Answer Thursday! (Part 2)

More questions and more answers.

Q: miguelito said:
when was the last time you have seen an offensive line this thin at USC? Petros seems to think SC will struggle to run and pass this year… do you agree?

A: Last year’s line was pretty thin. However, I think the release of the depth chart should send shudders for the fans when they look at the line. If USC suffers any injuries or the freshmen do not pan out, it could be a disaster. I agree with Petros that the offense is going to be under pressure all season because of the line situation. It is basically something that could hamstring the team.

Q: Don’t you know I’m loco? said:
Seriously, is USC going to be any good over the next 3 years? What’s it going to take?

A: That’s a pretty open-ended question. I think the probation appeal decision plays a big part in that answer. That said, the offensive line really makes it hard for me right now to say USC will be a top 20 team next season. I think the defense is better and the skill positions are pretty decent but the line needs to block. And right now there are not a lot of quality linemen.

Q: gotroy22 said:
Why do you think the attendance for the Spring Scrimmage so poor compared to other top college football programs?

A: I don’t think the attendance was that poor. There were legitimately about 15,000 at the Coliseum. If you look at the list of big crowds, most of them are colleges where there is little else going on. In L.A., there are way too many other things going on and the fans are simply not as passionate as in the SEC.

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