Casey On Kiffin

After getting drafted by the Titans, Jurrell Casey was asked by the Tennessee media about Lane Kiffin.
“He is a good guy,” Casey said. “He had to do what he had to do to get the team on track and some people don’t like that because of the approach he takes. The approach he takes is the way we have to do to get his team on board. It is just the way he coaches. Some coaches are nice coaches and some coaches like to get down dirty and greedy. I just liked him because he got me better as an individual person, talking to him and making sure I stayed focused on what I got to do.”

Casey On Titans

USC defensive tackle Jurrell Casey on being drafted in the third round by Tennessee.
“You know I’ve had to sit back and be patient. I didn’t know where I was going to end up going. I was just going to let the cards play out and they came and got me in the third round, so that is where I’m going to go and that is what I’m going to do. I’m just going to go out there and prove that I should be able to play.”

Wright On Chargers

USC cornerback Shareece Wright spoke tonight about being drafted by the Chargers in the third round.
“It was my dream to play for San Diego,” Wright said. “I couldn’t ask for a better place to start my NFL career. Anything they ask of me whether it’s for me to play that nickel spot or play man-to-man on the outside or flying down the field on kickoffs or gunner on special teams, I did it all in my college career.”

Quick Thought

Does the Todd McNair decision mean USC’s appeal is coming any day? Or does it mean the decision might not come for two months because McNair’s hearing was in November and USC’s was in January.

Oregon Lite

When did USC decide that it needed to follow Oregon or anyone else for that matter? The Ducks practice in the morning. Lane Kiffin switched practices to the morning. The Ducks wear day-glo socks. Kiffin wants to switch to black socks.
Oregon did go to the BCS title game last season but does USC ever need to concern itself with another program? This must be the Kiffin philosophy finally showing itself as Year 2 beckons.

What McNair Decision Means?

The NCAA announced today that former USC assistant coach Todd McNair lost his appeal. Does this mean USC will also lose its appeal? I would say it’s not a great sign but also emphasize that the NCAA separated McNair’s case from USC. If you read the NCAA original report, it is clear they did not have a great deal of respect for McNair.
He was charged with unethical conduct by the NCAA by providing false and misleading statements about his knowledge of a call between himself and Lloyd Lake five years ago.
But there was also a part of the NCAA report where McNair took a USC tutor to a party in San Diego of a former NFL player, where he initially became aware of the one of the would-be sports marketers’ relationship with Reggie Bush.
“According to the assistant football coach, the associate was a tutor in the athletics department and he contemplated hiring her to assist him in “starting an independent record label.” [Note: No such enterprise was ever started]

Black Socks Controversy


As feared, we hear that USC coach Lane Kiffin intends to switch to black socks for the 2011 season.after the Trojans wore them for the first time during Saturday’s scrimmage. Kiffin is going to end a USC tradition that goes hand-in-hand with black cleats and no names on the back of jerseys. No big deal.
Why the change? They are popular with the players. And we’re hearing Kiffin is using things like the decision of recruit De’Anthony Thomas switching from USC to Oregon (and its day-glo socks against Auburn) as a reason to change things up.
Somehow Pete Carroll managed to win 10-or-more games an unprecendented seven straight seasons with the burden of white socks. At least when Kiffin loses next season, you won’t hear, “it was the socks” as an excuse. (Photo/John McGillen)

Morning Buzz

“I think I have the potential to be a Pro Bowler and a Hall of Famer.”
– USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith after getting drafted by the Dallas Cowboys

Quick Sell


Tyron Smith is the first USC offensive lineman selected in the first round since John Michels in 1996. He is the highest-selected offensive lineman since Tony Boselli was the No. 2 pick in 1995.