USC Upset Reaction

USC’s confidence is high after winning three straight games with tonight’s upset of No. 10-ranked Arizona, 65-57.
“We can see hope at the end of the tunnel to play after the Pac-10 Tournament,” USC coach Kevin O’Neill said. “We won three in a row for the first time this year. We controlled the tempo of this game. If it were up-and-down, they win.”

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Halftime From Galen Center

The Wildcats shot only 34 percent and leading scorer Derrick Williams was held to four points but Arizona leads 28-24. The Trojans were not a lot better shooting 40 percent. Jio Fontan leads USC with 13 points. Kevin Parrom and Kyle Fogg each scored seven for Arizona.

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Why Gilmore?

Why did USC coach Lane Kiffin hire Nebraska assistant Ted Gilmore as the Trojans’ new wide receivers coach? Because Gilmore was the Cornhuskers’ recruiting coordinator the past four seasons. Recruiting is more important than ever if NCAA sanctions take effect next year and Kiffin needs few or no weak links in this dept.
So if he had to pay, oh, $350,000, to hire him, it’s worth it.
Then again, there was speculation in Nebraska last month if Gilmore was even being retained on staff, especially after he did not attend an Omaha recruiting dinner. So maybe he was a lot easier to get than you would think.

More Kiffin

Here’s another quote from Lane Kiffin’s radio interview with radio station XX 1090 in San Diego on whether he favors the Pac-12 title game being played on the home field of one of the two teams:
“I dont know. I think it will take some time to see. I don’t know if in the end that will be the final plan. As you talk about a championship game potentially being up in the northwest where you’re dealing with weather, you know, that’s very unusual for what other conferences do. So I think it’s a good start, but I think it’s going to be a work in progress.”

Harbaugh v. Carroll

Jim Harbaugh tells the Seattle Times he does not have a personal dislike of Pete Carroll.
“No . . . Professional. No hostility. Competitive when we coached against each other in college, and I anticipate it will be competitive as we go forward playing each other twice a year. But genuine respect for the job that he does, and like all the rest of the coaches in the National Football League, respect, but competitive and you want to beat them.”

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Kiffin Quote

USC coach Lane Kiffin was asked by radio station XX 1090 in San Diego about how long he expects it to take before hearing back about the NCAA appeal:
“I’ve heard anywhere from three to five weeks,” Kiffin said.


There must be plenty of topics for the commenters, such as comparing recruiting violations committed by the UCLA coach against the current allegations against the USC coach.

Legal Fees

It’s a good thing Lane Kiffin gets paid millions to coach at USC. Between his legal fees for suing the Raiders and defending himself against the NCAA, he certainly keeps lawyers busy.

Floyd Reaction

Here’s what Tim Floyd said after his ejection last night:
“I think it was a coaching box violation. I had my big toe out of the box, received a warning, turned my back and walked to the bench and got a technical. I’d never seen him (the official) before and I don’t know who he is. I’ve always earned my technicals and I didn’t feel like I earned it.”