Answer Sunday!

Even more questions and answers. I might actually finish off this forum.

Q: lbc trojan said:
Did you ever answer questions from the last open forum? Can you explain what makes you think Jeff Fisher would be a better fit as a college coach than Kiffin? Is his recruiting better? Is it that he’s won all those super bowls? Or is it that he played at USC? Just curious, thanks!

A: I will answer the previous questions after I finish this week’s forum. I wanted to answer the most-timely questions first. What would make Fisher a better fit than Kiffin? Nothing specific like you mentioned except one thing: He is considered a better coach. He also experienced success as a coach. Something that’s eluded Lane Kiffin in his three stints so far. That doesn’t mean Kiffin is not a good coach but Fisher is highly respected in coaching circles at any level.

Q: bsingleton said:
No one appeared to be surprised when Brian Cushing was suspended by the NFL after he tested positive for steroids. Now are you going to tell me you are shocked and amazed with your jaw dragging on the floor that Mark Sanchez is embroiled in a sex scandal which involves having sex with a 17 year old high school girl?

A: I learned from covering the NBA not to be surprised by anything that happens involving a pro athlete, especially with the amount of groupies that surround them. In New York, it’s even crazier than other cities.

Q: TROJANS32 said:
Scott, why did Kent Turene de-commit, do you think it was a big loss for us, and, hopefully relatedly, why did Kiff apparently stop re-cruiting Grimble, and, do you think again that it was a big loss for us? What you think the real reason is that we lost Thomas

A: Someone at Turene’s high school told me he committed to USC too soon and then the distance took a toll and he spent more time around the Southern schools. I heard pretty impressive things about him, so I think it’s a loss although the late commitment of Lamar Dawson certainly took the sting out. Along with Anthony Sarao.
The USC coaching staff soured on Jalen Grimble. I’ve heard two reasons. But until I can confirm the actual reason, I will wait to say. But when I find out I will post it.
My understanding is that Thomas wanted to exclusively play tailback and liked what he heard from Oregon’s coaches about his role in their offense (presumably when some tailbacks graduate) and there appearance in the BCS title game made it easier for him to tell everyone he was leaving L.A. But again, I’m sure I’ll hear more in the next couple weeks.

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  • Topher

    Um, bsingleton, Cushing did *not* test positive for steroids. The NFL said that he tested positive for a “non-steroidal banned substance,” which turned out to be HCG, a hormone.

    Now, HCG is normally taken to counter the anti-testosterone effect of anabolic steroids (the “shrinking testicle” effect), so it’s probable that Cushing was taking steroids, but he didn’t test positive for them.

  • booty11

    Jeff Fisher would have given his left nut to have an 8-5 record last year. He has never won anything in his years as a head coach for what is it? 17 years? But yet he is a better Coach?

    1. Kiffin coached the Raiders and the first thing he said was he did not want Jamarcus Russell, but The Cript Keeper drafted him because he is a great quarterback. So he had to get over it. That’s his fault right?

    2. He went to Tennessee and took a team that did not go to a bowl game the year before and got them into one. He lost to Florida and Alabama by a combined 12 points. That Tenn. team sucked and he got a whole lot out of them. Ohh and before he left he had one of the best recruiting classes in the nation coming.

    3. Came to USC and gets hit with probation and players allowed to leave. Can’t practice the way he wants, and has aweful linebackers who can’t do a thing on the defensive side. So what does he do? Gets one of the top recruiting classes in the nation while on probation.

  • torpedoman

    Outstanding post! Thanks,
    Fight On

  • gotroy22

    Jeff Fisher coached the Titans to the Super Bowl in 1999. That’s better than Caesar’s NFL resume.