USC-Notre Dame At Night

If the USC-UCLA game at night seems like a bad idea, this one is even worse. USC will go to Notre Dame on Oct. 22 and play at 7:30 p.m. (ET).
It will be Notre Dame’s first night game in 21 years.

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  • SD Trojan 2

    Not sure why they’d agree to this…

  • schammer47

    Coach Kiffin, ya gotta stand up for the team and tell ESPN to GTH when they cross the line! 7:30pm starting time ON THE ROAD is BULLSH*T !!! So was a Thursday night midseason football game in Corvallis, OR that more than likely cost us another National Championship.

  • GeorgeT

    This is terrible! USC will play in primetime starting at 7:30 EST! That’s 3 hours earlier than 7:30 PST!

  • lbc trojan

    Hahahaha yes GeorgeT, this Wolf guy’s stupidity never fails to amaze me. What a jackass.

  • Chiete76

    Really horrible for anyone going to the game! I almost froze last time at the normal time. And getting back to Chicago afterwards won’t be a picnic either. It will be midnight or later. Too bad, I was looking forward to going back…