Scott, any comment on the bRuin basketball team “mugging” and jumping up and down when they beat somebody? Then crying about it when it happens to them?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I would like to thank Mister O’Neill and company for taking care of business last night and letting the UCLA mens basketball team control its destiny for first place on Saturday.

  • who will be the next trojan football player to be arrested?

    And will the arrest stem from:
    A. possession of drugs
    b. assault on a police officer
    c. driving under the influence
    d. rape….or
    e. all of the above


    USC and UCLA like two owls in same tree, arguing which one owns the moon.

    So say Master Rob.

  • Rusty Buckets


    Bruins don’t cheat or break the law, right? Ooops. Here’s something that I had posted a few years ago. It hasn’t been updated since 2007, but would love to do so if you’d like. Enjoy.

    You should know that one of my favorite bruin criminals of all time is Darryl Keith Henley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darryl_Henley).

    October 1996
    Both the conference and the university have been looking into the sale of a car by Harrick’s son, Glenn, to Lisa Hodoh on Sept. 20. At issue was whether the sale of the car to Davis’ sister was a way of offering Davis financial aid. Early reports said that the car was valued at $12,750, and that the car was sold to Hodoh for $5000.
    The sale came two days after Baron Davis, Hodoh’s younger brother, verbally committed to play for the Bruins. Davis is a highly recruited 6-foot, 1-inch point guard who began his senior year at Santa Monica Crossroads High last month.
    Davis was seen driving the 1991 Chevy Blazer days after he verbally committed to UCLA. But although the truck was always registered in his father’s name, Glenn Harrick said it was his car ”from the day it was bought,” and that he got his father’s signature on the title when he recently began thinking of selling it.

    November 1996
    The violation stems from Harrick filing a false expense report connected with a recruiting dinner on Oct. 11. The dinner was attended by five current student-athletes and three recruits. The dinner violated NCAA rule which states that a school ca nnot provide a free meal or entertainment to a student that assists in the recruitment of a prospect.
    When Harrick was later confronted by university officials regarding the night in question, he admitted that he had misled the university with his report. This act violated NCAA rules relating to unethical conduct and university policy regarding the filing of a false expense report.
    ”Cheating is a planned thing,” Harrick said at a press conference. ”You know, some-thing happened, but it wasn’t in my estimation a grave thing. Boy, to call you in after practice and to just lay it down to you with no explanation whatsoever is just n ot right.”

    May 1997
    U.C.L.A.’s athletic program was put on probation for three years, was told to forfeit its 1995 women’s softball national championship, and was barred from this year’s National Collegiate Athletic Association softball tournament in a ruling yesterday. The N.C.A.A. committee on infractions also required that a senior associate director of athletics be removed, a move U.C.L.A. carried out last year. And the N.C.A.A. also limited the university’s scholarships for softball for the next two years, according to the N.C.A.A. announcement.
    The violations involved listing some softball players as multisport athletes receiving soccer scholarships, although they did not compete in soccer. The senior associate director of athletics, Judith Holland, was involved in arranging a soccer tryout for one of those softball players, but not until after the soccer season was over, the N.C.A.A. reported.

    July 1999
    Chicago Bears quarterback Cade McNown and Washington Redskins running back Skip Hicks were among five men charged Monday with illegally possessing handicapped parking placards while they played football at UCLA.
    The misdemeanor charges filed by the City Attorney’s Office brought to 19 the number of current and former Bruins alleged to be part of the handicapped parking scam.
    Also named in the new charges were Larry Atkins, who plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, former UCLA linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo and current UCLA player Eric Whitfield.

    June 2000
    The UCLA football program, often under fire because of legal difficulties the last couple of years, got another black eye Friday when freshman linebacker Asi Faoa, 19, was arrested in an incident that has left a fellow student with brain damage.
    Faoa, who redshirted last season, was charged with mayhem and assault with means likely to produce bodily injury, according to the L.A. County district attorneys office.
    He was held on $100,000 bond and will be arraigned Monday to answer the charges that stem from an April 30 block party in Westwood Village. The complaint alleges that Faoa, a 6-foot-4, 240-pounder, is responsible for injuries to Rodrigo Dezubriria, 22, that resulted in brain damage. Foao was suspended by athletic officials.

    October 2000
    Convicted 10 weeks ago on a misdemeanor marijuana charge, star UCLA running back DeShaun Foster has remained free of suspension because Coach Bob Toledo said he believed the incident was isolated.

    November 2001
    Daily Bruin Reporter UCLA starting quarterback Cory Paus was arrested over the summer for an alcohol-related vehicular violation according to court documents first obtained by The Daily News.
    This is the second such violation that Paus has received in the last 15-months, and he will be required to spend a minimum of four days in jail after the season ends. He will also have to go into an alcohol education program and serve a 5-year probationary period.

    November 2001
    DeShaun Foster, a Heisman trophy candidate and UCLAs best hope to turn around a flagging season, has committed an NCAA violation and is ineligible to play in Saturdays game against Oregon.
    According to sources, the senior tailback was driving a late-model sports utility vehicle that belongs to someone close to the UCLA program, which constitutes an extra benefits violation.

    July 2002
    C.J. Niusulu, an incoming UCLA freshman football player at the time (and someone who spent 3 years on the football team), was arrested July 25 on charges of felony battery, according to reports by the Desert Dispatch.
    Niusulu, 18, surrendered to authorities at his Barstow, Calif., home after allegedly causing serious injury to a minor on July 17 at a drive-in theater, according to Sgt. Lon Jacobs of the San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department.

    August 2002
    Junior reserve offensive guard Shane Lehmann was suspended for Saturdays season opener against Colorado State after pleading no contest Tuesday to a misdemeanor battery charge for an incident that occurred at Madisons Neighborhood Bar & Grill in May.

    September 2003
    A UCLA quarterback situation already clouded by Matt Moores leg injury was further muddled Monday when it was learned that backup John Sciarra was arrested last month in Newport Beach on misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct-public intoxication and giving false information to a police officer.

    September 2003
    The same problems that marred the UCLA football program in the latter stages of Bob Toledos seven-year reign as coach and contributed to Toledos firing last winter have crept into the early stages of the Karl Dorrell era.
    Cornerback Marcus Cassel was suspended Monday from the Bruins season opener at Colorado on Saturday because he had violated team rules. Tuesday, it was learned that the reserve cornerback was arrested this summer on a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence.
    According to Athletic Director Dan Guerrero, Cassel was very forthright in his handling of the situation, informing Dorrell of the arrest shortly after it had occurred. Dorrell decided in July to suspend Cassel for the first game but waited until Monday to announce the punishment, then mentioned only the violation of team rules.
    The case seemed eerily familiar to that of former UCLA quarterback Cory Paus, who failed to notify Toledo of two DUI convictions in 2001, charges that, when they came to light, embarrassed the program. Dorrell and Guerrero insisted, however, that they were aware of Cassels transgression soon after the arrest.

    May 2005
    Two UCLA freshman football players, John Hale and Jess Ward, pleaded not guilty Thursday to felony assault charges in connection to a house-party fight in February.
    Warrants were issued Wednesday for Hale and Ward for their alleged involvement in a brawl at the home of Wards parents in Running Springs. The players reported to San Bernardino County Superior Court on Thursday and were released on their own recognizance after making their plea.

    December 2005
    UCLA football player Justin Medlock was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, the Los Angeles Daily News reported Sunday.
    The Associated Press reported Medlock is also under investigation for felony hit-and-run after allegedly rolling a pickup truck on a Southern California freeway and leaving the scene of the accident, which also left a member of the school’s women’s golf team seriously injured, authorities said Sunday.

    May 2006
    Former UCLA running back Maurice Drew and two other former UCLA football players were charged with assault on Thursday after they allegedly attacked a man in a Dennys restaurant in Westwood last month, the Los Angeles District Attorneys office announced.
    Drew, along with former Bruins Ricky Manning and Tyler Ebell, was arrested April 23 after the alleged attack. The three players reportedly drove off in Mannings SUV, but were pulled over by police officers once the vehicle was identified from a helicopter.
    The players were charged with one count of assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, Deputy District Attorney Karen Murcia said.
    They were released on $30,000 bail each. Their arraignment, originally scheduled for Thursday, was postponed until May 26.

    July 2007
    If you woke up to the morning news program on KCBS-2, you heard that UCLA wide receivers coach Eric Scott was arrested, along with two other men on a charge of burglary.
    CBS2 reported that L.A. County Sheriffs deputies responded to a 911 call to a residence on the 1100 block of Pioneer Boulevard in Norwalk yesterday and found Scott and two other men engaged in burglarizing a house. All three were arrested. Scott was released on $50,000 bail.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @BruinRob, a better question for you:

    How will the 2011-12 UCLA football season end?

    A. Ending the season with another loss at the Coliseum
    B. At or below .500 with no bowl game
    C. Rick Neuheisel giving a speech explaining how Brett Hundley will be the savior and begging for patience
    D. Starting the season off with some nice non-conference wins only to disappoint yet again
    E. Slick Rick getting fired
    F. All of the above

  • Rusty Buckets

    What will BruinRob do this weekend? Let’s have a look…

    (1) Masturbate
    (2) Add 10-15 poorly written, hateful posts that lack any literary cohesiveness or significance on Scott Wolf’s USC blog
    (3) Fantasize about having a girlfriend (or any other friend)
    (4) Go the movies with his mom
    (5) Add another 10-15 post to Wolf’s USC (again, I stress USC) blog
    (6) Watch his bruins lose to Arizona
    (7) Cry
    (8) Masturbate
    (9) Search for random university rankings about which nobody else knows to brag about ucla’s apparent academic excellence and superiority
    (10) Follow the score of ucla softball team’s game to make himself feel better
    (11) Convince himself that college football is overrated and meaningless, especially when compared to women’s softball and gymnastics and what he considers the “real football,” men’s collegiate soccer.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Hahahaha Rusty Buckets, NIIICE!

  • NOBS


  • Lambeau

    This blog has become ridiculously pathetic. Wow.

    Daily contributors:
    “Charlie Bucket”
    UCLA “Dynasty”
    The list surely goes on.

    I mean, wow.

  • Trojan 70

    You know what Wolf – this USC vs. UCLA thing has gotten old, real old. I know it is easy for you – what else is new? Same trolls saying the same thing. Can you maybe be more creative, think of other interesting information instead of the same old crap. Your post earlier today on Jim Harbaugh and what if, what if, was probably the most ridiculous set of statements I have ever seen on one page.
    Get a grip please.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I wonder how much of a sh*t storm the Bruin faithful will raise once they lose to AZ this Saturday….

    Oh yeah, SC BB is NOT done…

  • ThaiMex

    Whoa…..Looks like a big storm front is about to hit Fig Tech (http://ncaafootball.fanhouse.com/2011/02/23/tennessee-makes-special-delivery-to-ncaa-lane-kiffin/?icid=main%7Chtmlws-main-n%7Cdl5%7Csec1_lnk3%7C203276)…

    It’s been almost 3 days since someone was investigated, indicted, or arrested over at The Best Little WhoreHouse in L.A., SUCk.

    Nubbsie…how’s the menage a trois going with The Dr. Suess guy’s (Ting 1 & Ting 2 ?). You sick dirty little bastard! Just Thinking about the “GREEN EGGS & HAM”, “thing”, makes me wonder if you are a distant relative to jeffrey Daumer? As they say in Mexico….”No se comen los heuvos”…but you “guys” from Stanton are different! Different “STROKES” for different folks.

    phyte on TrOXan!
    The Curse is upon you!

  • @Rosie Buckets – you’re an amateur at this, aren’t you? I only read the first line of each paragraph of your bo- yaaaaaaawwwwwwwww -ring post, and all I see are brawls and DUIs…have you ever drank and driven your vehicle?? YES YOU HAVE…have you ever gotten into a fist fight, even if you got your ass kicked? YES YOU HAVE…those incidents you are pointing out are no different than YOUR own actions.

    Darryl Henley is an exception, the guy’s a doosh bag…

    Eric Scott never had any charges against him, he was waiting inside a car while his buddies broke into a house, did Eric Scott know what his buddies were doing? he said he had no idea what they were doing. who knows? do you??

    Are you going to compare “brawls” and “DUIs” of the UCLA players with the arrests you’re pointing out, to the USC players or former players for their arrests that consist of:
    1. Soliciting Sex from an undercover cop (Winston Justice)
    2. possession of 236 date-rape drug pills (Eric Wright)
    3. assault and battery by a 250 bruiser (Maualuga) on a 145 lb. skinny guy then saying to the victim’s Girlfriend “we own the police” when she threateed to call the cops?
    4. possession of a fire arm and pointing it at campus police. (Winston Justice)
    5. rape – Darrell Russell
    6. rape – Hershel Dennis
    7. rape – Mark Sanchez
    8. rape – Erick Wright
    9 . rape – Frostee Rucher (2 rapes, one in H.S. and one while he was at Colorado State, where he was kicked out, then USC said “come on DOWN, we love rapists at USC”
    10. Keyshawn Johnsson hiring a hit-man to kill his ex wife’s lover.

    I won’t even go into resisting arrest charges there are too many, the most recent was to Shareece Wright, two nights before the Ohio State game in which he played…and MANY DUI arrests, also too many to point out, I will only point out the player with 2 of them – Josh Pinkard.

    So PUNKASS Rosie, those items you pointed out are W-E-A-K…and to compare the degree of “crime” between the two schools’ athletes, is just utterly ridiculous and you make my job easier to further prove not only does USC have the most ignorant fans – not all, there are a few here that actually have shown intelligence, you ARE NOT one of them, you fall under the “ignorant fag” category.

    Here are a few links to remind you of the difference between a kid screwing up and becoming irresponsible by drinking and driving and having fist fights…and just being plain and simple THUGS…enjoy the links, you doosh bag Rosie.

    Winston Justice

    Frostee Rucker, the wife beater

    Rey Maualuga

    Keyshawn Johnson

    Frostee Rucker, the rapist

    Darrell Russell

    Mark Sanchez

    Hershel Dennis

    Eric Wright

    Better luck next time doosh bag, you better come better prepared if you expect to battle with me, I have fists of iron, while yours are of wax…you’re not match…now run along like a dog with his tail between his legs and go lick your wounds…CHUMP!


  • Rusty Buckets

    You were the one that listed DUI, assault and possession of drugs among the options in your first post above. Then, because bruins have been arrested for those crimes, you try to downplay them.

    You talk trash because you can hide behind a computer. I know your type. You never confront people face to face. Coward bruin.

  • @Rosie Buckets, I don’t even point out DUIs by the USC players…it is way too common, and not that big of a deal, I only pointed out Pinkard because he had two of them, and only because you were pointing them out in your post.

    As for hiding behind my computer? LMAO I don’t think so, there are at least two USC posters on these blogs that post from time-to-time that know me persnally, and know for a fact that I will back my shit up to your face anytime, and anywhere bud. Your call.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @BruinRob: Pac-10 tournament. USC will be there, just like UCLA. I’ll be there. If you spend less time on this blog and more time making money to pay for a ticket, let’s stop this bullshit and grab a couple beers at Staples and argue there. That way, when you get so upset that I’ve made you realize UCLA football (basketball too over the last few years!) makes the whole university look like garbage, you can try to fight me. Then I can make you look just like your pansy football team. Of course you’re probably too much of a coward for that. Just let me know.
    Remember after USC owned the Rose Bowl again this year, you said “goodbye everyone” and you stopped coming? Nice how that lasted a good month or two. Enjoy USC’s blog on your friday night, dumbass. Fight on!

  • @Rosie, USuCk owns SouthCentral (same doosh bag) hilarious to read how a little skinny ass 155 lb. four-eyed geek would challenge ANYONE to throw down…don’t forget I know who you are, you little fruitcake.

    If USC and UCLA happen to play on the same day, make sure you get your internet hooked up to your phone, and post on this blog your location, I would be more than excited to meet up with you, and remind you that just because your thug team wins games it doesn’t mean YOU will win this battle LMAO hilarious!!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, the trOXans are being mercilessly pummeled again in your gladiator-style Southern Cal vs UCLA match ups!!! it’s like watching Clubber Lang tee off on Don Knotts again and again!! wolf for the love god, stop this, i just can’t watch it anymore!! the Cadre is killing what precious little self-esteem trOXans have left!! and believe it wolfman….with football, basketball and baseball all in the crapper, Southern Cal self-esteem is almost non-existent!!!

    Cadre: we may have to call off the dogs…this is just getting too ugly. I am calling an emergency meeting of the Cadre Executive Council to take a vote on this.

    ThaiMex: lets go ahead and get the Preffered Plus gals over to HQ tomorrow. and for crissakes, keep Yoda away from the hard stuff!!

  • Rusty Buckets

    It’s ironic how you are quick to paint USC athletes as thugs. How are your threats any different?

    Just so I understand your logic, it’s ok to drive drunk (once) and assault others. Were you one of the dudes involved on the stabbing incident at the Rose Bowl this past year? I’m not 155 lbs, but you got the glasses part right. To be safe, since you stated that you know me, I notified a friend from the LASD about your threats.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Apparently I’m NOBS, Rusty Buckets, and anybody else that criticizes little Bruin Robby. No. I made one extra handle just for you, moron. You didn’t respond to my last comment. After USC owned the Rose Bowl (AGAIN) you said “goodbye everybody” and said you wouldn’t be back. Didn’t take you long to realize how obsessed you were with USC huh dumbass? What a f*cking loser. Enjoy USC’s blog.


    Could not read much of the above stuff, just terrible, terrible, and also boring with the same men saying the same thing day in and day out

    I did like the comment however about an SC guy and ucla dude being like two owls arguing over who owns the moon

    A better analogy though would be two slimy rats fighting over a mirror to see who is more beautiful

  • NOBS

    @bRuinB00b, as usual, no proof, no convictions, no NOTHING. NOTHING. If you have it, lay it out. You have NOTHING.

    You are a blow hard….like your daughter. hahahahaha loser. Your head is as fat as ThaiTaco’s wife’s gut. Give over it LOSER.

  • ThaiMex

    For once I’m siding with my mongoloid buddy KNUBBSIE!

    Yeah…..”GIVE over it!”

    You tell ’em knubber…pretty good for a guy with one chromosome too many.

    Fit on TrOXan!

  • ThaiMex

    For once I’m siding with my mongoloid buddy KNUBBSIE!

    Yeah…..”GIVE over it!”

    You tell ’em knubber…pretty good for a guy with one chromosome too many.

    Fit on TrOXan!

  • Jethro Sabbath


    I’m serious here. Is it really worth it? This is exactly why almost nobody posts on the opponent’s sites; it doesn’t accomplish anything worthwhile. And now we have a keyboard fight. Really?
    Nobody is going to change anyone else’s opinion. At least Bucket creates a whole host of characters and attempts a bit of humor. You just come off as very angry.
    I honestly believe the best thing for you to do would be to leave.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    just for the record, any Cadre member caught fighting on wolf’s blog will LOSE their Cadre HQ privildges. this INCLUDES access to Preffered Plus Night, the Bar and to our annual Halloween Costume Party (remember last year when Mono tried to sneak in disguised as a Preferred Plus gal?? what a weirdo!!)

    besides, we Cadre are lovers, not fighters!! (unless you piss one of us off, in which case you should run like your life depends on it!!)

  • @Jethro, I’m not the one that made the threat, or initial invitation to meet up

    Rusty Buckets: “You talk trash because you can hide behind a computer. I know your type. You never confront people face to face. Coward bruin”.

    Rosie Buckets: “when you get so upset that I’ve made you realize UCLA football (basketball too over the last few years!) makes the whole university look like garbage, you can try to fight me. Then I can make you look just like your pansy football team. Of course you’re probably too much of a coward for that. Just let me know”.

    As for angry? not at all, Scott Wolfs invites UCLA fans here to post and battle with UCLA and USC opinions…I never once made a threat to anyone here, but when someone is threating me and calling me out like that moron that goes as far as getting a handle with my name, really? my name?? LMAO what does that tell you?

    I’m not one to call anyone one out, and by the same toke I’m not one to back from some cyber bully either, he wants to meet up? that’s fine with me, as longs I’m not the one to throw the first punch, I’m perfectly okay…and as long as the meeting takes place where there are other people around and can be witnesses that I didn’t start it.

  • @Rosie buckets, it was YOU fool that threatened me, and called me out, don’t try to turn the tables you little POS. I have family in Law enforcement, and I could easily turn you ass in for making the original threat…you really are a foolish punk, it sounds as though you have issues, bi-polar perhaps, or schizophrenia? you need help, without the proper meds you could be a threat, even to yourself…seek help, dude, seek help…I know a good shrink in Downey I could refer you to.

  • NOBS

    Watching the Fucla 71 team at half. BARF. What a bunch of cheating a$$holes. There’s an urn at the end of the line. Bet that’s Papa Sam….or filthy Wooden.

  • NOBS

    Nan Wooden….ugh. Bet every guy on that 70 teams did her. Including bRuinB00b and ThaiTaco. F Wooden.

  • Sure KNOBBED, you fat ass must be burning of envy, Coach Wooden always being recognized not just for his coaching accomplishment but especially for his off the court contributions to our society.

    Bruins are 11-0 this season when leading by 10 points, and right now it’s UCLA 40 Arizona 30 – KNOBBED, time for your pathetic ass to drink up and drown your sorrows with a 40 ounce bottle of Schlitz Malt Liquor.

  • NOBS

    Coach Wooden was a filthy cheater and liar. He knew what Sam Gilbert was doing and offering his daughter up to ALL the players was unforgiveable. And to you and ThaiTaco, AWFUL. BTW, WE don’t CARE about BB. And for your sorry @$$, it’s going to be hilarious when UofA comes back and wacks the pu$$y bRuins. Wooden WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE a filthy cheater.

    BTW, I prefer Colt45.

  • NOBS

    Also bRuinB00b, why aren’t you at the game? To Fing CHEAP? Or cleaning up after the lunch “crowd” at McDonalds? ROFLMAO

  • @KNOBBED hard ticket to get, I was there Thursday night instead…McDonalds? yup, your favorite place to eat, you fat ass. ROTFLMAO

  • NOBS? NOBS? where are you? put down that 40 ouncer already.

  • NOBS: “Coach Wooden was a filthy cheater and liar. He knew what Sam Gilbert was doing and offering his daughter up to ALL the players was unforgiveable. And to you and ThaiTaco, AWFUL. BTW, WE don’t CARE about BB. And for your sorry @$$, it’s going to be hilarious when UofA comes back and wacks the pu$$y bRuins. Wooden WAS and WILL ALWAYS BE a filthy cheater.

    BTW, I prefer Colt45.”

    ROTFLMAO, so much for your pre-DICK-tions, looks Arizona never made that great comeback in the second half!! LMAO the win by USC on Thursday was unfortunately a fluke, they got caught looking ahead to the Bruins…but we Bruin faithful still very much appreciate what the Trojans did. Enjoy seeing the Bruins in the big dance yo…ya hear? ROTFLMAO

  • NOBS

    bB00b, “looks Arizona never”. hahahaha How about “looks LIKE”. hahahahaha Who cares? Even WE beat those losers (and YOU). We don’t care about BB idiot! BTW, who’s the fat kid wearing #34? What a baby. And Nelson, boo hoo boo hoo. Big Dance? Who cares? Tickets hard to get? Last time I was in that dump (last year), there was nobody there. Even the bRuin “faithful” don’t give a crap. F WOODEN.

  • @NOBS LMAO, “cry baby”? YOU sound like a cry baby “We don’t care about BB idiot!” lay off the “colt 45s” already.

  • NOBS

    bB00b, come up with something better than THAT. First, we really don’t care about BB. Second, Wooden WAS a filthy cheater. Thrid, Papa Sam paid for various perks, which I’m sure included getting rid of gals that were “pg”. Why can’t you admit that you have NO proof of anything on SC players? Why can’t you admit you banged Wooden’s daughter, like the rest of the Fucla team? And finally, which McDonalds are you working at where you get free wi-fi?

  • @GayNOBS, really Wooden cheated? can you please post a link that shows Wooden cheated? or post a link in which the NCAA found UCLA and Wooden to have cheated? or a link that shows UCLA was placed on probation during the Wooden years? or a link that shows UCLA was stripped of a National title? Wooden coached up until 1975, so please GayNOBS post a link once and for all to shut me up, and I will leave the FUsCK blogs for ever, prove it…you can’t, can you? ROTFLMAO GayNOBS you are such a loser little bitch!!! hahahahahaha

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Losin Bruins listed twice on this link


    Wow they cheated more than I even thought…

  • Jethro Sabbath

    The way the Bruins explain things on here, their school has always done everything by the book.

    Now I’m astonished.

  • BruinRob

    @Monopoly, you’re a retard…show me link where the NCAA investigated UCLA during the Wooden era and found them guilty of cheating, or any of their National titles were stripped.

  • The MonopoIy Is Over Here

    BruinRob, my apologies…I am a jealous retard. It’s hard when our teams are all either on probation or they plain suck. And you everything you Bruins touch turns to Gold.

    I bow down on my knees to UCLA in humble servitude.

  • NOBS

    bB00b, YOUR own guys admited it! You fool.


    You have no proof of anything except being a complete idiot. Mono….you got him good. Of course, it’s easy to slam an idiot. bB00b, get your a$$ to work at McDonalds, it’s Sunday Special. ROFLMAO

  • Edward

    Wikipedia/Sam Gilbert. Interesting Bartow comment.

  • @NOBS – the fool is YOU, your pathetic posted links are nothing but opinions of jealous trOJies (conquestchronicles.com??), come on dude LMAO it’s like me using links from http://www.beatSC.com against trOJans and claim that as being factual, I doubt very much you would consider them to be of any substance…please, stop your foolishness.

    USC was investigated, and found guilty of cheating, which is the reason why they are on probation RIGHT NOW…I’m not denying that UCLA basketball had Sam Gilbert providing players with gifts, parties, etc…just as much as you CAN”T deny Marv Goux was doing the same thing for USC football at the same time.

    The NCAA investigated UCLA and found no wrong doing, the investigation was dropped, period! No titles were stripped, no probation, nothing! just as USC football was not placed on probation during John McKay/Marv Goux era, and none of their titles were stripped.

    NOBODY in the country is saying or has said anything negative about John Wooden except for a FEW of you clowns on here. When people think about John Wooden, people don’t remember his coaching accomplishments, you FOOL – they remember his contributions to our society – you dumb ass.

    Consider this: John Wooden is the only person to be in the NCAA Hall of Fame as a player and as a coach…how about this: in 1964 he was voted America’s “father of the year” and in 1974 he was voted “America’s Grandfather of the year” – no body in our history has accomplished that…do I need to say more??

    Run along now NOBSIE!! and if you expect to battle with this Angry Bruin you better bring more than that “leather mini-skirt, leather strap sandals, fancy feathered hairdress, and that sissy sword.

    BTW, LEARN TO READ YOU MORON, in my posts and links, I have NEVER said any of the trOJan players were convicted, I simply pointed out their arrests, which you can not deny.

  • I’m still waiting to learn which year UCLA had a national title stripped or when UCLA was found guilty and placed on probation by the NCAA during the era of one of the greatest men born in our country…you mumbling, drunken, stumbling, jealous and blasphemous morons…in the days of the Roman Empire you would have been burned at the cross for your raising false witness…the curse of the gay horse, and the Lame recruiter, shall be upon your cheating program. ROTFLMAO

  • NOBS

    Sure bB00b, REAL jealous. Fucla is a dog$h!t program compared to USC(of course we kicked your @$$ again today in Water Polo, our beautiful women vs your pigs). Anyone can get arrested, not everyone can be convicted. Say what you like, but Wooden WAS a dirty filthy cheater and his players sold him out on that. Old St. John was a liar!! Grandfather of the year? ROFLMAO Where does that come from? The Gay Gazette? Oh, I’m sure he was the father of the year many times: to each of the players he got money, gifts and Pu$$y for. Oh, and BTW, the reason Fucla won’t get any football titles stripped is because THEY DON’T HAVE A FULL ONE! And the NCAA did not start serious investigation until 16 years AFTER Filty Wooden crawled under the carpet with the rest of the Fucla cockroaches. Yep, I’m REALLY jealous. Fight On Women’s Water Polo! ROFLMAO at b00b !!! I can’t contain my laughter.

  • Sure NOBS, the only laughter you can’t contain is from Monopoly tickling you with his little d**k on your massive a** hole, I hear you two are an item…take a look at the USC vs. ASU score thread above, Monopoly and you are lovers??? you sick homos.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Lenny Wilkens and USC’s very own Bill Sharman are also in the Basketball Hall of Fame as both players and coaches.
    How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you constantly post such misinformation?

  • @Jetroll
    CORRECTION: John Wooden was the FIRST…don’t be so damn anal dude.


  • Hey Jetroll, here’s a fact for you.

    Nobel Prize Award Winners:
    UCLA – 5
    USC – 1

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Good point Rob.

    Why worry about getting facts straight when debating. Just throw stuff out there.

  • I don’t mind debating, but do you really think this is debating? read NOBS’ and Mono’s posts, they are filled with ignorance, why should I put an effort when they are in complete denial…trash talk is what this is. I post the USC ARRESTS with links and NOBS is asking me for a link where these players were CONVICTED (shaking my head), lunatic!!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    @BruinIdiot: Are you friken kidding me? Are you seriously throwing out nobel peace price comments and claiming “At least Wooden was never investigated”?? Wow, so the fact that Wooden got away with what USC also did, but was never caught…. is OK? Lol, whatever man, keeping taking attention off your pathetic excuse for a football program, while the basketball keeps “pretending” until the big dance. Oh.. and…
    ENJOY USC’s blog! FIGHT ON!

  • NOBS

    Bb00b, you are laughable. A typical bRuin @$$hole. Who cares what you think? Who cares what you write? You are an ignorant fool that wishes you were a Trojan. hahahahahaha ROFLMAO You can’t admit anything. Wooden was a Filthy cheater. You know it. EVERYBODY knows it. So go ahead and TRY to throw dirt on allegations, NOT convictions, on the poor little Trojans. You are a FOOOOOOL….but my dog still likes doing your wife.

  • @Moron, you truly are living up to your name. Wooden WAS investigated, and the NCAA found no wrong doing. You and many USC supporters may not like the results, but it is what it is, can you say the same about USC football right now? no you can’t, can you? I most truly enjoy USC’s blog, it’s why I’m here!! DUH!! Scott Wolf has balls, and knows how to ruffle your feathers, and I’m here to add fuel to Scott’s fire, make sense?

  • NOBS

    Bb00b, SHOW ME THE RESULTS OF WOODEN’S INVESTIGATION. Total bull$h!t. He was a filthy dirty cheater. Show me the proof. YOUR HAVE NONE. You are a total Fool. But funny, because you are a typical bRuin BOOB. No wonder be beat your @$$ all the time. ROFLMAO

  • @NOBS, why don’t YOU show ME proof that he cheated, YOU are the one saying he cheated. I watched the HBO “The UCLA Dynasty” and in that special the narrarator said the NCAA investigated, and they just dropped all investigations…that’s how I know they were investigated on the Sam Gilbert’s allegations…SHOW ME THE PROOF WOODEN KNEW A THING OR SHUT THE F**K UP, MORON.

    Anyhoo, I will be leaving for the East coast on a business trip and won’t be back until next Saturday, I may be checking in – maybe not, New York is more fun than these blogs…I ask the members of the cadre to continue the great fight, and hold the front until I return…so long and good bye.

    Go Bruins!!!

  • NOBS

    Bb00b, blah blah blah. Show me the money. You have none. You’re trying to shift your lack of knowledge and proof. You are a total fool. SHOW ME THE PROOF WOODEN DIDN’T KNOW A THING OR SHUT THE F**K UP, MORON.

    Oh, I didn’t know New York needed a guy to clean the pots at Times Square. Enjoy pu$$y boy. I’ll have my dog banging your wife and daughter while you’re gone, so don’t worry. Loser.

  • Nobs – you are disgusting and I’m embarrassed to be associated with your kind. Please go jump on someone else’s bandwagon, and get off ours.

  • NOBS

    79, FU you’re old lady smells too.

  • lbc trojan

    NOBS, 79 is right. Get a life and stop picking ridiculous, immature fights with this bruin idiot, you loser.

  • NOBS

    lbc, did your Ensure run out? Go F yourself or 79. Could care less what you think. Your opinions are totally outdated.

  • Nobs – it’s not very often I feel compelled to post anything on here, I mostly read these blogs for entertainment, and yes I feel bRUIN Rob is over the top on his postings but I see what he’s trying to do and you’re all falling for it.

    I get a kick out of some of the posters sometimes, but when you start insulting someone’s wife and his daughter using despicable language, it brings shame to our fan base. You must not have a wife or a daughter, and if you do well, I feel sorry for them. Grow up! Trojans are better than that.

  • NOBS

    79, gee you really make me feel bad. You are so smart and smug. Grow up? You mean like calling someone a loser? Big fella, YOU grow up and F off. The only one you should feel sorry for is YOUR wife. She only dreams of having a REAL man.

  • Nobs – how big is your penis? is is so small you pee all over yourself?

  • NOBS

    79, big enough to fit in your wife’s mouth.

  • Nobs – then my gut feeling is correct – it must be tiny, because with me she can only take half in. You are a loser, aren’t you? Bahahaha

  • NOBS

    79, no question it’s small, but unlike yours, mine still works and she LOVES it. She told me yours is like a baseball steak. Bahahahaha. Not as big of a loser as you are.

  • NOBS

    79, nothing better than beating you.