Answer Monday!

A fresh batch of questions gets answered here.

Q: bsingleton said:
Do you feel this blog has recently been lacking a major Gate scandal for everyone to get behind, such as the classic Pedalgate, Walk-ongate and Keligate?

A: Reading this question made me realize how long it’s been since there was a good “gate.” I feel the need to start a Kiffingate, but he seems to do his own twitter account, judging on how boring it is and the fact he no longer follows Natalie Gulbis. Maybe he’s toned his methods of communication since all those impermissable phone calls at Tennessee.

Q: I DIg Go Go Girls said:
Why was Mike Garrett so indifferent towards the baseball program?

A: I would not describe his feeling as indifferent. Instead I would call it misguided. He wanted to fire Mike Gillespie as early as 1995, the year Gillespie took the Trojans to the College World Series and three years before he won USC’s last national title. He let his personal feelings color his view of the baseball program and eventually wanted to remove Gillespie so badly, he made the poor decision to hire Chad Kreuter. That led to four horrible years and he would not remove Kreuter because he did not like to admit mistakes.
Whatever Pat Haden does after this season with baseball, it will at least be done professionally.

Q: The Ghost of John McKay said:
Is the USC ticket office still ferreting out season ticket holders who may be using season tickets from dead relatives, or has the recent economic downturn and on field downturn put a hold on this practice?

A: At this point, if a dead person can pay for a season ticket, USC will give them one. Season ticket sales are down and USC is eager to try and hold on to as many season-ticket holders as possible.

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  • torpedoman

    @Wolf, it’s time to get on your editor! Time to thrash that lowly intern!

    A question GETS answered
    A batch of questions GET answered

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    I think Wolf was right this time — the subject of the sentence was not “questions” but “batch,” which is singular.

  • oneillwatch

    “Season ticket sales are down and USC is eager to try and hold on to as many season-ticket holders as possible.”..I got an idea: treat your long-term season ticket holder well during the good years. It makes it a lot harder to cancel something you value as opposed to canceling tickets to your “new” seats in the corner of the end zone after being booted from a more desirable section in favor of fair-weather boosters who will pay up for two or three years until the Coliseum is no longer the place to be seen. Just a thought.

  • torpedoman

    @84.. Very good. Thank you for the correction. I hope that the Wolfman dares read this comment section so that he can read and hopefully accept this apology.
    Fight On