Ticket Scare

Will this fire you up to buy a USC football ticket? If you don’t want to push the coach, push the visor! Pete Carroll was sure an easier sell.

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  • USCfan

    I hate that stupid visor he wears and the polo shirt. Plus they’re both white, i hate that even more. Those aren’t SC colors. Just stick the cardinal it looks alot better and ditch the visor please!

  • miguelito

    im glad he’s at sc… complete tool

  • uscmike

    Yeah, that is pretty Lane, er, Lame.

  • 13-9

    What a douchebag.

    Oh how the mighty have fallen…


  • Gnossos

    Get a grip & relax you critical tools, I’d hate to see what you all look like. We get it, you don’t like Lane, get over it, he’s the coach and your not!
    Have a great week!

  • DFWTrojan

    I love it! Fear the visor! Victory Lane will bring his critics to their knees next season.

  • uscmike

    Please don’t lump me in with the others, Gnossos. I like Kiffin and hope he succeeds.

    However, the 30 second spot is just lame (and I was making a stupid pun). The ad would be more effective at selling tickets if it just showed some great highlights, or the upcoming schedule. The briefcase idea is fine if there was something awesome inside, but the ending is anti-climatic. A visor? Really? Spurrier redux? Lame.

    Fight On Kiffin…just re-work the ad.

  • BoscoH

    I can’t wait to see Rick Neuheisel’s version with his baby blue baby bonnet.

  • lbc trojan

    Hey USC”fan” in case you haven’t noticed, coaches wear colors opposite the players. It was that way with Pete too. Coaches wear white for home games and cardinal for away games.

    Ps. @13-9: how pathetic can you UCLA fans be? Really holding on to 13-9 still? That game that was played FIVE seasons ago? Yup.. UCLA (still) sucks!

    Fight on!

  • AJTovar

    I have to agree with LBC on this one. I hate it when fellow Bruins cling on to that 13-9 win. All it does is highlight the fact that we haven’t beaten the Trogans in 5 years. It’s embarassing. We may not have a good football team yet, but we’re better than that.


    Like a “too-long-joke” this video should have been cut shorter, down to 15-seconds or so, and then with a bigger payoff i.e. with Lane pulling out a program that reads “SC– Where Football Titles are Won,” or something to that effect.

  • incalos

    I’m surprised that with such a rich tradition coming from the film school that this ad actually made it to air. Its extremely pathetic. I know that there are 2nd year Film students who could produce way better quality. I know plenty of Pusc fans who despise Lame and yet he is the focal point of the ad. it doesn’t seem right. Even though Barkley is an average and over hyped QB he is at least extremely well liked and should be the cover boy alongside your best player Robert Woods for the program. 13-9 for ever


    Two bruins bringing up the 13-9 score from 5-years ago.

    I have a better one, 21-20 O.J. over Beban that deprived ucla of a national championship and gave it to the Trojans. That was a fork in the road for both programs, with SC taking the high road, and ucla being resigned to the low one.

    Of course, most of us did not live through that game, but history-buffs know the significance of it.

  • sureshot

    @ LJ How about a game of NCAA football Monopoly?

    Picture it: USC holds the position of Boardwalk and Park Place. To go to ucla, you must go directly to jail… do not pass Go… do not collect $200 (unless you snatch it out of a coed’s purse).

    Sounds like a fun (yet strangely accurate) game to me.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Seems like there’s a certain other video shot on the USC campus that’s been getting more attention in the past day or two…

  • DFWTrojan

    Sureshot, may I option the film rights on that concept from you? Brilliant!

  • mownyc

    Screw the option, I’ll buy and produce! Genius!

  • Jon

    Totally cheesey commercial, yet somehow fitting for college football. Hopefully it’s a sign that Kiffin doesn’t take himself too seriously.