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What does USC need to do to make the NCAA Tournament?
Sweep the Washington schools and then make at least the finals of the Pac-10 Tournament. Or can the Trojans afford a split this weekend if they make the finals of the Pac-10?

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    Amazing to see such little blog reaction to basketball news, but if a football player gets into trouble everybody on the blog is all over it in a New York minute.

    I don’t believe SC needs to beat Washington, but has to get to the Finals in the Pac-10 Tournament, which would give it 20-wins.

    Still, that is no sure bet they get in, but it buttresses the Trojans’ resume’

  • SC for LIFE

    @Be Real

    It’s because Scott’s not saying anything we haven’t heard a 100 times already. Everyone and their mother knows what SC needs to do to get into the tourney.

  • schammer47

    If the Trojans win both games up north to finish the PAC-10 regular season 11-7, they will be a team worth watching. If that be the case, and ucla wins out, both schools will have tremendous momentum going into the Tournament, possibly resulting in an “LA Basin” PAC-10 Tournament final, USC vs UCLA. It would be a “must see” at the Staples Center.

    The Trojans gifted Serbian center would be a wonderful asset to next year’s team. I hope he stays for his Senior year. Unfortunately, early departures in the recent past have kept the Trojan Basketball program from reaching it’s destiny. The Bruins have been hurt as well.

    Fight On !!!

  • torpedoman

    @BE REAL, Little blog action in hoops, actually little blog action all over this blog, because the host usually just posts a tired well worn topic and then leaves the discussion thread to unravel, filled with the childish cros-sectional bullshit that is irrellevant to most of the topics. Also the primary participants here could care little about hoops if there is football conversation available.

    It would be interesting however if Wolf would actually read the comments and jump in as a participant in his own blog, and show that he’s actually involved in the topics or at least somewhat knowledgeable in them. When the host just posts negative agenda driven discussion threads and then bails… It’s like dropping a stink bomb in the middle of the party and exiting out the back door.

    Possibly one of the reasons that Wolf never comments within his own discussion threads might be because his software is so archaically slow, that he may just lose interest and train of thought waiting for it to allow further commentary. Then there’s the “forever” wait for your response to post.. it kind of leaves most discussions to just wither up and die on the vine.

    On my favorite USC sports blog, the host gets involved in most all of the discussion topics, which often really leads to a lot of contribution by the readers. It nothing to see discussion threads with comments in the 30s, 40s, 60s, or sometimes into the 100s. Granted it’s mostly on the football topics, but there’s way better action on hoops posts there than what you get here for sure. Then again Lev seems to be able to creat discussion threads that are actually fresh, interesting and often controversial enough to actually create some legitimate debate at times.

    I used to come here multiple times per day but have been less inclined to these days because of what I wrote above. I’m hoping that Wolf will try to improve this blog, especially before spring practice starts and topics can really become interesting again..
    Fight On

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    torp: bereal’s comment was about the lack of reaction to BBall news. don’t blame the wolfman for the lack of passion about non-football sports, that is the fault of all trOXans, including 99% on this blog who claim not to care about basketball or baseball and, in ugly misogynistic fashion, totally disrespect woman’s sports!! it’s so sad, too, because i know some of the trOXans have even commented they have daughters on some of the woman’s teams. but the big-mouths call the tune around here for infantile trOXans, i guess. šŸ™

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Charlize plays for the women’s dart swallowing team. She is really good too!!

  • torpedoman

    @Bucket..Don’t bother responding to anything I blog, you’re topically irrellevant and a waste of my precious time.

  • ThaiMex


    Sorry, but I gotta side with Speedo man on this one…he speaks the truth!
    Why would anyone with half a brain (this might be our out) want to listen to your clever, entertaining, enlightening, witty, insightful, sometimes even BRILLIANT posts when knubbsie is talking about dogs and dicks. I mean…come on! Who among us didn’t try insulting adversaries back when we in Elementary school by saying stuff about each others mothers or sisters? Those were the days! If it works don’t fix it…It worked in grade school, why change now?
    I’m dying to tape one of those hand made “KICK ME” signs to knubbsies back. Remember how much fun we had giving each other “flat tires”, and “flipping” each others notebooks? Man…..those were the days.
    knubbsie is a butthole! (There, I feel better already!)

  • NOBS

    ThaiTaco, don’t be bitter because your old lady is every athlete’s port. I know, she’s fat and ugly, but man, easy is EASY. So sit back, relax and SHUT THE F UP MORON. Gee, now I feel better too. BTW, I’m sure torpedo thinks you’re an @$$ too.