I’ll go with Jerry Palm.

  • DFWTrojan

    CBS has a major TV contract with the SEC for basketball. Thus, USC was not and will not even be mentioned on CBS unless we are officially receive an invite to the Big Dance.

    There simply are no unbiased sports media outlets anymore. They all whore out their various products and the expense of honest journalism.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    hey-hey! ho-ho! put CKO into the Show!!

    hey-hey! ho-ho! put CKO into the Show!!

  • NOBS

    SWEEEEET. The BIG DANCE for the Trojans. Punch my ticket to March Madness. Fight On! I KNEW we’d make the tournament. Nice job KO and the team. FANTASTIC. LOVIN’ Trojan Basketball. Go Trojans!
    Taste it!!

  • booty11

    Oh go play with your boyfriends Man Region NOBS and leave the celebrating on here for real Trojan Fans who supported the team yesterday, and all year long!

    Lets Go Trojans!


    This has got to gall all the nasty bruins who post on this blog, which includes them all.

    SC makes the tournament. All I can say is…

    U-S-C, U-S-C, U-S-C, U-S-C!

  • NOBS

    Dayton bound. Anyone want a ride on my G V? USC USC USC LOVE USC BASKETBALL

  • mownyc

    YES, YES, YES.

  • SD Trojan 2

    Nobs is just bandwagoning here like he did with the football team in the early 2000s. He is worse than a UCLA troll. D-bag.

    Beat VCU! Fight on!

  • NOBS

    SD, on my way to Dayton. Not sitting around the rest home trying to trash loyal supporting Trojans….like NOBS. Taste it. Go Trojans! Fight On! Dayton or BUST. BTW, SD Dbag, Pete & I were buds and CLOSE. Bet he didn’t know your were alive. hahahahahaha

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    TKO time! We bussin errybody’s head straight open!!