Vucevic Reaction

Nikola Vucevic played in front of his father for the first time since he was 16.
“I hope he’s happy,” Vucevic said.
Vucevic finished with 25 points and 12 rebounds.

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  • Rusty Buckets

    On a related note, BruinRob’s mom was also happy tonight as she watched her son tie his shoe laces for the first time.

  • Gnossos

    & then she cleaned his soiled panties.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    congrats to CKO on a sugar sweeeet win! he played the refs like a Stradivarius and kept tourney hopes alive!! only 2 FT’s for Williams after CKO’s “protected like Jordan” tirade!! gutsy move and it paid off!!

    too bad rather than enjoy this quality win, some trOXan’s first impulse it to lash out at innocent Bruins šŸ™

    i just hope this behavior does not bring bad Karma upon the trOXans very crucial remaining games!


    Just hope the boys don’t relax for the ASU game on Sat. They probably will not beat Wash but could get by Wash St for 18 wins, and then if they can pick off 2 victories in the Pac-10 tournament they’ve got the 20 wins that I think is the blueprint for Troy getting into the NCAAs

    Still a formidable mountain to climb, but this Arizona victory was crucial, and quite frankly, a little unexpected.

    Gotta love Vucevic, and nice to see Fontan come around.