Answer Thursday! (Part 3)

The offensive struggles and Coliseum hot dogs are the topics in this segment.

Q: malachi crunch5 said:
Hi Scott,

I was just wondering why you write so much about Hot Dogs at the concession stands.

Do you like Trojan Hot Dogs? Were you upset they didn’t have enough hot dogs at the spring game?

A: I’ve written twice about the Coliseum running out of hot dogs because I believe the fans get treated poorly and I believe the game experience is extremely important, especially when USC is one of the most prestigious football programs in the nation. A fan should have the right to expect things like food at the concession stand and a working, clean restroom when they attend a game. I’m sure you are trying to be sarcastic in your question but USC needs every fan it can get right now with season-ticket sales down and that demands a quality game-day experience. By highlighting things like running out of hot dogs, I hope to keep the Coliseum on its toes.

Q: marvgoux said:
Scott, appreciate the blog. Is Brice Butler right that this team is the worst going into the 2011 season than any in recent years and as far as morale, do the other players on the team believe this is true?

A: My understanding is that Butler was not being serious but conveying the frustration that some fans also felt watching the offense. I certainly felt Matt Barkley’s two interceptions — and almost two more — was not encouraging in his third official spring game. The offense missed players but Barkley was not under heavy pressure when he threw his interceptions. If that continues in the season, USC could be in trouble.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    once again, a Nattering Nabob is shut down with extremet prejudice by the wolfman!!!

    nicely played, wolfman!! and by the way, you are dead on right as usual!! and i guaran-f$&#^%+-tee you, the Mausoleum and Southern Cal staffs were buzzing about your comments after your sweeeet scooop!!

    the Nabobs can say a little thank you to the wolfman as they chomp their dogs this fall!!!