It’s that time of the day and both teams are in spring-practice mode.

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  • Gnossos


  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    wolfman, these gladiator style matches pitting UCLA vs Southern Cal have been as one sided as Clubber (UCLA) Lang pounding on Don Knotts!!!

    no surprise trOXans are in hiding!!

    wolfman, maybe you should match Southern Cal up with Chapman college…or VCU??


  • Jethro Sabbath

    Amazing. The first post is a perfectly clairvoyant response to the one that follows it.

    Bucket, Could you be any more predictable?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    whattha??? so now i’m Gnossos?? jethro you need to take a PTO day, bro.

  • ThaiMex

    JethrOXan….between all the conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, and counting Holes in Ceiling Tiles, how do you do it man? It appears your fixation w/Chucker is a full time job in itself.
    Good news though, you don’t need to “Dumb Down” much, and people might start suspecting you are LBC/knubsie (they are the same person), “freethinker, or even science 5! Think of all the attention (and party invitations) you’ll be getting!
    Post on, Bore On, Cheat on, Sanction on, STABBER U!
    The Curse is EVERYWHERE!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @ThaiShit, as if UCLA “Dynasty”, ChuckerBucker, ThaiFag, and various other UCLA trolls aren’t the same geek with no life? Then there’s that pussy Miguelito. And the dweeb Westwood Rob. UCLA athletes would be ashamed to have that type of representation.
    Fight on!

  • Jethro Sabbath


    I’m not claiming you are Gnossos, just that your act is so prdictable that he responded to it perfectly before it even appeared.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Jethro: ok i get it now. not bad.

    man, i hate being predictable. but how can my posts be wrong, when they feel so RIGHT??


    Jethro, i am sending you two passes for the Cadre’s next Preferred Plus Night! that’s a ten dollar value.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    I appreciate that Chuck. Where can I pick those up so that I can find out who you really are? You did say I know you.


    This blog is a house of mirrors in which Jethro wanders, lost as if in a dream, seeing only distorted reflections. The mirrors answer Jethro’s questions with questions.

    So say Master Rob.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I think it’s funny I’ve been accused of posting various handles other than my own. C’mon TroBans (see, that’s my special nickname for you guys), the reason we all hit on the same issues is because SUC’s flaws are as apparent as that mole on Cindy Crawford’s face. Sure, go ahead and call your doctored admission numbers a beauty mark but it’s still a nasty mole with a hair growing out of it. And like Cindy Crawford, your program is about to become forgotten except for some sort of “Where are they now” segment or a 70s flashback weekend.

    Welcome to yesterday U TroBans!

  • lbc trojan

    UCLA Fantasy,

    If USC’s flaw are so glaringly “apparent”, what the hell is going on over at UCLA? A basketball program still living in the past, a football program that embarrasses college football, and retarded ass students going on racist rants online for the world to see! Sure, USC endures controversy in the news, but does anyone other than a UCLA fan look down upon a USC degree or have complaints about the athletic success at USC? Ha, just the envious, pitiful, retarded comments of a bRuin fan. U-C-L-A SUCKS!!!! Song never gets old!


  • Gnossos

    Thank you very much…….

    Elvis has left the building


    Wow, I think there will be Middle East peace before we see an SC-ucla reconciliation.

    Funny thing, of course, is that most of these SC and ucla posters are Los Angeles area guys, or in other words, not much different one from the other.

    And to be frank, we L.A. guys are not well liked around the country or even outside the county. I was down San Diego way last weekend, and everybody I met was guileless and warm-hearted, which is quite a contrast to the way many of us act.

    Just sayin’

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Westwood: another wise post! your Zen approaches Master Yoda’s!!

    the Cadre plays chess while the Nattering Nabobs play marbles!!

  • @lbc Trojan, I agree with you about the UCLA bimbo student’s ignorant racist rants…but I find Brian Cushing and other USC players’ actions much more racist:

    “USC OLB Clay Matthews reportedly created a Facebook group during his junior season called “White Nation,” which showed a photo of an African American baby in handcuffs.
    Under the picture was a caption saying “arrest black babies before they become criminals.” It also said “This group is not for the faint of heart. All members are athletes of Caucasion descent. We are just doing our duty of protecting the Arian brotherhood.” Brian Cushing, K David Buehler, and former Redskins draft pick Dallas Sartz joined the group. The athletic dept. billed the group as a joke. Matthews later issued a formal apology”.

  • Jethro Sabbath