Answer Monday! (Part 2)

Even more answers!

Q: SCFTBL1 said:
I know I’m being a pest about Swim With Mike but…practice is scheduled for 10:30. Will I be able to each my $15 lunch on the artificial turf and watch the end of practice?

A: I am going to need to look into this and answer tomorrow. It is a good question.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
Could you explain what the team means by defensive players taking positions called things like the “Sam,” “Mike,” “Will” and “elephant” and how those names came about? Thanks.

A: I’m not sure where these terms originated. It is just football slang, to be honest. Sam is strongside linebacker. Mike is middle linebacker. Will is weakside linebacker. The elephant is generally a rush linebacker in a 3-4 defense who moves to the line in a 4-3 defense. He usually rushes the quarterback but is also capable of dropping back in pass coverage.