Nash Dies

Monroe Nash, the sixth man on the 1971 USC men’s basketball team that was arguably the best team in school history died on Monday of a heart attack in San Diego. He was 61.
Not many people realize today how good the 1971 team was. It went 24-2 and only lost to national champion UCLA. The Trojans were ranked No. 1 in the nation at mid-year and finished ranked fifth.
Under the system of the time, USC could not go to the NCAA Tournament because only the conference champion was allowed.

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  • White Horse

    If they only hadn’t blown a 59-50 lead with nine minutes left at the Sports Arena. Probably the best in school history.

  • Gnossos

    Paul Westphal was on that team, 2nd team all American.

  • Trojan 70

    If I remember, Lynn Schackelford made a last mintue shot and beat us by a point or two.

  • gotroy22

    I wonder if any tapes exist from that season? What a great team.


    Not only Paul Westphal, but Mo Layton, another great little guard, and the rebounding machine Riley.

    SC lost at the Sports Arena by 4-points, so there was no last minute shot that beat Troy. And then the team got beat soundly at Pauley the next month.

    ucla had the bigs as usual, Patterson, Wicks and Rowe; and size does matter in basketball

    But that SC team was exciting and it cemented Bob Boyd as SC’s alltime basketball coach.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Anyone know a good source for information about the USC basketball teams around 1966-69 during the UCLA Lew Alcindor days? I know SC was the only other team besides Houston who beat Alcindor.