Answer Sunday! (Part 3)

Back to the comedy auditions.

Q: Zumberge Era said:
Mark Sanchez is walking down the street. He sees Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC’s To Catch A Predator walking towards him. Does Sanchez immediately turn around and start running away as fast as he can? Or does he sit down with Hansen, eating cookies and drinking lemonade, and say it’s all one big misunderstanding and he only wants to talk and be nothing more than friends with a high school girl?

A: It’s comedy night in the Open Forum!

Q: Trojan in Redondo said:
Deadspin is not publishing the name of Mark Sanchez’s 17 year old so called girlfriend and is only referring to her as ‘E.K.’ But numerous other websites including major newspapers and media outlets are giving her full name and family history without hesitation. So are there any specific media or legal policies in naming a minor/someone under 18 publicly in relation to their personal activities?

A: I believe it is the policy of most media outlets to not name minors when there is a crime involved. However, this case does not involve a crime or breaking the law, so media like the New York Post apparently felt comfortable naming her. Deadspin probably felt uncomfortable and withheld her name.

Q: East Coast Trojan said:
Is Sanchez this generation’s Joey Buttafuoco?

A: I don’t know if I should feel good that I know who he is.

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  • TrojaninDC

    Joey Buttafuoco. Now there is an illustrious name from the past…

  • marvgoux

    Mark has upgraded his nickname to “HSG” Sanchez.

  • Old School Trojan

    The Joey Buttafuoco reference is so random. Kudos for that!!!

  • sureshot

    But Joey Buttafuoco had a wife who was shot by his mistress. So Mark pulled a “Trojan Conquest” on a 17 year-old-girl – I’m not sure the connection to Buttafuoco and the Long Island Lolita is all that fitting.

  • USC’87

    Joey Buttafuoco and Sanchez are both romancers of seemingly lost high school girls who appear to have father and mother issues, per the New York Post.