Morning Buzz, Part II

Brice Butler talks more about whether he will remain at USC, Pat Haden does not favor playing Notre Dame at night in South Bend and says he wants to attend Lane Kiffin’s NCAA hearing in June.

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    I have never liked night games, and don’t usually attend them. There is nothing quite like daytime for a good college football game

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    i can see Bounce Pass Haden now, sitting in the audience with Lane Kiffin’s brother, a-la Michael Corleone. then, kiffen pulls a Frank Pantangeli, claiming to not remember anything!!

    wolfman, your efforts to bring Butler and Kiff back together are admirable!!! i just hope the Nattering Nabobs remember to thank you when they get him back!!


  • SC for LIFE

    Is it just me or is everybody else having trouble getting past the first few words of Buckshit’s comments?

    Mix it up dude. You used to be somewhat entertaining.

  • NOBS

    And Showboat also wants to move the Kansas “home” game to Kansas? What a slap in the face to Galen Founders who’ve paid thousands of dollars for men’s basketball games, concerts (hahahaha), ice shows (hahahaha) and all they get is the Dali Lama. What a f ing JOKE. I’ll bet Garrett would not have moved the game.

  • “Count” Smackula

    Sugar sweeet post, C-Buck!! As always, you are dead on point!!

    Maybe the old foggies don’t like night games, but players do!! it means they can sleep in and go to parties right after the game!! But of course, Wah-Wah!! The old Nabobs get up at 4AM and get all grouchy when they have to stay up past 8PM!!

    The foozball is for the young and lively, not the old and nattering!!

  • Gnossos

    SC for Life, it’s not just you, Soon as I see his nom de plume I skip to the next post. One can only take the same old drivel for so long.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    It’s only fitting that you guys get a Notre Dame mole as AD to mess up your programs after you expertly planted Norm Chow at UCLA and he debilitated our offense for three years.

  • uscmike


    The double exclamation points and starting a sentence with a lower case, along with the similar expressions, give it away. Time to take your meds, Sybil.


    If a bruin posts a message on our blog and no SC Trojan reads it, has it even been written? (to somewhat plagiarize an old saying)

  • NJ Trojan

    Um… Maybe Kiffin wouldn’t welcome Butler back like he did Ambles since Kiffin brought in Ambles but not Butler, and since Bulter’s obviously a prima donna, and since Butler was not able (or didn’t want) to play like a big receiver & consequently Kiffin started the smaller Woods at SE where most of us thought Butler would start a year ago.

  • SC for LIFE

    USCmike – if we thought buckshit was a loser for posting on other school’s sites before, what does it make him for having multiple names on the same site?

    Wow. UCLA should be proud.

  • Tyler

    What kind of loser logs on to post something idiotic under one name then takes the time to log out and log in under a different name to respond to his own post with another identity.

    Charlie Bucket and Smackula that’s who. Clown.

  • NOBS

    Don’t forget bRuinB00b & NDickLarry…both are so dumb they MUST be the SAME.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    It was child’s play to figure out five different names you post under. I am very close to adding a sixth. I think you know who I’m talking about and it’s not Rob. Nobody could have dreamed up a character like him.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wow. the TOTAL OBSESSION with the Cadre around here has reached hysterical levels with the ongoing detailed forensic analysis of Cadre posts!!

    but the Lakers are winning by 18 so i have a few, lets break this down…

    Nabobs, Cyber-bullies and assorted dummies: we are all on wolfmans blog anonymously!! so i don’t know if Jethro is a magician or a russian mobster or Don Knotts Jr. and for all i know, Jethro is also tyler and SOuthen Cal Mike or whoever. do i care a whit? no.

    and what about BEREAL, is he LJ like he says on gold’s blog or someone else? do i care? no.

    what i do know is i have many Southern Cal acquaintances who are tickled silly by the way trOXans around here are TOTALLY OBSESSED with the Classy Cadre!!