7 thoughts on “Smith To Cowboys

  1. “..as Tyron Smith goes to the Dallas Cowboys..Good for Smith, who went to New York, unlike Jake Locker…”

    Would somebody interpret this Wolfism for me.

  2. LJ, let me help you……….
    Tyron went to Draft HQ’s in NY, Jake stayed home with family & friends.

  3. Paralegal…Impressive…very impressive…I can see you are a man of many talents. (The “Inspector Clouseau” impersonation leads me to suspect you are more of an ACTOR, rather than a Paralegal….funny stuff!)
    Fite on, Party On, Cheat on, Sanction On, STABBER U!
    (The speeches while standing on SOAP Box, Your ZANY Comedic past posts, now this GEM…You’re a stand up comedian, right?)

  4. @ThaiPussy: How many bRuins selected in the 1st round this evening? Felt bad that Rahim and Akeem bothered showing up. They’re good players unfortunate enough to have played in baby plue at Div II Westwood High.
    USC has the most 1st round draft picks, not to mention, the most NFL Hall-of-Famers.

  5. Trojan drafted before a Bruin. We are still winning..

    Boom Roasted.

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