Kiffin-Butler Standoff

Lane Kiffin might have someone else call wide receiver Brice Butler but put up a hard-line image this morning when asked about Butler possibly returning to the team.
“I think it’s a neat deal being on a $75,000 scholarship at USC,” he said. “I’m supposed to call players that don’t want to be here?”
Butler said Wednesday that neither he nor Kiffin were make-the-first-move kind of people. So we will see if anyone blinks first.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    Butler is a tool. Grow up and ask to be reinstated if you want. Otherwise shut up and go away.

  • Rich K

    I find it interesting how much attention that Butler is getting given he hasn’t really performed up to the expectations of his peers. If he wants to leave then make a decision and go. As far as football, you have to compete for time in the game. If you’re a quiter I’m sure there are several others who would be happy to slip into your place. It’s not enough as Kifin points out you’re getting a very expensive and well regarded education. Someone’s ego is getting in the way of good common sense.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I like Kiffin’s take. Most of these players aren’t going to play in the NFL, and if you’re too stupid to value a USC degree then good luck with your future.

  • huntingtonharvey

    Obviously Brice wants to be here a little bit or he wouldn’t be reconsidering his decision to leave. He’s probably sees Kiffin’s reaching out to him as evidence that the program won’t hold it against him for bailing in the first place. Kiffin has gone out of his way to project a hard-line, tough approach, and Butler most likely wants some assurance that he is not re-committing himself to a program where he will be permanently black-listed as an example to others.

    While I agree Butler is being immature about it, I’m sure Coach Kiffin would have no problem reaching out to Butler if he were a 4 or 5-star recruit wavering on his commitment. If we need Butler (and I’m not convinced we do) and we don’t think he return as a locker room cancer or if his scholarship can’t be put to better use by recycling it to someone else, then be the adult here. Let him know that he is welcome back and that he won’t be in a permanent dog-house for leaving.

    But make it clear that if he returns we’re not going to put up with any petulance or entitlement attitudes. Learn your lesson, come back, compete for your position, and be committed to helping the team in whatever way the coaches see fit or don’t bother returning.

  • SC for LIFE

    Good job Kiff. Butler’s a good kid, but nobody needs to be babied. Piss or get off the pot Brice.

  • NJ Trojan

    Wolf is very good at stirring the pot and generating interest in topics like this.

  • NOBS

    F Butler.

  • SCBiz

    Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Brice.

  • NOBS

    BTW, until Butler kisses Kiff’s @$$, it’s BrYce to me.

  • ThaiMex

    Typical from

    University of

    (Mummy and daddy always told him he was the best, why is he being picked on now?) I guess KIFFY was right when he said about recruiting….”I can tell the moment we start recruiting a player if he’s S.C kind on material.” This kid fits the profile …
    Fite On, Sanction on, Cheat on, Transfer On!
    Beware of the Curse!

  • marvgoux

    Let’s see, the estimated cost of one year at SC is $57,876. Can Brice choose wisely?

    2011-2012 Undergraduate Estimate of Costs
    The following are the estimated two-semester costs for a full-time USC undergraduate (taking 12-18 units each semester) living in university housing:

    $42,162 Tuition
    656 Mandatory fees
    12,078 Room and board*
    1,500 Books and supplies
    900 Personal and Miscellaneous
    580 Transportation
    $57,876 Total (add $150 USC Orientation Fee for your first semester)

    *Includes average rent and the standard meal plan for students living in on-campus freshman housing.

  • oregon111

    OR *** Kiffer could call Jamere Holland???
    He got booted in the Spring before his senior year

    But seriously, there is not much value in sticking around if you are that upset about your football career not going according to plan.

    A player has to be able to put that behind him in order to focus on classes.

    The wise thing to do would be to finish out college and get a teaching/coaching job. That life is pretty sweet. Much better than dropping out and loading trucks for a living.