O’Neill Reaction

“Our goal is to win the naitonal title. We’re in position now where 300 teams have been eliminated down to 68. Whovever got us in field we thank them very much. I believe our team can play with anyone.”

— USC coach Kevin O’Neill
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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    attn Cadre…our latest chant:

    hey-hey! ho-ho! we’re in love with CKO!!

    hey-hey! ho-ho! we’re in love with CKO!!

  • mownyc

    We gon’ shock the world!
    Bring the fire, KO.

  • NOBS

    NOBS is DANCIN’ to Dayton.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Shut the hell up NUBS you jackass.

  • NOBS

    Owns, you’d better shut up or I won’t Dance with you in Dayton. Lovin’ SC Basketball & crabby old Owns.

    hey-hey! ho-ho! we’re in love with CKO!!

    hey-hey! ho-ho! we’re in love with CKO!!

  • lbc trojan

    Wow, yeah, it’s pretty obvious this NOBS idiot isn’t actually an SC fan. His ridiculous, elementary school arguments with other readers on the blog made him look like an idiot, but the fact that he stated SC basketball is worthless and is suddenly being blatantly obnoxious about the subject proves it’s likely to be some bRuin jerkoff. Wouldn’t be surprised if that loser Charlie Bucket was a USC fan too just to make bRuin fans look lame. This whole blog is full of a bunch of pathetic children… looks like it’s time to stop commenting my thoughts on all things “Inside USC” because clearly nobody here has an ounce of intelligence. But hey…
    Fight on

  • NOBS

    Thank God lbc is going to stop posting. Will save space on the blog and no more dumb comments. Bye bye lbc.

    How about that GREAT SC baseball team. They played like Savages! ROFLMAO The great Dodger in the sky was watching over our team. Go Trojans! #1 in Pac 10.

    One real positive for our team is that our coach is not well respected and we’ll get B+/A- players that WON’T sign with MLB. That should make our team stonger in the long run. Just wonder how many CWS we’d have won if high school kids couldn’t sign before college? Oh well, Dancin’ to Dayton! xoxoxo lbc and RIP.

  • ThaiMex

    You’ve got diarrhea of “THE MOUTH”, unfortunately, it’s really a Brain disease…What happens is the Brain cannot control what comes out of the mouth…and the mouth continues to flow/spout stupid things, while the brain remains idle and helpless/useless. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to cure, though easier to cure than Cancer or Muscular Dystrophy. Conventional medicine just doesn’t seem to work in dealing with this terrible affliction, however, in my travels around the world, I have seen EFFECTIVE radical new approaches in dealing with Diarrhea of the Mouth. Try this one…

    Fite on. Cheat on, Sanction on, STABBER U!
    The Curse is all around you, because YOU are your own worst enemy!