assaulting a female student earlier that same day. Sanchez was released upon posting $200,000 bail, and was ordered to appear in court on May 17, 2006. Sanchez was also placed on “interim suspension” by USC while the case was pending. On June 2, 2006, the LA District Attorney announced that it would not be bring charges against Sanchez due to insufficient evidence.
    * On April 30, 2006, it was reported that USC compliance officials were investigating whether an NCAA rule was violated because receiver Dwayne Jarrett failed to pay approximately $10,000 for his half of the rent for an upscale apartment he shared with former quarterback Matt Leinart. USC claims that no rules were violated, though it was initially reported that Jarret may have to sit out a portion of the 2006-07 season. Jarrett ultimately avoided punishment and was the 45th pick in the 2007 NFL draft. After a disappointing season, Jarrett was arrested on March 11, 2008 and charged with driving under the influence.
    * In August of 2006, USC defensive back Brandon Ting quit the football team after reportedly testing postive for steroid use. His twin brother, Ryan, also a defensive back on the USC football team, quit the team just days later, claiming that he wanted to concentrate on preparing for medical school, and was never tested. Interestingly, Arthur Ting, father of the twins, is a Bay Area orthopedic surgeon who has reportedly appeared as a witness before a grand jury considering possible perjury charges against baseball’s Barry Bonds, one of Arthur’s clients. This incident finally triggered some real interest by the LA Times.
    * On August 29, 2006, it was announced that former USC quarterback Matt Leinart would be having a child out of wedlock with USC basketball player Brynn Cameron. While not improper in any meaningful way outside of his personal life, this event begins a long list of embarrassing incidents involving the former USC star (not to mention other USC quarterbacks).
    * On October 16, 2006, it was announced that then 14-year-old high school freshman Dwayne Polee Jr., who had yet to even play a game at Westchester high, had verbally committed to USCs basketball team. Though not improper, the early commitment was unconventional, and was repeated in June 2007 when USC announced the verbal commitment of 14-year-old middle school player Ryan Boatright, who, at the time, had not yet even decided upon where he was going to high school. Further eyebrows were raised in June 2007, when USC hired Dwayne Polee Sr., father of Dwayne Polee Jr., as Director of Basketball Operations, amid charges of nepotism.
    * On December 4, 2006, former USC stand-out, and former Rams rookie, tight end Dominique Byrd was arrested for allegedly hitting a bar patron in the face with a drinking glass. Byrd was charged with second- and third-degree assault and armed criminal action. He was released shortly after posting a $25,000 bond. In early May, 2008, Byrd was scheduled to go to trial in St. Louis Circuit Court on felony charges of assault and armed criminal action stemming from the nightclub scuffle in December 2006. In March 2007, he was charged with DUI in California. In October 2007, he pleaded no contest to the DUI charge and received three years’ probation. In May 2008, Byrd was released by the Rams.
    * In January 2007, a federal investigation into extortion claims by former USC running back Reggie Bush and his family revealed the existence of taped converstations that could confirm Bush took cash and gifts while he was playing football for USC. It was also reported that nearly $280,000 in cash, rent and gifts were allegedly given to Bush and his family. The information came to light following the issuance of grand jury subpoenas to multiple witness by the U.S. District Attorney’s office in San Diego. Both the NCAA and Pac-10 continue to investigate. Also, more recent articles suggest that Reggie Bush was involved earlier and more deeply than previously reported in efforts to create the sports marketing agency at the center of the continuing controversy. The investigation has, to date, yielded no definitive proof that USC officials had knowledge of Bush’s misconduct, though Bush was nevertheless asked not to attend the Trojans’ Rose Bowl matchup against Michigan on New Year’s Day.
    * On February 2, 2007, it was reported that a “stampede of student athletes,” including three USC linemen, ex-USC receiver Keary Colbert, and members of the USC women’s basketball, volleyball and water polo teams, had improperly attempted to take an academic shortcut around the university’s foreign language requirement by signing up for a course at Los Angeles Trade Tech College taught by USC graduate Senora Ross, who promised to give the athletes no lower than a “B.” Upon discovering the situation, USC officials disallowed the transfer of credits from Trade Tech.
    * On February 8, 2007, it was reported that USC football players had created and joined a racist Facebook group as a “joke.” The racist Facebook group was called “White Nation,” showed a graphic of a swastika and black baby in handcuffs with the caption “arrest black babies before they become criminals.” The group was created by USC linebacker Clay Matthews and was joined by teammates David Buehler, Brian Cushing, Dan Deckas and Dallas Sartz. Coach Pete Carroll responded to reports of the incident by saying he had no plans to discipline the players, and USC later announced that none of the players would be punished. According to Carroll, “[i]t’s not a controversy, it’s a mistake.”
    * On February 9, 2007, USC compliance officials announced they were investigating whether an NCAA violation occurred during the Trojans’ pursuit of Louisiana prep star running back Joe McKnight. The investigation followed reports that McKnight had told reporters that USC coach Pete Carroll had set up a conference call so he and high school coach J.T. Curtis could be assured by ex-Trojan running back Reggie Bush that USC would not be punished for a separate NCAA investigation into improper benefits allegedly taken by Bush. Carroll later denied that any call took place, and Curtis said that McKnight misspoke. According to NCAA officials, if USC got Bush’s help in recruiting McKnight, it would be considered a “secondary violation” of recruiting rules.
    * On March 9, 2007, USC basketball recruit O.J. Mayo was arrested for misdemeanor marijuana possession in Huntington, West Virginia. Mayo was one of four young males found in a suspicious vehicle by a Cabell County Sheriff’s drug task force unit assigned to serve a search warrant at a house nearby. The charges against Mayo were later dismissed by a magistrate judge, after the driver of the vehicle pleaded guilty to the charge (though Mayo’s father subsequently had his own difficulties). The incident followed a controversy in January following Mayo’s two (some sources say three) game suspension after receiving two technical fouls in a high school game and coming into contact with an official, as well as prior reports of three suspensions by his high school, the last one following an altercation with a female student.
    * On April 14, 2007, it was announced that Percy Romeo Miller, also known as Romeo (and formerly Lil’ Romeo) had been offered a basketball scholarship to USC. The scholarship offer, to a 5-foot-10 point guard with a bad knee who had never played a full season of high-school basketball, was roundly criticized by national commentators as a thinly veiled attempt by USC to obtain the commitment of Miller’s friend, prep star and NBA prospect Demar DeRozan, while ignoring Miller’s mediocre at best talent.
    * In the first week of August, 2007, there were new developments in the NCAA investigation of former USC running back Reggie Bush, when it was reported that audio recordings that allegedly establish an improper financial relationship between Bush and a would-be sports marketing agent were played for NCAA investigators. The tapes were revealed after Lloyd Lake, a partner in failed sports marketing agency New Era Sports enterprise, filed a lawsuit against Bush and his family, seeking to recoup nearly $300,000 in benefits Lake claims he helped provide. Lake’s allegations were further detailed in January 2008, with the publication of Don Yaeger’s book Tarnished Heisman, which chronicled various allegations swirling around Bush’s USC tenure, including claims that Bush received $47,000 out of an overall $291,000 that went to his family from sports marketer Lake. That same month, published reports contained Lake’s (unsubstantiated) allegation that USC coaches knew Bush was taking money in violation of NCAA rules.
    * On August 28, 2007, a contributor to unearthed a report from April 1996 that USC running backs coach Todd McNair was arrested and charged with 81 offenses involving the mistreatment of 22 pit bulls being trained on his property for dogfights while a running back for the Houston Oilers. In light of recent press relating to NFL quarterback Michael Vick, the report unleashed a firestorm, with numerous acts of alleged animal cruelty being uncovered in McNair’s past, including multiple misdemeanors convictions (via plea bargain) regarding animal cruelty and failure to license, and “all indications” that McNair was involved in dog flighting. McNair, who was previously implicated in Reggie Bush scandal, having allegedly known about Bush’s involvement with the New Era venture before USC national championship game against Texas, faced no discipline from USC.
    * On September 27, 2007, it was reported that USC sophomore point guard Daniel Hackett would be sidelined at least six weeks after suffering multiple fractures of his jaw when he was struck by the “elbow” of teammate O.J. Mayo during a pickup game. Shortly thereafter, it was reported, based upon several sources, including a member of the basketball team, that Mayo punched Hackett during the game. The player was quoted as saying “Yeah, he punched him,” “They changed the story for the media.” Despite later denials by Floyd and others, this version of the events was confirmed on multiple occasions.
    * On November 3, 2007, convicted felon Suge Knight was given a sideline pass to a USC game. Knight joins O.J. Simpson and Snoop Dogg as USC’s esteemed guests.
    * In early November 2007, USC forward Davon Jefferson was suspended for the team’s embarrassing season-opening loss to Mercer. Jefferson, who required two years to meet the NCAA’s minimum academic requirements and was kicked out of prep school before he joined USC, was also later benched for much of a narrow loss at Stanford and also suspended for a loss to Washington State. After clashing with Floyd, Jefferson did not even inform the school of his decision to turn pro.
    * On January 21, 2008, USC freshman guard O.J. Mayo was alleged to have violated NCAA rules by accepting complimentary tickets from Denver Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony to a Lakers-Nuggets game at Staples Center. Coach Floyd subsequently took the blame, and Mayo was ultimately required to donate the value of the tickets to charity.
    * On March 2, 2008, USC defensive tackle Fili Moala was arrested for resisting and obstructing an officer after a melee at a Newport Beach bar was broken up by police. Moala was released after posting $500 bail, and on March 13, the Orange County district attorney’s office declined to press charges.
    * On March 5, 2008, USC recruit Maurice Simmons was arrested for robbery in Compton, after he allegedly pointed a handgun at a man and demanded his belongings. Simmons, a linebacker from Dominguez High School, was initially held at the Los Angeles County jail on $50,000 bail, and then released after posting bail of $85,000. Simmons was arraigned on March 7, and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 15, 2008. To date, USC has not indicated whether or not it intends to honor its commitment to Simmons. Developing.
    * On April 1, 2008, USC head coach Pete Carroll, in an attempt to make light of the Trojan’s extensive past history of criminality, invited members of the LAPD to play a prank on defensive end Everson Griffen, who was said to have “physically abused a freshman” and was threatened with arrest during a team meeting.
    * On April 6, 2008, USC sophomore tailback Joe McKnight was held out of the team’s scrimmage and it was announced that he would miss the final week of spring workouts because he was academically ineligible to participate. McKnight had dropped a class, leaving him without the 12 units required for eligibility.
    * On April 27, 2008, the NFL draft ended with USC guard Drew Radovich remaining unselected. Expected by some to be a mid-to-late round pick, Radovich’s stock allegedly dropped based upon character concerns.
    * In late April or early May, 2008, a video was posted on Pete Carroll’s website starring his son, Brennan. The video, replete with profanity and questionable behavior, was widely ridiculed, and was allegedly used against USC in recruiting. In mid-May, the video was removed from, with Carroll explaining that it was just a “spoof.”
    * On May 2, 2008, the judge in the civil litigation between former USC running back Reggie Bush and Lloyd Lake ordered the parties to appear in June 2008 for their depositions, and denied Bush’s attempts to impose a “gag order” to prevent the deposition transcripts from being shared with the NCAA. The judge also set a trial date of March 13, 2009.
    * On May 4, 2008, former USC tight end Fred Davis failed to attend the final practice of the The Washington Redskins minicamp because he overslept after a late night out. Besides giving a poor first impression, Davis confirmed concerns about his commitment to football dating back to his time at USC. Davis was suspended for two games his freshman year at USC for coming back late from his home in Ohio, and missed the 2005 Orange Bowl.
    * On May 6, 2008, it was announced that USC’s men’s basketball team was the only major athletic program in the Southland penalized with scholarship losses as the result of a poor performance in the NCAA’s academic progress rate. The Trojans were penalized in part because Lodrick Stewart, Nick Young and Gabe Pruitt stopped attending class after the 2007 season, and because three players transferred within the same season. USC’s APR score of 804 was 121 points below the minimum-acceptable mark, and stemmed from various academic problems, including Gabe Pruitt’s academic ineligibility for the fall 2006 semester, and his ineligibility again following the spring 2007 semester. USC served the penalty during the 2007-08 season.
    * On May 13, 2008, ESPN aired an episode of Outside the Lines that contained extensive, well-documented allegations that USC guard O.J. Mayo received improper benefits from a sports agent (BDA Sports) and that agent’s runner (Rodney Guillory) both before and during his one season at USC. It was alleged that Guillory received benefits in excess of $200,000, while Mayo received $30,000 in benefits, including cash, clothes, cell phone service, and a flat screen television for his dorm room. USC immediately faced a storm of criticism, with several prominent commentator calling for sanctions, including the so-called “death penalty.” The criticism of USC intensified as it was reported that Guillory was given largely unfettered access to Mayo and the athletic department, after a highly unusual recruitment process, despite USC knowing of his involvement with agents, including a prior scandal with USC’s Jeff Trepagnier, for many years. The Pac-10 and the NCAA have launched investigations. Developing.

  • This is one of my favorites. LMAO
    An inside joke on the USC football team went awry when a Facebook group sparked outrage among students.

    The racist Facebook group was created by a USC football player and showed a graphic of a black baby in handcuffs. An athletic department source said the group was a joke and had no serious purpose.

    Junior linebacker Clay Matthews created the group, White Nation, which featured a graphic with the caption, arrest black babies before they become criminals.

    Teammates David Buehler, Brian Cushing, Dan Deckas and Dallas Sartz joined the group.

    This group is not for the faint of heart, read the groups description. All members are athletes of Caucasion (sic) descent. DISCLAIMER: In no way are the following memebers (sic) intolerant of others, we are just doing our duty of protecting the Arian (sic) brotherhood.

    An athletic department source who wished to remain anonymous said the group was a joke and had no serious purpose.

    The joke began when a black football player nicknamed some of his teammates White Nation, the source said.

    Stefanie Gopaul, a freshman majoring in psychology, discovered the group through her Facebook friendship with Sartz and Cushing and sent private messages to both, expressing her concern.

    Dallas Sartz said that White Nation is a joke on the team and that hes not like that, Gopaul said. I was still really upset about it.

    Gopaul created the Facebook group, Clay Matthews (USC football player) expresses anti-black sentiment, and invited all of her Facebook friends to join.

    I honestly thought (Sartz and Cushing) were taking me as a joke, Gopaul said. I posted the group so that they would know that (the White Nation group) is inappropriate.

    The group received a strong response, at one time having as many as 90 members, and students expressed their outrage on the group message board and in personal messages to Gopaul.

    I received some very upset comments, Gopaul said. A high school student wrote to me and said he wanted to go to SC next year and that he was glad I created the group and that it made him look at the school differently.

    Football player Sedrick Ellis sent Gopaul a message explaining that White Nation is an inside joke on the team and that Matthews is not racist.

    My goal was that the picture and group be taken down, Gopaul said. Even though you have this inside joke, it shouldnt be brought to Facebook because people will see it who arent in on it.

    Gopaul said she then received a message from Matthews.

    At first, Clay Matthews sounded a bit upset with me, and understandably so, Gopaul said. But he was very nice in his second letter once I explained my intentions and actions to him.

    Matthews said that another person posted the picture, and he was unsure of how to delete the group, Gopaul said.

    He also wrote a formal apology to the members of Clay Matthews (USC football player) expresses anti-black sentiment.

    He told us that he immediately went online to explain it and apologize, and to say this is not indicative of his or the teams attitude, said Tim Tessalone, director of sports information.

    We talked to him about how something done without serious intent could be perceived in a negative light and he agreed; he felt badly for his poor judgment, and he quickly moved to correct it.

    A source from the athletic department said Matthews apology said he was sorry, and that the group was not serious and had no racist intent. He also said his roommate and best friend are black and said that it was poor judgment on his part to create the group.

    As the creator of a group, its your responsibility to watch what is posted on there, Gopaul said. I feel like hes at least a lot more aware of what is and isnt OK.

    Gopaul agreed to delete her group within two days of Matthews apology on Feb. 14.

    I really do believe that it was a joke, Gopaul said. Racial tension is already here at SC, and a lot of people were upset that he wasnt punished. I was never out to punish him, but a lot of students who saw the group wanted that.

    Dinah Manning, a former member of the Clay Matthews group and a junior majoring in philosophy, said football players should be mindful of their status as public figures.

    The football players are ambassadors of our university, Manning said. It is offensive that they could blindly espouse hateful language and demeaning images. If it was meant to be a joke, it was careless and in bad taste.

    When Matthews left the White Nation Facebook group, he gave up his ability to delete the group; an administrator must manually remove each member to delete the group.

    Matthew James Hodgson, a senior from Occidental College, now runs the group and said he plans on using the group to educate people about the ignorance of racism.

    (My friends and I joined) because we did not agree with the white supremacist sentiment of the group, Hodgson said. We wanted to make the other people feel uncomfortable. I assumed control of the group with the intention to continue this process and make it known that this kind of group is unacceptable.

    The membership includes three Occidental students and five other members from regional or high school networks nationwide. No USC students remain in the group.

    I didnt expect Facebook to have the impact it had, Gopaul said. I honestly just wanted people at USC to see the (White Nation) group. I knew if I used Facebook, people would at least see it.

    Buehler, Cushing, Deckas, Ellis, Matthews and Sartz all declined to comment for this article.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Rob K,

    You haven’t changed. Everytime you run out of excuses you cut and paste nestor’s list that contains a few facts among a ton of half-truths and lies in an attempt to change the subject.

    And no need to be so formal and call me “Samuel” We seem to be close now so call me Papa Sam just like my acolyte Johnny Wooden.

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    Won’t waste my time. Bottom line: bRuinB00b, not ANY FACTS.

    What a loser. You keep making a complete FOOL of yourself.

  • @Daddy Samuel, no matter what I say, or what evidence is presented, you will stick to your version, just like when a husband gets caught cheating, you just don’t change your original story, it’s always “it didn’t happen” whatever dude.

    @KNOBBED, you’re gay.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Rob K,

    And unlike your cheating husband you keep changing your story. You say there’s a videotape of some kind of assault. I ask for a link and you say you can’t find it but that USC creates a “haven for thugs” and bring out Darrell Russell’s name.

    So now you’ve run away from addressing the story and put out something new. So I cut your a little slack and more on to the Russell issue. I point out that he had moved out of Southern California six years earlier than when the Nevada accusations were made. And there you were, proven wrong again and changing your story.

    So I’m tired of you not being able to back up your comments. Explain your Darrell Russell comment. How is he involved in the “haven for thugs?”

  • NOBS

    Papa Sam, NONE of the Fucla trolls have D!CK. No proof. No nothing. Nada. Zip.

    BTW, have you EVER gone on thier blog? Didn’t think so. What a fing waste of time. But then again, who CARES about Fucla?

  • @KNOBBED, you delusional little phag, keep telling yourself how great USC is, eventually you will believe it. Oh, wait a minute, you already do! LMAO

    @dadddy Samuel, look at my previous post and all the arrests to your trOJan players during and after their departure, with no one ever being kicked off the team, as would be customary at any other school, except for maybe Miami U. Haven? hell yeah!! Frostee Rucker arrested for Rape TWICE before USC signed him…and that Simmons kid from Compton that Carroll held a scholarship for him until the day he was sentenced to 15 years in prison for holding up a liquor store!! any other school would have STOPPED THE RECRUITING PROCESS right there and then – EXCEPT USC HEAVEN? HELL YEAH! you’re a phu_cking jack ass.

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    I’m still waiting for you to address your first comment about Darrell Russell’s place in this “haven” of yours.

  • @Sam, it’s your attempt to annoy me with your igonarance and it worked. I could tell you the sky looks blue on a clear day, and you will say it’s Cardinal…I stated the facts, which you are too blind and stupid to acknowledge and frankly I don’t give a crap. One thing is for sure though, you and NOBS are gay. LMAO.

    Cheat On!
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    As far as me being gay, ask your wife and daughter. Both are pigs but I was drunk and looking for any port in the storm. Both were more than willing.

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