Cameron To Cleveland

Tight end Jordan Cameron goes to the Cleveland Browns in the fourth round.

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  • NOBS

    Any more Fucla players drafted yet? ROFLMAO

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    NOBS sometimes you should just shut up. Who cares about Fucla? We have 11 national titles they have 1 (shared). We have 7 Heisman Trophies they have 1 (don’t know who). We have too many Rose Bowl wins to remember they shame the stadium every Saturday.
    Stop bringing up Fucla. They aren’t worthy of SC’s time.

  • Trojan Conquest

    agreed…..this is called “inside USC”.

  • Trojsteve5

    Agree leave the ‘ruins out of any discussion on this forum they are not worthy of being mentioned only if the Trojans hammer them in a sport result. Their Heisman Trophy winner was Gary Beban who didn’t deserve it over O.J. that year in 1967. One note with Cameron being drafted in the 4th round looks like he should have been used a lot more last year offensively with his height and receiving ability. Kiffen can recruit not so good at sideline coaching.

  • NOBS

    fucla fucla fucla….F U.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    we are all in agreement fellas!! i come on here for Southern Cal news, not UCLA news, for that, i visit the UCLA sites!!

    why compare the winningest University to a one-dimensional school like SOuthern Cal anyway? makes no sense. Southern Cal has the 4-5th best football tradition, after ND, Alabama, FL, OSU, Tex, LSU…ok the 6-7th best football program. but the problem with a one-dimensional school is, when the ONE program goes down, the whole school follows!!!

    Look at SMU football, or San Francisco U basketball program. who has heard of them after their only good sport went down?? how about if Boise St football or CSU’s baseball went down, you would never hear from them again.

    Southern Cal, that is you in 2-3 years, possibly sooner, because if the Pious Passer gets pressure in the first few games you could easilly go 1-4 to start out!! sobering. for you that is, there will be few sober folk in Cadre HQ this fall!!


  • NOBS

    RoJo to Harbaugh: What’s your deal?

  • I partied with John DeLorean

    @NOBS: I’m with you on this one, as I too, from time to time, like to remind myself (and the other posters–are you reading this WESThollyWOOD RimjOB?) that the powder blue pansies at baby-bear junior high in Weaselwood have a long and storied tradition of . . . SUCKING IT!
    ThaiMex for campus fluffer! Fluff on, 8-clapper!