• sctrojan84

    Does the story that D’Anthony Thomas switched verbals because of fear of gang retaliation due to his cooperation in a murder investigation have any merit?

  • BBPeps13

    In your opinion, what is the most likely result (punishment) for Kiffin and Orgeron for the Tennessee investigation?


    Now that signing day is over, who were the silent commits?

  • USC53

    So what is the status of Steve Dillon? Your “Question of the day” doesn’t let on what the problem might be. Does SC want him? Do they have a scholie available? Does he still want to go to SC?


    How about answering last week’s questions first?!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Of the incoming O-linemen and Linebackers, who should have an impact next year? Do you see any of these as starters?

  • USCfan

    I heard that around Heritage Hall their’s been talks that Pat Haden is grooming J.K. McKay for him to succeed him in the near future. Is Pat Haden just here to temporarily rebuild and establish the foundation of SC athletics and build a relationship with the NCAA? How many years does he stay? Or is their any truth to this rumor?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    With USC having who knows how many scholarships to hand out next year, why have they accepted the 3 WR commits, isn’t that stupid?

  • Rex Griswald

    Can you tell us what happened to some former OL recruits that would be very helpful right now:

    1) Daniel Campbell – Went to Hargrave Military Academy after not qualifying, but where is he now? Any chance he returns to USC?

    2) Matt Meyer – What happened to him?

  • sam

    Do you know Pete Carroll wanted to build the team just like Green Bay when he took over the Seahawks? Pete immediately hired the Packers GM’s right-hand man, John Schneider as his general manager last year.

  • uscmike

    Scott, you never answered the Open Forum Questions from 1/27/11. What gives?

    Anyway, I will reask my question here:

    Jeff Fisher is no longer the Titans’ coach. What impact do you think this will have on the pending lawsuit filed by the Titans against USC for hiring Kennedy Pola? Do you think Fisher’s testimony will be more favorable to USC now that he is not employed by the Titans? Was the Titans’ counsel smart enough to get an affidavit from Fisher when this issue occurred to lock him into his testimony? Has his deposition been taken yet by USC? Any thoughts on the lawsuit and Fisher’s departure is greatly appreciated.

    As always, thanks for the forum, Scott.

  • NJ Trojan

    Do you think red shirt sophomore Simione Vehikite (6-0, 220) will move back to fullback from linebacker, and if so, why, or if not, why not?

  • NJ Trojan

    Do you think red shirt sophomore Simione Vehikite (6-0, 220) will move back to fullback from linebacker, and if so, why, or if not, why not?

  • SC for LIFE

    First of all, thanks for this wonderful forum. My question:

    With all of your false facts and the many wrong predictions you’ve made/given, have you ever thought of a career change? Say… a meteorologist?

  • Fighton


    I have no problem with cynicism of college sports or USC, but why do you give Kevin Oneill and the basketball team a free pass, while you hammer Kiffin and Carroll.

    The USC basketball team has greatly under performed with KO as coach.


  • steve49

    Some great questions Scott, will you be able to answer any of them?

  • The Ghost of John McKay

    Why did you choose to attend USC, were you a fan growing up?

  • gotroy22

    Why do you think Caesar didn’t offer either Clay or Casey Matthews a full ride to SC?

  • dtksr1

    Scott, how do you size up UCLAs football situation today? I think it is in shambles and their administration doesn’t seem to care other than hold its hand out for the TV/conference money. I am least impressed with their AD.

  • Wesley Snipes

    1) How actively was DeAnthony Thomas trying to recruit other USC commits to join him at Oregon? It seems that Black Mamba would have been particularly inclined to have Victor Blackwell or Marcus Martin join him, but I wonder if you have any “Inside SoCal” information.

    2) What is the probability that the USC staff pulls in a few final commits to reach the limit for 2011? If it is possible, are there any targets on the staff’s radar screen.


    I’ve heard rumbles from Cardinal and Gold and Committee members concerning the inability to go to practice. Has there been a drop off in renewals and new members or is it too early to tell? Any update on Swim With Mike?

  • TrojanPete


    Do you think missing out on De’Anthony Thomas might revive any of the “Robert Woods two-way” talk or do you think he is too valuable of a receiver to play even sparingly at CB?

  • Karrillo

    What are your thoughts on Cody Kessler and Max Wittek as far as their ability, upside, who has the upper-hand on being the starter between the two and why they would both want to go to USC knowing they have the other to compete with.

  • Ren Lopez

    In your opinion, what is the probably for Barkley to stay for his Senior season? Do you think that Luck’s decision to return this year will affect Barkley’s decision?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Did Mitch Mustain ruin any chance he had at a career in the NFL?

  • JABjr

    Do you think SC hurt their chances of having the NCAA sanctions reduced by offering 30 scholarships this year instead of just 15?

  • Yoda

    Wolf, only one last request this old Jedi has…

    see once more i must, the new Traveler statue!

    not even in the Rishi Maze, so majestic a beast exists!

    post the photo of Traveler just once more, you must!

    sincerely yours i remain, Jedi Grand Master Yoda.

  • marvgoux

    Given the poor economy, the disappointing 2010 season, probation looming and a mediocre home schedule, what would be your rough guess for the attendance average this fall?

  • lbc trojan

    Did you ever answer questions from the last open forum? Can you explain what makes you think Jeff Fisher would be a better fit as a college coach than Kiffin? Is his recruiting better? Is it that he’s won all those super bowls? Or is it that he played at USC? Just curious, thanks!

  • bsingleton

    No one appeared to be surprised when Brian Cushing was suspended by the NFL after he tested positive for steroids. Now are you going to tell me you are shocked and amazed with your jaw dragging on the floor that Mark “Dirty” Sanchez is embroiled in a sex scandal which involves having sex with a 17 year old high school girl?


    Scott, why did Kent Terene de-commit, do you think it was a big loss for us, and, hopefully relatedly, why did Kiff apparently stop re-cruiting Grimble, and, do you think again that it was a big loss for us?

    I asked these two related [I hope] questions last week on the last forum, so I think it’s best just to repeat them here. If the mercival St. Paul grad would like to help a Loyola grad, then I’ like toask you what you think the real reason is that we lost Thomas, if you haven’t answered above already in the gang question.

    Hey, thanx a lot for whatever you decide to answer, Scott, and thank you for giving us your time in the forums.

  • The Wizard of Troy

    Is Nickelodeon beefing up security to make sure Mark Sanchez does not crash the Kids’ Choice Awards?

  • JAG

    ESPNLA wrote the following bout Rocky Seto/UCLA:

    It’s unclear what changed in those 12 hours. Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News reported on his Inside USC blog Monday night that Seto posted he’d accepted the job on his Facebook account, which incensed UCLA and ignited a fan backlash.

    Seto said he never posted the news on his Facebook profile himself but acknowledged that several of his friends and family members offered congratulations on his wall as the news started to leak out Tuesday night.

    “I didn’t post anything on my Facebook page,” Seto said. “They may be talking about some people close to me maybe congratulating me. Leaving messages on my wall. But I didn’t write anything.”

    Just curious, Scott. Do you stand by your original allegations? If not, why haven’t you printed a retraction?

  • 29th Street

    Do Dirty Sanchez and R. Kelly ever hang out together?

  • Brad’03

    How old was Kristin Cavallari when she was “dating” Matt Leinart?

  • Zumberge Era

    Mark Sanchez is walking down the street. He sees Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC’s To Catch A Predator walking towards him. Does Sanchez immediately turn around and start running away as fast as he can? Or does he sit down with Hansen, eating cookies and drinking lemonade, and say it’s all one big misunderstanding and he only wants to talk and be nothing more than friends with a high school girl?

  • Trojan in Redondo

    Deadspin is not publishing the name of Mark Sanchez’s 17 year old so called girlfriend and is only referring to her as ‘E.K.’ But numerous other websites including major newspapers and media outlets are giving her full name and family history without hesitation. So are there any specific media or legal policies in naming a minor/someone under 18 publicly in relation to their personal activities?

  • East Coast Trojan

    Is Sanchez this generation’s Joey Buttafuoco?


    Scott, I thought you ranked our recruits really low. So, anyway, where would you rank the class nationally, say about 20 or so? Thank you, and thanks too for the forums.

  • JamesUSC99

    OK, I might as well chime in on this hoopla too. More embarrassing off the field behavior – Matt Leinart or Mark Sanchez? Added wildcard bonus option – the Tings!

  • “Count” Smackula

    Wolfman, in the LAT list of 50 coolest athletes in CA history, 13 were Bruins and a paltry 4 were trOXans!! (i know, it seems like there should be more Bruins)

    nonetheless, my question for you is: is your job harder with the current coaches and AD being, lets say, a little less “dynamic” than the prior regime of Darth Carroll, Jar-jar Kreuter, Floyd Sidious and Sith Lord Garrett?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Have you seen your Wikipedia page?! Hahahaha, it’s pretty hilarious.

  • NOBS

    SCowns, Now THAT’S funny. SW is a kook.


    Any chance Matt Barkley returns and plays in 2012 since Andrew Luck will be the number one pick in next year’s draft? Thank you.

  • Scott, with all of the talk about the offensive line, seems like you never hear much about Giovanni Di Paolo. What’s his status?



    Is Pete Arboghast the worst announcer you’v ever hear and if not, who’s worse?

  • TrojanChamp

    Do you now of rumors that USC is trying to get former Miami cornerback Latwan Anderson? Anderson wrote on his twitter that he is going to USC. Also, there are rumors he visited USC last week to talk with players and coaches.

  • One Pete

    Can you give any insight into the type of “sources” that beat writers such as yourself generally have within a program or team? Are they usually players? trainers? coaches? admin? managers? I ask because my brother in law is an aspiring journalist and he talks about a dirty little secret in the beat writer biz is that 75% of all “sourced” material generally comes from message board fodder. Is there any truth to that? Thanks.