Short Leash

Pat Haden’s statement this morning made it clear Kevin O’Neill would return as head coach next season. But it also seemed to make it clear that O’Neill will be on a short leash and probably a zero-tolerance policy. That means no more incidents like last Thursday.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    leave it alone, wolfman!! he have CKO back! that’s all the matters. tomorrow will bring what may, but CKO is goin’ dancin’ baby!

    memo to Cadre: CKO has confimed he will be attending our bracket party today!! and yes, his wife will be attending. i just hope she doesn’t back-sass Yoda….

  • NOBS

    CKO better put a muzzle on that b!tch of his.

  • Ghost of Howard Jones

    Pat Haden does not have the testicular fortitude to make a major decision. He would not risk firing a coach and be criticized for a new hiring. Lane and KO are set as long as Patsy Pat and JK “The Xtreme” Mckay are running a muck at Heritage Hall.