Money Matters

Former USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow took a nearly 60 percent pay cut to go to Utah, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune. But that was probably considered a bargain to no longer work for Rick Neuheisel.

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  • VB’s Office Plant

    Bruins just signed a powerhouse “name” coach from Nevada. The cadre will soon be hear spouting about “dream team II” and the coming era of bruin domination.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    UCLA fans: please don’t come here predicting how great UCLA football will be. At least wait until you beat SC again to start doing that. Instead, keep bad-mouthing USC. It shows who’s who in LA.
    Fight on!

  • NOBS

    Uh Oh…Maryland has extended an offer to former Miami coach Randy Shannon for its vacant defensive coordinator position, according to a report in The Baltimore Sun.

    You mean he wouldn’t want to come to Fucla?

  • OldTymer

    A little help here, please. Doesn’t UCLA have to make up the difference between Chow’s contract terms at UCLA and what he gets at Utah? Thanks…

  • in sheep’s clothing

    set me up with a four finger double cinnamon spice mocha with three natural brown sugar packets, wolfie. sugary sweet scoopaliciousness.

  • jayc

    I’ve never seen a journalist, or pseudojournalist take as many pot shots as you do, Scott. Other than yourself, is there anyone who you truly admire?

  • Ray

    Scott are you not a journalist?.. why dont you behave like one… your hatred for others (pete carroll, jeremy bates, rick nueheisel, to name a few) is disgusting. You need to calm down. This is coming from an sc fan.