Football School

I immediately grew suspicious when I saw Lane Kiffin at today’s basketball game. Kiffin cares about USC basketball about as much as doing televised press conferences.
But then I walked into a hallway outside Galen Center and knew what was going on. The Nike football clinic is today and former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti, former USC coach John Robinson and Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino are all wandering about. Monte Kiffin is here too. So naturally Lane would be on campus.

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  • datrout

    It’s his camp. Why wouldn’t he be there? If you go to the web site: you will clearly see that the “trojans Football Camps presented by NIKE” are listed and the coaches clinic for this weekend states: “This clinic features Lane Kiffin and the entire USC Coaching staff along with an array of college, high school, and youth level coaches.”

    You really are a hater Scott and it clearly shows. You are coming off like a pissy little girl for some reason when it comes to Kiffin. It almost seems like you want to try to “discover” some new dirt or fabricate an issue so you can seem important.

    Its really disappointing.

  • SC for LIFE

    Agreed datrout…

    All joking aside, his constant bickering and pettiness is becoming tiring. A shame this guy has to cover our team.

  • Brent

    He was at the basketball game because his daughter danced at halftime. You get an F for today Scotty

  • Gargamel is a hack

    You’re as petty as you are bald, Smeagol-Wolf.

  • Captain Kirock

    datrout hit it out of the park.

    Wolf: you’re a disgrace.

    Lazy, limp, and bald is no way to go through life.

  • Trojan 70

    Wow Wolf, what a total jerk! Amen to the comments above. If you don’t have anything moderately constructive or positive to say, then clam up. The USC-ucla post is now way out of hand. Please go back and look and the diatribe and garbage from yesterday. Put a little effort in to this Wolf…

  • Gargamel is a hack

    Scotty doesn’t provide insight, Trojan 70. If one has no “inside” info to post and needs hits to his blog to justify his continued employment why not sink to the lowest common denominator. Thus we get baseless innuendo, snide/petty posts (soft serve machine updates, pictures of concession stands, Kiffin at a basketball game, the PC obsession, etc) and the creeepy cheerleader threads. The only effort Smeagol-Wolf puts in to this site is to stir the pot, a sad excuse of a poor man’s TJ Simers minus sound syntax and grammar.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, you have to accept that fact that your base (trOXan nation) is fast becoming more thin-skinned than ever!!

    wolf, you cover the rest of the Earth (water covers 2/3) and you simply mention a few undisputed facts, and trOXan nation fall apart in sections šŸ™ !!!

    the state of Southern Cal decline has rendered trOXans more thin-skinned than their prophylactic namesakes!!

    ignore them, wolfman, you just keep ooooooon scooopin’!!!