Today we will let readers discuss whatever they want (as usual) and maybe which three recruits they think will be the best for their teams next season.

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    I reject the false duality presented by Wolf’s “USC v. UCLA” topic heading.

    Though I have never discussed it on this blog, I have been studying Zen Buddhism for many years. After much meditation, I have achieved the Understanding that the Zen masters call “sapporo”.

    I now see that there is no “self” and no “other”; no subject and object. USC v. UCLA, Kiffen v. Neuheisel, NOBS v. BruinRob — these are but illusions.

    I may have to change my handle to Master Rob.

  • VB’s Office Plant

    WWR – I suggest Master baiter


    VB’s Plant, perhaps I am the Master Baiter. I baited my hook with the set-up for an easy lame masturbation joke, and you quickly bit.

    Go now, trout, and swim in the waters of the universe.

  • Globe

    Best 3 recruits….did UCLA evenb sign 3 guys?

  • BruinRob

    Can we all agree that there are THREE major sports? and in those 3 major sports they are dominated by:
    USC in Football – for obvious reason, they’ve won 11 of the 12 games between the two schools.

    UCLA in Basketball – better record, and 2nd in Pac-10
    and won the most recent game played between the two schools.

    UCLA in Baseball – they’ve won the season series between the two school the last two years and they are the pre-season #1 team in the country.

    It’s very simple folks, UCLA has a better team in two of the three major sports…so enough of the bull crap posted by some of you that seem to think that UCLA only dominates in: gymnastics, softball, women’s water polo etc. etc.

    There you have it folks, I hope we can all agree that on why UCLA is the superior school, not only academically but also athletically.