Wooden Award

The voting deadline for the Wooden Award was yesterday, so here’s my vote for the winner and the 10-person All-American team.

1. Jimmer Fredette, BYU
2. Kemba Walker, UConn
3. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State
4. Derrick Williams, Arizona
5. Nolan Smith, Duke
6. Jacob Pullen, Kansas State
7. Marcus Morris, Kansas
8. JaJuan Johnson, Purdue
9. Kenneth Faried, Morehead State
10. Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin

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  • San Diego Therapist

    Kawhi Leonard?

  • ThaiMex

    Very impressive honor. Just a few “quick” facts (for all you Sc A.D.D. & “SLOW” Types)…The John R. Wooden Award is awarded to The College Basketball Player (sorry, Lil romeo, not PLAYA) of The Year, selected by over 1000 voters (sports writers and sportscasters) representing 50 states (sorry, lbc…”Vegetable State” is not applicable, so you’re not included nor are the offspring of some other S.C. posters on this site). Furthermore, candidates must possess a cumulative 2.0 g.p.a.(2 strikes against you already LBC?, THOUGH…”I coulda been a contender!”). The accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche LLP tabulates all ballots as well as oversees and handles all voting procedures. Finally, The Wooden Award Board of Governors is made up of 12 of the top Coaches (nope..sorry Timmay, and “Shot Glass” K.O. didn’t make the cut) throughout the nation and is Vice Chaired by Dean Smith. This prestigious award is based out of the Los Angeles Athletic club, however, all 50 states are involved in the selection process. (after O.J., Cheaty-Petey, Timmay (and K.O.& Mrs. Wormer), “The Other O.J., BushGate, & Mike (BOZO) Garrett, I think it might be a little while before the rest of the country will be ready for an award acknowledging the contributions of “distinguished” Trogans). But you guys continue to Fite on, Cheat on, Sanction on, and DRINK ON!
    Because, That’s how you Roll @ Fig. Tech!
    Peace Nigga!