Ambles Returns

Wide receiver Markeith Ambles returned to the team today but did not practice. Instead he did exercises usually reserved as punishment for players. Ambles said he was upset after being held out of Thursday’s practice, which caused him to miss Saturday’s scrimmage.
“I just made a poor decision by not going,” Ambles said.
Ambles said he had a wisdom tooth removed Wednesday but did not tell the coaches and that’s why he was late to Thursday’s weightlifting.
“I need to communicate better with the coaches,” he said.
Lane Kiffin said he was willing to give Ambles another chance.
“He made a mistake. Hopefully he’ll continue to grow,” Kiffin said.

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  • torpedoman

    Sorry, but this child needs his father and mother at his side, while he tries to grow up enough to make the simplest of decisions. I can just imagine the overall package..I have to think that there may also be some scholastic issues too, since at a minimum, a degree of maturity has to be there to succeed in a collegiate classroom environment.

    Wonder if he struggles with the playbook or with coaching being as he seems to have no degree of responsibility..

    Just wondering how long LK puts up with this project, especially with the stable of WR’s already also in the program. Just wondering if his potential upside justifies the value of a scholly that might be better used on say another OL or LB. Just sayin…..

  • mownyc


    You’re probably right, but, for some reason, I have a really good feeling about Ambles. I know it’s crazy, but the kid’s got serious passion. If he can start making good decisions (and that has to happen soon), watch out. You better believe there’s a REALLY good reason he’s getting all these “second” chances — especially, as you mentioned, with our phenomenal WR roster.

  • gotroy22

    That was sure one long dental appointment- it began Wednesday and caused him to be late to Thursday’s weightlifting!