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Former USC baseball coach Mike Gillespie was honored at last night’s basketball game along with other members of the 1961 NCAA championship team. The interesting part was watching members of the athletic dept., who played a role in his dismissal, trying to make nice with him.
If Mike Garrett were still the A.D., there would not have been a ceremony or any lackeys trying to speak to Gillespie.

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  • timmay

    Scott is really flailing. Did ANYONE at USC believe that we could keep him on any longer? Wasn’t Scott leading the “fire Gillespie” bandwagon?!?!

    Gillespie was one of the greatest coaches in USC history andhe had some terrific runs years earlier but the bottom fell out and Gillespie could not seem to find a way to put it back. They did him the favor of putting his son in law in, which frankly was a piece of TF nepotism we could have done without.

    JRII was also great but he could not be held on forever because of what happened years earlier. If we were to do as Scott wants (at the moment), we would have a bunch of past prime coaches just sitting around being honored for what happened 20 years ago while our whole athletic department grew cobwebs.

  • Trojan Conquest


  • rocco

    “lackeys” ? The only lackey was you inside source, who has since left, Brandon Martin !

  • White Horse

    It was pretty rotten that Garrett didn’t fire Mike face-to-face and sent one of his lackeys to do the dirty work. It was worse when Kreuter pushed the program back five years. But it might not get better under this interim clown who once took a kid out after not executing the hit-and-run play to his liking during a game at Loyola. The Cruzer lifted the kid for a pinch hitter after hitting a home run in his previous at-bat because he didn’t hit the ball on the ground during a hit-and-run play. Isn’t it pretty hard to get fired from Loyola? Looks like Savage can invite every celebrity druggie to his UCLA practices and still not have to worry about us.

  • NOBS

    For once, I agree with all above. SW, you are BS. PERIOD.

  • Trojan Rewind

    I agree with Scott…Garrett and NOBS are BS. PERIOD.

  • NOBS

    Retard, just because Garrett is doing you wife all afternoon while you pump gas is no reason to get worked up. BTW, you’re daughter is BS too in bed.