Answer Tuesday! (Part 3)

In this segment, an important question about weakside linebacker.

Q: marvgoux said:
Does SC have any decent weakside linebackers besides Tre Madden?

A: Uh, define decent? Just kidding. I think the candidates will be Chris Galippo, Anthony Sarao, Hayes Pullard and Shane Horton. Of that group, Galippo might start at middle linebacker. So I’d say Madden and Sarao are the prime candidates and they should be decent. If they are too young, Horton could be a stop-gap candidate.

Q: Peter Parker said:
With Keary Colbart returning to the NFL, who are some potential candidates that you heard for the position of graduate assistant?

A: One candidate is Justin Mesa, who was a graduate assistant two years ago and then bumped to administrative assistant when Keary Colbert was hired. He could resume his original role if Lane Kiffin wants since he does have quite a bit of responsibility.

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