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Timing is everything. A former USC athletic dept. employee speculated this week what would happen a year ago if a respected athletic director conducted the football coaching search.
USC probably would have hired someone like Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. That in turn would have left Lane Kiffin at Tennessee and more importantly, probably secured USC’s coaching position for at least 10 years. And Tennessee would have a different version of events regarding the recent NCAA allegations. It also would mean the San Francisco 49ers would have a different coach today. Oh, and USC would have won more games last season.

  • TrojanPete

    Jim Harbaugh wouldn’t have come to USC. Both he and his wife have roots in Palo Alto and were perfectly content up here. As bad as the 49ers organization is, he’d rather stay in the Bay Area than go back to his alma mater at Michigan or make a lot more money at Miami. I just don’t think he would’ve come to USC.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    i don’t necessarily disagree that kiffin and harabaugh would’ve been coaches at tenn and USC, respectively, in 2010 if haden conducted our coaching search last year. but if you think harbaugh would not have been lured by the niners, you’re nuts. it’s more money, he would have no real ties to USC, and he’s a pro-style coach that had his eye on the nfl all along.

  • miguelito

    i’m pretty sure SC had no chance in hell of hiring Harbaugh. Was Lane the first choice? How about Pete Carroll?

    South Central LA is not a desirable location, and the fanbase is less than very smart/rational. who would want to work there? check your last few coaching searches and let me know how those big splash candidates worked out. If it wasnt for the hail mary PC hire, Mike G would have been fired long ago.

    Summary of SC football from 1980-2000 dogshit
    2003- 2008 best team in the country – rampant cheating

    you guys aren’t as special as you think you are, prepare for disappoinment – you had your run, now go find another bandwagon to jump on

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    I can’t remember the last time I saw so much speculation crammed into one paragraph.

  • mownyc


    Bandwagon fans don’t spend their time on chat boards, genius. As for Wolf’s post, almost absolutely senseless.

  • Medneggler

    @ almost absolutely mowing lawns in NY

    They do so long as the team is still winning. Give it time.

  • NOBS

    migueltaco, WE ARE AS SPECIAL AS WE THINK. YOU are dog$h!t. It’s @$$holes like you that jump on the bandwagons. We stay Trojans no matter what is going on. You are right, football for 25 years was lousy. But at least it’s NOT FIFTY SEVEN (57) Fing YEARS since winning 1/2 of a national title in football like you fools. And if you don’t think filthy Wooden was a rampant cheater (aka Sam Gilbert), you’re a bigger fool than you are making of yourself on this board.


  • mownyc

    Good try, Medneggler. Ha…guess I was asking for it with a name like that.

    Agree that we have PLENTY on the wagon. If we start losing, we’ll see if you’re right. Seems to me, though, that most of the fans on these boards (SC+UCLA) are fairly legit.

  • SC for LIFE

    What is Scott talking about? I swear, in all my life, I’ve never heard someone make so many stupid comments.

    Scott, for the love of USC and all that is good… Can you please start drinking and driving?

  • mownyc

    Yeah, the only thing about Wolf’s post that makes any sense at all is that Haden might have chosen a different coach. Personally, I don’t think that would have been good. CFB is 50% recruiting, something Lane excels at (obviously).

  • Trojan 70

    Usual Wolf BS…if my aunt had balls she would be my uncle.Unnamed source, speculation blah blah blah. Hey miguelito or whatever spic name is, go back to your former school (or are you like bruin rob and never attended?) and watch the football program fall further down the toilet. Your buddy Rick will be gone shortly and you schmucks will have to start all over. ROTFLMAO loser!

  • SC for LIFE


    I didn’t know The Home Depot parking lot now had wireless.

  • huntingtonharvey

    Funny how in our “dog shit” era we both went to and won more Rose Bowls than UCLA did in their “golden” era. By the way how many national titles or heismans did you achieve during that period of UCLA dominance? Yeah, that’s what I thought. It’s no wonder UCLA has no pull nationally? What have they given anyone to get excited about?

    Summary of UCLA football: 1919-1998 Second Rate.
    1999-present disaster.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I don’t believe Harbaugh would have come to SC. SC was turned down by Riley and Petersen and maybe others like Whittingham. Maybe Hayden could have talked Sark into coming. Next year will be critical for Kiffin. If the team falters I wonder if he’s out?

  • bigryanmac

    This has to be the dumbest paragraph I have read in my whole life. Wolfie stop trying to hide that your imaginary friends are the “unnamed sources”. If there was a contest for most speculation ever in one paragraph you would win! Then again, that would probably be the first thing you ever won!!!!!!!

  • DFWTrojan

    Because Harbaugh would have stayed in college for 10 years? Because Haden didn’t direct the Kiffin hiring from the BoT? I can feel brain cells dying every time I read this blog.

  • NOBS

    @sc4L, MiguelTaco actually picked up the Starbucks FREE wireless connection. It’s next to the Taco Bell, where he was just promoted to Night Watchman…er Manager. Right after he cleans the restrooms, around midnight, he gets a 10 min break to smoke a few butts in the parking lot, which is where the web connection comes in. He really has it made. When he gets home, it’s tortilla & eggs, then off to bed with his FAT wife.

  • Lambeau

    Scott Wolf you are a goddamn idiot. I’d love to see Harbaugh make that shitty-ass defense we had last year win more games. You complete moron.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Gargamel is really stirring the pot with this one. And Miguel-punto is giving revisionist history worse than any republican in the past 3 years…

    Harbaugh is a douche…. SC is not falling n e time soon. Hey UCLA, ready for Texas this year? They’re coming…..

  • Gargamel is a hack

    And what if a respected journalist ran this blog, Smeagol-Wolf?


    You know, it is also true that if men and women had been born 500 million years ago instead of just recently, then mankind would have been wiped out along with the dinosaurs when the great meteors struck earth.

    And I could have avoided that traffic accident I had 5 years ago if I had only delayed getting in my car by about 5 seconds.

    Moreover, if I had been born in Bangladesh instead of America, I probably would not be posting on this blog right now.

  • steve49

    Has anyone considered under this scenario the possibility that maybe Jeff Fisher may have considered coming back to USC? I am sure it was because of garrett that he refused previously. Maybe DelRio would have considered it also. Way better choices than Harbaugh.