Quick Thought

Does the Todd McNair decision mean USC’s appeal is coming any day? Or does it mean the decision might not come for two months because McNair’s hearing was in November and USC’s was in January.

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  • Who cares!!! After two rounds:

    UCLA – 2
    USC – 1

    So much for “USC is an NFL Breeding machine” bullshyt.


  • Gillyking

    Yeah Who Cares dipstick!!!

    Ucla…no gauntlet
    USC … another Gauntlet! Just another in a succession of continuing bitchslapping!

    Just go home miss Robin..

  • Gnossos

    Who cares bRuinRob? You do, after 3 rounds
    USC 3
    ucla 2

  • scottneedstolearnfootball

    Bruinbobby i guess your really looking forward to another year of little Ricky grabbing the microphone and apologizing to baby blue brigade. Tell Ricky he better get his resume updated and you need to put your name badge back on and clock in.

  • Hey you bunch of dipwads, UCLA only had two players that attended NFL combines and both were chose in the top 50…that’s right 100% of our players were drafted in the top-50 we got you beat…you dipwads!!!

    BTW Gauntlets? GAUNTLETS??? REALLY??? my oh my, how the mighty have fallen indeed…UCLA couldn’t care less about Gauntlets!! no wonder you suck!!! UCLA goes after NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS 106 Team National titles makes UCLA #1 in the nation and Stanford is #2…hence the term “UCLA, CHAMPIONS MADE HERE”

    USC Bite On!!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    You’ve gotta be smarter than you make yourself seem, right? I mean, you aren’t THAT stupid, right??
    USC has the most players selected all-time in the 1st round of the NFL draft.
    Not enough?
    USC has the most players in the NFL Hall of Fame, too.


  • NOBS

    b00B, laughable. Of course only two players from your lousy program went to the combines. Fucla football SUCKS. So go put on your girly ball t shirt, do a couple of gymnastic manuvers with Thaibean and SHUT the F up. You, your wife and Fucla smell, ok you and Fucla just are a couple of losers. Just your old lady smells. ROFLMAO at YOU. hahahahahahahaha

  • Jethro Sabbath

    BruinRob is truly one of a kind.

    His posts never need a response. He is able to make himself look foolish and illustrate the shortcomings of UCLA football while attempting the opposite of each.
    Keep it up dude!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Bruin Rob: sugar sweeeeeet posts!! i know from experience the number of responses from Nattering Nabobs, cyber-bullies and assorted dummies is in direct proportion to the bitter truthfullness of your post.

    you have the NCAD’s scattering like bowling pins!!

    for your valor in the face of the enemy (even though they’re lame), you will have exclusive use of the VIP Rooom at the next Preferred Plus Night at Cadre HQ!! (unless Yoda show up drunk and goes in there. if so, better to just stay clear)

  • Gnossos

    After 7……
    USC 9
    ucLA 3