Answer Thursday!

Time to attack the questions!

Q: sctrojan84 said:
Does the story that D’Anthony Thomas switched verbals because of fear of gang retaliation due to his cooperation in a murder investigation have any merit?


Q: BBPeps13 said:
In your opinion, what is the most likely result (punishment) for Kiffin and Orgeron for the Tennessee investigation?

A: I need to know what Tennessee is going to claim in terms of how much it will support Kiffin. If it decides to leave him on his own and try to pin the case solely on him, he could face a major violation. You can be guilty of a major violation and not face huge penalties. Former Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez was guilty of a major violation but only faced self-imposed penalties, so he got off relatively easy. I think we need more info on the case first before predicting. However, the NCAA would like to punish Kiffin, from what I hear from people close to the organization.

Q: SCMBA said:
Now that signing day is over, who were the silent commits?

A: Marqise Lee and Greg Townsend, Jr.

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  • sctrojan84

    If you didn’t want to answer my question, you could have given a reason why, haha!! šŸ™‚

  • NOBS

    That a boy Scotty, avoid the questions where somebody might beat the $h!t out of you and go attack Kiff. Pu$$y.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    The gangs have silenced Scott!

  • NOBS

    84, right on!

  • DallasTrojan

    If you want a journalist to do some leg work and provide a genuine answer with teeth, see the Michael Lev blog at the OC Register. Wolf will not put any effort into investigating anything. All answers are based on his intuition. See CJ Spiller.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolf does not know the meaning of the word fear.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Why does the NCAA want to punish Kiffin? No, seriously, why?

  • Sam Gilbert

    Dallas, did you put together that wikipedia page? Outstanding!