What Was USC’s Record Again?

For all the remarks made throughout last season by Lane Kiffin about USC’s lack of talent and surviving post-glory days, nine players were drafted by NFL teams. And a 10th — center Kris O’Dowd — was supposed to be picked.
I’m not suggesting this draft class is anything close to a couple years ago. But it’s not exactly talent that justifies an 8-5 record when you’re producing twice as many pro picks as Auburn, Florida and Oklahoma.

Here’s how USC compared to some other college football powers:

School, draft picks
Alabama 5
Ohio State 5
Auburn 4
Florida 4
Oklahoma 4
Texas 4
Oregon 1

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  • sdog

    Kiffin never complained about lack of talent, it was always about lack of numbers. There is a big difference.

  • Mike

    Leave it to Wolfe to turn lemonade into lemons.

  • ALBY

    we get it Wolfy…KIFFIN CAN’T COACH….it is well understood by those who follow the program.

    Kiffin is great recruiter,,,but a terrible coach…your stats tell a story that we understand all to well…he is sort of the Steve Lavin of SC football.

    Haden never wold have hired this clown. The question is…how long before he fires him? Not soon enough for some!!!!!!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    vintage sugar sweeeeeet scooopin’, wolfman!!!

    although ONLY the wolfman, dares speak it, once again, the 900 pound gorilla in Heritage Hall makes its presence felt!!

    there is no doubt the Caesar “dynasty” of Southern Cal was, and continues to be, the most underachieving program in college football history!!!!

    Caesar had the most 1st rounders, the best recruiting classes, the most all Americas, but can claim ZERO champeenships!! it is a disgrace how trOXans have the gall to compare him the classy John McKay whose achievements tower over Caesars by FAR!!!

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    I have had this thought for many years….is USC doing a great job in preparing its players for the NFL at the expense of winning games? Point being, that by running complex NFL level offense/defense schemes that take players longer to grasp, the team is playing more tentative on Saturdays than opponents who run basic schemes but who are able to execute better because their players have full knowledge of the system at a much earlier point in their college careers?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    The NFL factory in LA is over here!!! Ha ha, way to go UCLA with your 3……

    Defense killed SC this year and you’ll notice, only Reecie Reece and Casey were drafted from the D. Not a ton of talent last year.

    I guarantee this year’s D will be better. We going 12 and ohhh…

  • uscmike

    Carroll can claim two AP National Championships at USC. They were not vacated. The AP has been around since 1936 and is the longest running college football poll. I realize Bucket that you have issues with reality.

    Conversely, the BCS title is determined by a johnny-come-lately, illegal anti-trust organization that is now being sued by the Utah Attorney General for antitrust violations. As noted in SI, 21 prominent economists and antitrust experts sent a letter to the Justice Department asking it to investigate the BCS for anticompetitive practices. It is the beginning of the end for the BCS. Twenty years from now the BCS will be extinct, and the AP will still be listing USC as the National Champion for 2003 and 2004.

  • Hey Scotty, how about listing how many of USC’s offensive line, defensive line, and linebackers were listed as 1st and 2nd team all-pac 10? Thats the primary reason they went 8-5. Theye were not all that good up front. If you noticed, most of the players drafted were skill position guys. This goes back to the fact that somehwere along the line PC and his idiot kid thought football was a 7-7 game.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Smith was an OL drafted in the 1st round and had O’Dowd not been hurt he would have gotten drafted. But, Jack is right, Fredo and his dimwit old man didn’t recruit OL or DL for shat. Do they let PC evaluate the talent to draft at Seattle?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    SouthernCalMike: puh-lease!!!!! face the gorilla!!

    do you actually think there is any coach in the country whose goal is to win the AP phony-a$$ paper title rather than to win the BCS title on the field??

    the AP is merely a meaningless booby prize from an outdated organization trying (and failing) to stay relevant!!

    but now to my favorite part of the story: LSU actually burned their worthless AP trophy in 2008 after winning the BSC title on the field!!! When asked about burning the oldest trophy in college football Les Miles stated: “It is what it is. Don’t disrespect us. We will burn you. Why are you asking me these questions? Shouldn’t you be investigating the Reggie Bush and USC story?”

    talk about sweeeeeeeet redemption!!!


  • NOBS

    $h!tbucket, are you really Paul Salata?

  • USC’89

    Sure. USC had 9 guys “drafted”, but only the first 4 will even have a change of sniffing play in a NFL stadium. Its just like how the USC Ath Dept every year publishes this long list of “Trojans IN the NFL”. Never mind many are just on practice squads. But hey, they are IN the league. I dont think USC football should be proud, boasting or promoting about getting more players drafted in the bottom half of the draft than they top.

    And I love it how some people still degrade the BCS and its validity. Like it or not, its the current system by which the NCAA crowns its champion. You need to play the game within the game. As long as the BCS exists, that needs to be the goal and all the politics that go with it. Something Pete Carroll never did and still doesnt understand. Not to mention, its these same fans who would not hesitate for a second to add a BCS title to their list of USC Football accomplishments. Am I saying Torjan fans are hypocrites? Nooooo.

    No worry, USC will not be winning any BCS Championship Games anytime soon, so you wont need to about how you will backpedal out of your BCS criticism.

  • jack

    Hey USC 89, how about the fact that SC was screwed out of competing for the BCS Title in 2003 and 2008? If you recall in 2003 SC was #1 in both polls, but somehow the computers put Oklahoma in after getting their ass kicked by Kansas State 35-7 in the Big 12 Title Game. In 2008 the BCS just had to have Timmy “God’s QB” Tebow in the title game despite getting beat by unranked Mississippi at HOME. So don’t give me this crap about SC fans degrading the BCS. From what has happened in recent history SC fans have a legit right to do so.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Bucket: yaaawn

  • “Count” Smackula

    Don’t listen to the Nattering Nabobs, El Comandante Bucket! Besides Wolf, only you and Southern Cal ’89 make any dang sense around here!!

    Jethro: listen to Wolf and Bucket, you might learn something!!!

    If Southern Cal had any pride, they would burn their AP Champeenship paper trophies like The Hat did!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Sec 12……..agreed. I thought Carroll was a bit of an NFL snob. I’d rather have a mobile QB who can get a National Championship instead of a “prototypical” NFL QB who takes a few years to figure out the system. In fairness, you go to college to prepare for your career, and USC is the place to go for the best chance to get to the NFL.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Rev. Count Bucket Mex:

    You do realize that you could set fire to UCLA’s whopping 1/2 of a paper football championship in the middle of a brush fire area in august and not pose a threat to anything?

  • oregon111

    I wonder how many college players get drafted just because they were 5 star players in high school?

    Or just because they went to a college “football factory”?

    Or maybe they were a big fish in a small pond – Jaquiz Rodgers?

    Or maybe they are better athletes than football players? – Jake Locker


    the best NFL players come from all over the place, but there were a lot of good ones who played for Miami when Jimmy Johnson was coaching

    And it seems that lots of linemen come from the big10

  • sureshot

    I hate to agree with a Duck, but he makes some good points. A lot of the draft involves “upside” and measurables. Who was more important to SC over the past four years, Butch Lewis and Kris O’Dowd or David Ausberry… yet Ausberry was drafted because he ran a fast 40 and he’s big as hell. Nobody that saw any SC games thinks Ausberry did anything to deserve being drafted, yet there he was, getting picked by the Crypt Keeper.

    SC has a great (well deserved) reputation in the league for developing players and for being an NFL football factory, but the way Pete and Brennan went about recruiting via the Scout.com and Rivals lists, it makes sense that NFL teams would draft these physical specimens.

    I look forward to the draft in four years or so when the number of SC players drafted is down, but the wins and National Championships are up.

    Viva la Kiffin!